I knew that I wasn't paying attention. Can I save it though nope back up? Oh, okay, so I did install on the back a fairlead as well as a snatch block, Meine Freunde. Also gehen wir hin. This is a reefs RC servo winch that's been mounted inside my truck right. There there's that new, yellow line that I'm using remember when you use a snatch block you're using twice as much line and the servo takes, or the winch takes twice as long to splode. But it is twice the strength. Okay, to set out to my pull point right there I have not winched out in a very long time. It has been a long long, cold winter let's see what we can do here. I'M gon na start backing up going forward a little bit trying to roll over there. Es ist, if only it was that easy and full sizehey we're, still straddling here, exactly where I got pulled such a great background sky today, kein wind, Musik, Musikapplaus, Applaus, Musik, Oh everything's, melting, Oh ja, soupy, Schlamm, Ja, bring it Music. This is the stuff. I got ta be careful with my camera. It'Ll cover it immediately. Noch schlimmer, like I can slide around in that stuff: Musik, Musik, Musik, Musik, Musik, Music Applause Applause. How saying in another video, I don't think that there is any age group that splashing around in mud is really defined. I'Ve had people say that I'm, a man child for getting out and having fun, and I would have to agree with them.

Oh, okay, gehen! Schau dir das an, I never want to stop playing that's. The whole thing why buddy Music, loving that 550 Dose 3300 kv motor in there on 3s, getting a little low now, but she's still pulling pretty hard and for such a what was oh Mudd comment below if you're a mud puppy. I want to know if all you guys love mud out there too or if you stay away from this stuff, because I got a lot of work to do to clean this up. But I ain't got nothing but time really on my plate right now, trying to send a shout out to all the people stuck at home right now, maybe enjoying time with their families. But maybe you don't have any family just want to make sure you guys have some family here at RC sparks yeah mud bogging with the overkill something we've all been waiting to see, and I wanted to make sure to take this opportunity to give it to you.