This is a LOG AWAiTED, (not a typo), film that I have actually been expecting for several months while developing this truck! My Vision has actually been achieved. During the lengthy winter season I was playing my XBox One X and also truly took pleasure in a title called "Mud Runner, a SpinTires Video game".

It is a game all about driving realistically with the muddy forests, old logging roads, and off-roadingusing your winch all the while to assist you get traction in very difficult situations. The challenge of the game is HOW you drive your lorry, and also if you damage the car, get your tons there completely, have enough fuel, no body damage. etc.. Und so weiter. Its extremely difficult, as well as I played it a lot. Gut, during the wintertime I likewise had a possibility to build a 2WD C10 (made by King Kong RC, and also dispersed at )

A 2WD? Why the hell would any individual desire one of those?! Unlocked Differential?! Silly! Nein, Tatsächlich. I actually like the difficulty that this truck supplies. In this film, I had this automobile evaluating at the very least 15lb, otherwise 17lbs. The grip was AWESOME! I had damp clay in the bed under the "logs" and also it created terrific traction. I had to select my lines very carefully and certainly. select some choice winch places. If I didnt have a winch, this truck would certainly be almost impossible to wheel.

I am running this truck with a 55t Cleaned Hand Wound Tekin Motor, and FXR ESC that I waterproofed.

This Logging Vehicle is based upon the ca10 or a close scale replica of the American International KR-11 sturdy tractor from the 1940s. I am so excited for this build, becuase its totally one-of-a-kind and also a new difficulty for me!


Sense Technologies: ESS Twin Noise Package I used:

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