JJRC H5PMystery Ballerina QuadcopterVlog Review TheRcSaylors

Be a part of Nate and Abby of TheRcSaylors as they vlog and have enjoyable with their latest rc quadcopter, the JJR/C H5P with a digicam! Take a better take a look at the whole lot


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  1. You two are a trip….I've subscribed and look forward to more videos from y'all! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  2. Very similar to an X5. Currently some good deals around on this quad too.

  3. 11:59 "I'm stuck in low rates" I think JJRC reprogrammed the transmitter after this 2015 Video. Auf meinen, purchased in 2018, the rates are controlled by the left shoulder button, like many other transmitters.

  4. I fly the H5P frequently after discovering it in TheRCSaylors review. It flies very similar to Syma X5. Die 2 big distinctions it has from others in this class are 1. Massive battery and very long flight time, 2. LEDs around all sides. Unfortunately the side LEDs, which are very cool, also are a weak spot on this quadcopter. With annoying frequency, minor impacts dislodge the clear strip of plastic in which the LEDs are mounted. Overall it's a good value, rund um $40 with free shipping from several Ebay sellers as of 7/8/2018.

  5. Wow yea cool quadcopter looks like the x5 only green n white sted of all white

  6. you guys ever tryed out a phantom

  7. Not being a jerk, just cause phones can hurt you close to your body and hate to see that

  8. Hey Abby, if you got to have your phone in your pockets, make sure the face, is towards you. Less chance of you having issue's with any health issues

  9. abbeeeeey sexy butterfly )))) always smiles helloooo from sweden ..well anyhow dude i think maybe its a fpv camera on it ? need find it maybe on wifi on the phone try find it there ? and if find it there need download some program from their homepage ? or apps onlinemaybEEE who knows )))

  10. there is normally a swith with dual function i had one simular

  11. syma and jjrc drones are always worth checking out.

  12. extremely stable copter, jjrc make some awesome drones, with your reviews it's easy to decide on the best one for me.😀👍 thank you

  13. My favorite features: the green color and the LEDs! I ordered from Ebay for $32.79 with free shipping 2/4/2018.

  14. Abby is amazing in this video.

  15. A quad and ground runner , That's a new one . Abby is very good at that. Great job guy's.

  16. This is my favourite of your videosI just love your honesty and where else can you see an entirely new flying style invented!

  17. I love this video because Arby's personality shines nicely in the video. Like a beginners enthusiasm, and joy of discovery.

  18. I love this video because that end up being my first drone and even though I'm building my racer I still love it!

  19. I love this video because the quadcopter looks so cool especially with Nate flying skills so I went and bought it🎮😎👍

  20. I love this video because this is the VERY first video of yours that I watched.

  21. If it's like the x5c,try the trim next to the throttle, up is photo and down is camera, or visa versa, it might be in the instructions, if not see if that works. Love your show.

  22. Hallo Leute, the Jordan h5c is a direct clone by the looks of it, to the syma X5c, the left hand top button used to be the rates, looks like they've changed it to headless, and the left hand trim, was camera – Foto. I hope that helps, keep up the cool videos.

  23. The controller was updated where your trim button. Is the camera your left top is hold to trim return home. Etwas in der Art. I put 3 blade props and you want fast its ridiculous fast.

  24. I just got onewhat's strange is the lights are reversedthe red lights are in front, it must have been manufactured on a Monday, LOL. (at first I thought the camera mounts were backwards). Abgesehen davon, dass, what a great quad! Wie auch immer, you are awesome, Popeye too! So glad I found this channel 🙂

  25. Got one o these yesterday on the mail it's Awesome

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