He was first to say first in one of my recent videos and that's ones, ein Schuss auf so herzlichen Glückwunsch guten Morgen, ziemlich copter 101 here and I have a neat airplane for youI've been kind of excited to fly this one here. This is the o MP hobby, sunny sky s 720. Now what is the S 720? Gut, Dies ist ein 718 millimeter wingspan ready to fly. It'S got its own controller, already ready to go. What'S the aircraft aerobatic trainer, Okay, that's the design we got here on this. Okay, it's constructed of a pretty tough EPP foam it's, a four channel aircraft full floor channel design. So we got our odds and look at the size of these ailerons. They should provide a lot of oomph to give you good rolls, but you know good for making an aerobatic aircraft. This is definitely an aerobatic designed aircraft, so we got throttle LR on control. We got L over elevator control and also rudder control. So a true four channel aircraft. Darüber hinaus, the motor is a brushless, 1406 2500 kV motor should give it plenty of power. A propeller here is a sunny sky. They call it a Olo that's, god of wind, I believe in Italian five and a half inch high efficiency propeller, so the propeller should give it plenty of pull to keep the aircraft going on top of that the aircraft is us also stabilized, so this is actually A beginners aerobatic trainer now, when I say beginners I probably mean it, would probably be better for intermediate pilots who wish to transition into aerobatic flying.

You know to start this would be a good first aerobatic flier, I don't know about it, be even beginners. I'Ll tell you when we go fly in weather. I feel comfortable enough to call this a beginner's airplane, aber tatsächlich, Ich denke, that's, probably more better for intermediate fliers. But again it is stabilized. So you can fly this. I mean you have any problems, you just let go of the sticks and it should automatically right itself, but you can switch to. Let me just show you that real quick. This is the controller and you can switch between normal stabilized flight, which prevents the aircraft from rolling over or pitching over, or you could turn off that function and go into sport mode. So you can do loops and rolls so that is what's a bit able to do what this aircraft is able to do now. There is also a very innovative design of this aircraft. This is similar to what the recently reviewed was the OMP hobby Sun. Auch, sunny sky t seventy 20 power glider, but this aircraft is also very similar in design in that all its control surfaces are controlled through little control levers and the aircraft wings. Let me see if I can show you that sorry about that, but they it popped right out for easy. You know breakdown and transportation. Even the tail comes off this aircraft, the elevators actually horizontal stabilizer I'm seeing comes off but what's neat about.

It is notice that there's no push rods, there's, no control horns. All you got is this lever it's attached directly to the servo inside the aircraft there? Gut, it does have some push rods there that go to that lever of seeing that right now, because the servo is not directly on the other side here. So the servos installed, underneath the servos are installed underneath here, but they do have push rods, but they are already set ready to go and they adjust this control lever and the way this works folks is this control lever would slide inside the wings aileron there's a Little notch inside the lrn right there that goes over that control lever. So the idea is this, provides very clean surfaces, aerodynamic surfaces that enables the aircraft to fly with that. Okay, you don't have that drag from the push rods and control horns on this aircraft. Okay, it's a very clean design, very smooth surfaces, so that will you know, aggravate drag to the aircraft. Now a downside of this is you know this again is an aerodynamic aircraft. So this thing is gon na, be you know, being able to flip and roll and pull a lot of G's. Okay. I noticed in the t7 yeah the t7 20 that I flew these. Manchmal, if you pulled enough, G's can't come loose: Okay, the wings, the wing and control surfaces of the aircraft. Also the horizontal stabilizer, could potentially pop off in flight if you're pulling too many G's and the way I got around that folks is.

I would take a piece of cellophane tape and run it up there along these corners here to attach the wing surface to the fuselage, to give it more strength there so that they won't pull apart in flight. So if you doing kind of that problem, consider doing that, I mean in today's flight. I am NOT going to put that tape line. We'Re gon na see if this actually holds as designed in this particular aircraft as compared to the t 720. I would do tend to do when you pulled enough Jesus now. This is powered by a little 2's battery folks, and this particularly is a 2 X, 300 million per hour and it's predicted or it's advertised that this battery was supposed to give you 20 Minuten Flugzeit. I find that hard to believe but we'll find out when we go in flying but notice. Sie wissen das. 2'S batteries is kind of common. Even this one here, this particular battery is not in stock. This is from one of my little fpv micro, fpv racers, but it does fit in to the battery slot in the front here and I'm considering using this also today, if we have enough time to do two flights with that, my hat camera going out. If it is truly a 20 minute flight time now, one other thing and see I mentioned the wheels come off. Also the wheels come off too they pop out in when you see.

If I got popular exactly I'll show you they just slide right in into the wing like so or into the fuselage like so and snap in place. Also noch einmal, this is fully. You can actually break this down very well for transportation, maybe an even in its original box, its original box as a transportation method. You know a way to protect the aircraft while you're going to the flying field, but this is the box that comes in the particular to 720 Box. I'Ll show you the front end, so this would make a nice carrying case for the aircraft. Außerdem, that's shipping container so let's put it there, the top pops off and on one thing I like about it, it has a nice little handle on the top lets. You know which way to pry this off. But when you slide this in this little, lip on the front here helps hold the battery in place. You put the battery in forward section here, there's a little battery bay there, and then you slide this lip over that and then you pop it in place. You know after you, plug in the battery didn't. Do that ok, let's, show you what you get in the Box, you get it the user manual for it it is actually a relatively good user manual. The only thing I did not like about it. It did not show propeller installation how to install the propeller, because the propellers do not come install to install this.

Alles, was Sie tun, aber, it's very simple is take the propeller or slide your over the Peller shaft, but the nose cone over the top of that and then screw it in there's a little screw. That goes right there to help school that propeller in there other things you get in the package. You get a battery charger to go with that too less battery which I've already put in there. This is not the best battery charger in the world, but it will work, and since this is a little 300 Millionen pro Stunde, you should even be able to charge it in your laptops, USB port, in addition to using a wall charger to charge it. You do get a spare propeller, you do get a screw driver to install the propeller and you do get the controller let's go for the controller, wirklich schnell. The controller has an onoff switch there very simple you've got throttle. You got yo, you got pitch, you got roll now notice. There is no trim buttons on this. Okay, if this has problems with trim, you need to stabilize the gyros system 1 border and to do that. Hold on I'll show you that in the manual here, if I can find it here, wirklich schnell, so you put this on a flat level. Surface like it is right now plug the battery in connect it to the controller and then bring both sticks down and out, and that will set the center of the all surfaces.

Erste, steady or fertile stable flight, okay level, stable flight let's, Sieh. I cover anything else. Yeah I covered this switch here about normal and sport mode now again in normal position to the left. This has the stabilization system on and if you put it to the right, that turns the stabilization system off so that you can do loops and rolls and aerobatic, and if you get into trouble all you do is switch back like so, and this will quickly and Immediately, Hoffentlich, right itself, but there's one other switches on this, and this is common. That was on the t7 20 auch. This is the trick button, while you're in stabilized mode. If you hold this button and down the aircraft, or at least the T 720, would do a loop now, I don't know if this will do other, because the instruction manual suggests that there's other tricks it'll do in addition to the loop, but we'll see when we Go find today, but I have to hold this button down when I flew the 720 and it was cool, it actually would do a nice loop and it would it actually do a loop that would be end at the same elevation that it started from. So you could do kind of loops lower to the ground, although I do recommend you give yourself some elevation here to prevent impacting impacting the ground before you to actually press this button, so that is the s7 20.

It actually is a very nice designed aircraft. Es sieht sehr schön aus, it feels very nice nicely designed aircraft and again I'm excited to fly it so let's, take it out in the field and see how fly so hope you enjoy this good morning, Cory copter 101 and we were at at one of my favorite Flying fieldsand we are ready to fly the s7 20. I already have it bound to the controllers, so let's get it in the air folks, putting it on the ground and checking the control surfaces left turn right. Outruns left, Ruder, Richting, rudder down and a pitch. So we are good to go so this will be its first flight hope it will take off by the end of the field there let's find out. Oh took right to the air. This thing just stoked thanks right to the air it's, actually a beautiful flyer, anything you'd be flying so well. I thought it'd be a super fast flyer, but it's, not nice and gentle with the stabilization system on let's turn to the right, let's, even tip stalls. You know let's do a hard turn from up there. Oh no it's, very gentle, it you know, hangs in the air quite nicely let's, bring it down slow or low and slow. This could be a nice, slow and slow flyer and stabilized mode that is so let's bring it down close to us. So you can see it coming down coming down.

It'S a beautiful flyer, wonderful! I thought it would be pain. You know hard to fly aircraft, Aber nein, Nein, this one's easy, especially in stabilized mode let's, go up a bit higher and try that stunt mode. Give me the throttle stuck. Does a roll coming, Okay, slow it down? If you go too fast, this thinking becomes wonky. I just noticed that, but if you slow it down, it's his nice gentle flyer, let's go up a bit higher and try those stunts again. The stunt button again going up a bit higher given its speed, it doesn't roll cutting back on the throttle it porpoise is a bit when you go into high speed, so be careful folks and hide speed. The gyro system, porpoises so let's bring it down a little. Now I got two batteries today. Leute, I want to try flying this first battery fully instead lies mode. Then I'm gon na you put in a fpv racer Michael racer battery right now, I'm, just showing how well the park flyer it is, Mit anderen Worten,, nice and gentle easy to fly around at lower speeds. Okay, put in high speed and porpoises here, let's go higher, Geschwindigkeit, see it porpoises in high speed, also seien Sie vorsichtig. It seems to provide best at low speed. Okay, I only got any throttle on it at all. Jetzt gerade. Let'S bring it around. Do a turn around us showing it up close porpoise again reducing that throttle, and I got to be careful with that throttle.

Can I speed it? It doesn't low speed now it's, nice and gentle with nice sharp turns you do a nice sharp turn. It doesn't seem to do tip stalls, maybe because of those huge ailerons on this thing to read it. It keeps control on the wing surface. Those huge air law rides come into play there. Schau dir das an. Look at that turning I'm trying, my best to try to skip stall it it doesn't want to do it. I don't think you can. I was just finding one the other day, a different aircraft with gyro stabilization, and that thing would always tip stall made a turn. You try to do this. Forget it just wasn't possible to fly like that, Dieses, you can look at that it's, a actually nice fire let's. Do it touch and go? The winds are in my left side, so let's go over here, let's see if I can actually do a touch and go here coming around, I don't want to hit those trees. Cutting the throttle. Let'S see it Glide Iran was off. This is a gliding. Es. Oh it's, a wonderful, well let's turn it let's turn it around. Take them back to the air let's. Tun Sie das noch einmal. Hast du das gesehen? How am I glad it in for a landing it's, a wonderful playing folks, gliding lighting lighting? This is a wonderful plane. Ich, wie dieser, Limpy hoppy, did it again. I like the T 720 I like just like.

Do I like this thing? Okay cut back in the throttle. Again you give it a lot of throttle in this thing purposes, also seien Sie vorsichtig. You don't need a lot of throttle is staying here. Well now it does. I might need good I'll tell you what let me try something here. Okay, is that flying properly that's? Why properly now let's come around and land one more time do another landing bouncing on that landing. There I think, might have affected this Jaros. Nur ein bisschen. Okay, low level surface should be right about there I'm going to adjust its gyros real, quick and show you how to do that. Put it on a flat level surface, which is I'm assuming that's good enough and then bring bow, sticks down and out and hold them there and that calibrates the gyro for level flight let's go to back to the air again cut back on the throttle. We don't need that much throttle again once you're in the air cut back in the throttle. Let'S go back up higher again and do some more stunts see if I can do stunts on my own. Go into stunt mode throttle well coming out as well. What'S done! Modere right in the Sun, I didn't want to do that. It'S! Versuchen Sie es erneut, turning stuck mode loop, it loop it on its tail. Look at that folks, helicopter mode, Okay, cutting back more throttle loop and a roll it's, a good flier, actually going back the door.

Bridle water go in the side, ok cutting back to the throttle. This is a wonderful plane. Leute, very gentle, even though it's a stunt plane the motors getting weak that battery's good to weak folks, so we got to call it quits here shortly. I got that other battery again, so cutting back on the throttle a bit, bringing it down lower by the way I'm keeping this one. Ich, wie es, I've, been getting some needy airplanes lately, and this is another one of the neat ones I won't be hoppy makes some good stuff, I got to say the sunny sky, their aircraft. They are nice porpoise. The bit. Ok run this battery down until it's depleted don't feels real, sluggish and we'll, throw in that fpv racer battery that I got and see how that works, that one's 350 million per hour just a little bit heavier too just a little bit heavier, but it fits in That compartment nicely for this aircraft, the stall is think yeah let's go up higher and nothing to try to do it right there and then stop stop see what happens. Nichts. It just goes in there Glide it just glides, so yeah those huge ailerons come into play here with the stabilization system to keep this level that's a real good job. There'S. A real good job enable you to turn like that without tip stalling okay, starting to get weak well, wait a minute! Nein, maybe not make it some more power going up higher again try to loop, it coming out of it.

Yeah battery's, just getting too weak to do loops, that's still good enough for a level flight. Gut, you say this thing got 20 Minuten Flugzeit. I don't know about that. We got a little battery, Oh 300 million per hour to s battery, so I can't see it stayed up for 20 Minuten, it's dang good flyer. This could be an indoor flyer, I'm thick of two folks easily easily. You know Jim fire. Okay, that battery is now getting weak. There Karthik leaks there quits there so that's the first light with the 300 mil ampere hour battery. Let me pop in that fpv battery fpv racer battery and see how it works then so hold on folks. Okay, i got this little fpv racer battery yeah it's, 350 milli, ampere armor. You know you have charged up before he came out of here, plugging it in red red black, the black red jst, connected by the way. Leute, if i didn't mention that already pulling this battery pushing it in the compartment want to take off in the dirt this time, since this seems to be able to do such easily fine wrote a flat level surface that's. Another thing looks like I said this can take off from dirt. Normally I can't do this with nice toy aircraft. This one here there's a bit level a bit above the toy level. I would say toy grade. This is better than toy grade, so let's go to the air.

Just gon na take off dirt. Come back from that throttle let's. Take it up higher some speed on it. Now you make a hard turn and it slows down. You got ta get some speed on it again, but it's going up nicely, get it up higher over. There turn turn go into the stunt mode stuck button. Now what it does those rolls it dives to the deck going up higher speed. Jetzt, a manual mode manual loop, roll roll coming back over roll and back to stabilized. So when you go up here, if you're a beginner like me, give yourself some altitude up there stunt mode, I mean cutting back on the throttle so yeah I could do stunts this Blake and kid really do stunts that, but again let's run it down see. I tried to spin it there and even then it was able to pull out easily. I mean those this stabilization system with the huge ailerons works. Real well, do another touch and go. I like touching goes let's go this way. There'S. Hardly any wind today got no throttle this thing just glides like this, ich habe ta, give it throttle again cuz. This thing go heights too: gut, it glides better than the glider version dist7 20 and go back in the air it glides better than the t 720. I don't know why, but it does come back here that was good when that was not a good one. Es tut mir leid, dass! Go back in the air, good let's! Versuchen Sie es erneut! I like it this airplane.

Habe ich getan. This is a great four channel trainer. I mean it is a really good for channel trainer there we go that's, bessere, Okay, here kid really good for Channel traitor, you had a good beginners plane to just leave it like, Ich habe gesagt, stabilized mode. It is really hard to stall. It now I've been flowing. This on a windy day, so I don't know how well this is going to perform in the wind but I'm I'm. Assuming that stabilization system would kick in full, stick will stick let's cut back the bottle, see if we can stall it less less than I don't know. I don't want it. Let me go back up again. Let'S go rudder in there with it yeah you thought rider in you, can't stall it or bring it in, and there goes the wing here. My first crash with it try my best to stall it, und ich habe. I was able to do throwing the rudder in so Elrod and rudder yeah. This will stall can't but that's. I don't know if it's stalling, actually it's, actually yeah, Ja, it's, actually swelling or giving it a moment arm it. That throws the motor down, but let's put it back in again. Jetzt wieder, these motors, or these wings are meant to do this folks, and that is to prevent damage to the aircraft in a crash if they pop off, like this set that prevents damage to these control surfaces. Jetzt, when you pop them back on again, you got to make sure that they're centered over the control horns they're there, the control levers.

If you will this one is not so you hold it like so centered, then you push it until you hear a click like that and we're good to go again. Thank God go back and take to the air again checking my propellers. I didn't damage it did. I have no looks good and just calibrating gyro is one more time just to make sure going back to the air nice airplane, so people are probably talking about this already I'm, like to the table with this one. Sorry about that folks. Normally I get them early. That'S, why I got a little bit late. Others have been reviewing this I'm assuming they they like this, also because this is a good plane, good beginners plane. Tatsächlich, now people are gon na want to throw in bigger batteries into this. I don't recommend that you throw a weight onto this aircraft that's going to affect its performance. It'S not going to be a gentle flyer like this with added weight. Keep that in mind when you want to throw a sizable, a upper are 850 Ml, app or higher on this that's gon na make it fly faster and make the crashes more dangerous to the aircraft. I love it great point: great indoor, Flugzeug, I'm assuming for gym flyer or park. Flyer it's a great park flyer because I'm in a park right now turns on a dime look at that on the stick back at the same time, Ella rod and stick or elevator Ella rod and elevators autumn doing folks, I'm, not using any writer, really whiz.

I should be, but you don't need much writer with this it's a nice plane, let's go back up high again, do a couple more stunts. While we got power coming around again, we'll come back toward us. You know hit that stunt, but get a little more speed on it. You don't want to it. Don'T want to do a stunt so I'm, assuming uh. Let me go into manual mode, I'll make it do a stud. Ach, there we go manuals loop now, the t 720, god that's loops. When you press that stunt button, this one does ALR, unrolls and don't want to do it right now, because I guess that 350 million our battery might be confusing, it might think it's too low power let's see it glide in for a landing good golly. This thing glides over there over there Clyde cutting back cutting back glide coming around coming around glide. Oh let's, take let's turn it right there back into there really a good park. Flyer folks we're an indoor fly like I said this is good. Ich, like this plane, good beginners, plane they've, been making real good beginners plane lately, I've been seeing a lot come out lately so safer, these stable for the stabilization system and all it just about all of them, although it works better in some and worse than others. This one works real well with that huge aileron I glides like unbelievably well might as good as a cell plate.

You could probably go slow. Sorry with this thing make a good slopes, or it looks at 350 Millionen pro Stunde Batterie, except the stunt stunt machine doe for the start. Button doesn't for some reason, yep stop buttons, not working with at 350. So if you want to use 300 that's what it'll work so let's go this way again: I'm gon na turn it get some speed and then go back into manual mode and just do some more stunts. It'S, not loaded and cutting back throttled come back over here. Go hiding this time well, glide, gut, glide let's, see if it'll make it from way over. There we'll make it. Oh that was a kind heart and I broke the prop. Gut, I got a spare that's gon na have to be it folks. Denken Sie daran, you probably once get some spare props and good thing. It comes with a spare and he's popped, two on that one. Gut, that was a little bit of a hard landing folks, so hoffe, dass Sie diesen Flug genossen. This is the S 720 again from ONP hobby, sunny sky. Auch, my guess really good flyer. Ich, like it a really nice gentle flyer, so I hope you enjoyed this flight it's quite couple of 101 with a broken prop, and I got a spare quadcopter 101 signing up hi quadcopter 101. Auch hier wieder, Hallöchen, wenn du deinen eigenen Schrei in einer meiner Zukünftigen bekommen willst, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it's real simple, Gehen Sie einfach auf meine Kanalseite und klicken Sie auf das Abonnieren und stellen Sie auch sicher, dass Sie auf die Build-Schaltfläche rechts klicken.

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