You guys ready to play. Yeah lots of people in the house today welcome back Chris and will safety safety inspector here actually aka high school drama student who kicked butt for us on YouTube gold, so they're here to help us judge. Today we have a few surprises for you: let's get going and as always, a beautiful line up of trucks with our dock guys check this out brand new ramps a little bit of a roller coaster. Ride for y'all you're ready for that there's definitely going to be an increased number of firings. I would say around here because thank you to Russ who took his time and great skilled craftsmanship to give us these ramps. We do have some grip tape at the top. Very slippery, more of a roller coaster, plus an incline here which makes it very difficult to access the top of the mezzanine. Gut, not the top of the mezzanine. I guess a mezzanine is the top isn't it. This has a laser beam across the back. If you push your pallets too far through or bump the rack you set off the alarm, what is a gentleman favorite penalties? You can also access the top of rack one right here. You will notice. We have rack one rack. Three rack number. Seven rack number. Five rack number nine and rack number four, because this is loading Kings. It doesn't need to make sense right. This is just a game penalty, Joe.

How are you buddy yeah? Are you ready to rock and roll today? Are you looking forward to spinning the wheel? Possibly here is one of the reigning penalty champions already loading King so far has the most winnings. I believe this round Michael good, to see you, Okay, boys, you knew during the month of December and for the final part of 2019. We wanted to do the wheel of fortune. Everybody gets a chance to be Sol right here right, everybody gets a chance to win in a hundo today to a hundred bucks. I love that I find it it's a little bit on the boring side for our last episodes of 2019. Right now I got a new rule. There'S a new box up there it's called what the penalty box. Well now, sir judge Lyle, as you have been, you can hand out penalties. As you see fit, any judge can and as soon as a person gets to three penalties, they will have access to what I call the multiplier board the market. Ja, what what the hell is that the multiplier board will give you up to five times your winnings five bucks, five hundred bucks I'm willing to get out to the winner that is able to spin the right amount today, but also you can lose your money today. The multiple of zero every black spot is a zero what's that a that's, a double Sol heck. You might only win half of what you spin today or you might win two and a half times the amount one and a half times the amount point.

Five that sucks one point: five that's better. You might even get to walk away with what you won. Does this understand, does everybody understand everybody's, gut, Alles klar, so the thing is is that I don't want to force this upon you. You have access to the multiplier. If you win today, and you have done three penalties, you will have the choice to spin the wheel and then, if you choose to spin the multiplier for your own winnings, wenn Sie möchten, you understand yeah excellent now, wenn Sie, if you get five penalties, it Is a mandatory spin of the multiplier? If you win, are we all in agreeance to this crazy rule? Everybody likes it. We all agreed first, one to go up is now by default, because sluice box Steve has not been able to run yet with his truck. We have automatically, as a group voted that you are the next contestant today sportsmen get your truck ready, buddy you're, going to battle. Viel Glück, so there will only be one penalty up on this mezzanine everything else up here, doesn't count as normal. We don't want these guys to fall off cuz if they do what happens if they fall off Applause disqualified, they may be disqualified on the first person that goes up the ramp. I hope not. We hope not look at this beautiful truck sluice box, Steve first time out with this grand backing up to his trailer Lyle's, ready to rock and roll already it's that it's the 2 it's the 2 grands face off same thing on the dock.

You cannot hit the dock manager, or else you are fired same with, knocking off the guy on the inside of the porta potti. You cannot knock him off. It will only be a penalty, but if you knock the porta potti off of the dock or off your trailer, you are automatically fired. Okay, so will your going to be the penalty judge today you're going to be resetting the penalty? We do read the comments guys when you guys read comments and make suggestions for the show we discussed it as a group. Today'S penalty will be parallel parking in between two trailers: Viel Glück, there's lasers, on either side there's, a laser beam alarm on that side and we've. Given them lots of room to swing out, make lots of mistakes laser all the way around. All they have to do is generally get their vehicle in line with their trailer. None of their tires can be over the line, but you can have your trailer hanging over the line. That'S fine with us, don't set off the laser that's right Lyle. You guys have to come down dock your trucks into this dock you're, going to be loading up with four pallets and leaving the yard opposite the way you came in so if you come in on this side, you must leave on the other side of the yard. You understand drivers start your trucks, get ready and three two one dock. Your trucks come on.

Who'S gon na be King. Heute, Lyle, making Swift movements here comes loose. Oh first one into the dock getting to choose which dock he goes to if he can line up fast enough, come on Zeus. What a gorgeous truck Battle of the Grands right here cannot touch the yellow and black tape if they do it's an automatic penalty. So easy to be able to give instructions from behind the screen until you're here driving a four foot trailer or a four foot unit altogether yeah easily no they're doing fine I'd love to coach, you bro yeah! You can move as soon as you're docked each one of you guys are stuck. They are stuck until they're docked sluice box. Making moves making moves. I know people are shouting throttle control right now, beide. I think this is a fairly even matchup. I like seeing what we're seeing come on deeper sluice. He gets reset straight with his nose at the front of that ramp, Lyall penalty. Right there that's reset see you got yeah. You got a penalty right here, Herr, so you're back to work, Herr. Nein, his nose has to go to the front of the ramp. No excuse me it's not reset, yet this has to go to the front of the ramp. Tut mir Leid, Okay, the same with this fella made this rule last time we're here this way, people that have problems with backing up their vehicles have an opportunity to back straight in after they've done their penalty.

Leider, Lyle got one so quick after sluice box. He is over there doing the penalty learning how to parallel park. A trailer with a heavy excavator looks like he's doing great right now. Lyle, try to swing it back in we're allowed to coach in the penalty area. Remember use as much room as possible. You can go all the way out there if you need to penalty right there. Oh no sorry you're allowed to have your trailer tip over I'm. Trying to give you an opportunity to get out of here. Never fear agent put the dog down it's loose working on it right now. Great job sister judge he is in sounds like his first tile is for top that's, where his palates gon na be great job. Look at this Lyle Lyle, coming in yeah, he's, killing it he's getting it he's getting it. Lyle is clear, tollen job, Gut Gemacht. Thank you judge. Danke! Gut Gemacht, Lyle, killing it yeah. You can move around the arena as you see fit as long as you don't go inside the arena, Music penalty being reset sluice box TV. What happened there? I was lifting my mask and I went forward major disaster hereturn up the volume a little bit. So you can hear it such a beautiful truck and excavator combo Music. He has miles in taking his time everything yeah running around Lyle doing his best not to step inside the arena running around and his first one is for top.

Nein, it is seven bottom, Sehr gut, no one on the ramps yet right here to the first rack: oh that's, a penalty, yeah penalty penalty, sluices back to work while getting his cardio for the week getting to do this again, he's going to be a pro yes, So we've changed it and build new ramps. Thanks to our friend Russ, helping us out, ramps are now movable around to the side, gets to load up the Porta on his truck very fortunate this time, Tatsächlich, as he gets to it, ja hey, while still working at the penalty, using lots of room as he Should I could give you some advice but it's going to get your healthy mm? Hmm mm! Hmm! It'S, all totally how you do it still working that's, Okay, you're, doing fine you're doing fine! Is that three backends you are? You can coach as much as you want in the penalty that that's, if you would have gone around three times by now, Lyle, you would have been back to work, but you keep choosing to put forward and back up, oh that's, pretty high SLU, Herr. Why is it impossible, use your words finally getting it? Oh it's loose! Schließlich, has it yes, but this is a full straight axle in the front there. He doesn't have any yeah, lock diffs on both sides, not a lot of room to maneuver. I want help so bad dude right there, Lyle working on his right now on the bottom shelf, getting lucky flue still struggling here, trying to figure out the proper way for the Porta working his way in between the dock manager and the Porta itself.

Applause come on there. It is loaded in opting to close that door as long as he stays on the Porta Potty itself, the dude inside it counts yeah. This is a lock differential. He has zero turning ability at the moment. Nein, especially with that dock manager. In the way here comes Lyle, both of them have a low way too high, with the forks yeah that's. Okay, still a penalty yeah Steve working his way around yeah Austin Powers all over again, but you're doing it you're doing it. Yeah man rookie resetting Lyles, forklift Lyle, taking fire what happened, doesn't have a drag break on it and it just kind of rolled a headband. I tried to lift the Porta Potty so at the back off of it, but it shifted the weight. It shifted the way. Sometimes say so: I just set off the alarm. Lyall the big win knuckle sat up dude. Now how many penalties did he have 3 3? So you have the option to spin the multiplier. If you want it's gon na depend on the money wheels, I get a low amount, I'm gon na go to multiply. If I get I about keypad rata G, I'm, gon na get you to hold on to the cash you can dole it out to Lyle. Afterwards, if he gets it, are you ready, Herr? You get to spin the wheel of fortune, it must go around once or it does not count at least once ready, Herr.

I am spin away yeah. Schau dir das an. You take it 20 Böcke. That'S, Okay, well takes the 20. Nein, if you do what you want, this is your your time. I'Ll spin, the multiplier. Sorry dude. I hope for your sake, you get a times. 5 let's put it on the x 5. dort. I do bro rock and roll spin. It and good luck. Danke. The multiplier says. Did he make yeah Applause? Thirty bucks there you go Lyle, gut, gut, Gewinnen, buddy Happy New Year, pocketful of cash back yeah! Gut, this is for the next winner.