So the first thing we notice when you open up the box, is that it comes with the carry case that has the drone and the battery packs, plus an accessory kit. So inside this carry bag, we have a few items. The first is the drone itself, two batteries for the drone, a charging bank for charging multiple batteries at once and then a single charger unit. We also have the power cord and the power supply unit that connects to either of the chargers, and we have the remote control unit for the drone. So in the accessory box we have a total of six of each type of propeller. Now the propellers rotate in different directions and so theres, the a type and the b type accounting for the four propellers that well put on the drone. That leaves two extra sets of propellers that we can use in case we have one of them break. The accessory kit also comes with two different types of cords. One is the usbc to connect the drone itself to your computer and then the other cords that you can use to connect your smartphone to the controller. So there you have it. That is the dji air 2 drone in the fly more combo bundle. Once you have the drone out of the box, set up the charger and begin to charge the batteries download the dji fly app and set that up on your phone, its pretty easy. The app walks you right through each step of the process, remove all the stickers on the drone and extend the arms.

The top arms just extend out the bottom arms actually swing down into the rear. Now the drone doesnt come with propellers installed. There are two types of propellers one: has an orange mark on it and well mount that to the motor housing that has the orange mark as well. The other propeller is black and that motor housing is black. Once the batteries are fully charged, we can insert them into the drone and power it up to power up the drone, simply press the button once and then press and hold it again. Until you hear the motor spin up, youll also hear a beep when the drone is fully powered up and ready for flight when first flying the drone youll need to go through a quick calibration process and the app will walk you through. All of that youll also want to pre flight, the drone that includes that the batteries are fully charged on the drone on the controller and on your phone. Jetzt, if you havent flown a drone before its a great idea to practice, find an area that is wide open and free of obstacles, ideally youll want to find a sports field of some type without people present powering up the controller is the same sequence: press the Power button once and then hold it again and youll receive a beep when the controller is powered up once the drone is powered up and ready to fly and connected to the app youll see an image on the screen of the drone and down in the lower Right corner, a blue button that says: go fly with the drone powered up batterys charged pre flight completed.

All firmware updates are done its time to take your drone on the first flight enjoy Music. Take me away somewhere far far far Music side im on my way and im Music. Okay, take me to a place Music, Music ill. Never let you go Music! Oh you want to see who you are Music. Okay, Musik! Take me to a place Music, the clouds Music ill. Never let you go Music ill.