This week we have something new from jjrc it's, die P 175 it's a mid sized racer there's, quite a few different classes out there. If you don't know much about the different sizes, they usually generally start around a to 70 An 80 Angebot 250 as a general popular range getting more popular, jetzt, it's the 200 class and the 160 170 size racers. They go all the way down to the micro. So I've you seen tiny whoop out there super small ones. You can race indoors inside the house and do some FP ving with but that's a first quad if you're looking for something that's, compact and durable, that has some race spec quality stuff on here. This one is not bad. This one has 20 AM PSCs. Ja, 2205 2600 kV motors on here. So quite a high kV, you're gon na get a ton of power out of this on 4s, you can run it three or four s which is really nice. It does come with nays on here the latest version of neighs 32 from clean flight. It is upgradeable on here and it was from June. I believe that the latest version that's on hereI checked it in the COI inside clean flight, so check this one out in the link below you can see all the specs the pros and cons. This one is from our friends over at gearbest, so please do buy one from them and check them out there.

You can get the 175 oder die 200. Dies ist die 175 let's go ahead and now let's go outside let's. Do some racing with this one and some ripping around in the field and I'll show you how powerful it is on 4s coming up next, Okay, Jungs, hopefully you enjoyed that flight footage. This thing is pretty sick. 175 super super quick and fairly durable. The smaller of these are, they seem to be a little more durable and take a crash a little better than the heavier ones or some of the frames with the longer arms on there that are swinging 6 Zoll-Requisiten, so you've got 4 Zoll Requisiten auf hier. They are pretty short and thick arms on here. I think we're. Blick auf 3 doh, I believe that's four millimeter arms on here pretty nice and this one again comes with a battery protector plate on the bottom. Already has the velcro installed on here the strap for your battery. Your 20s amp ESC SR up here, your buzzers up front adjustable camera. Hier. Your receiver is gon na ride right here on this second plate. Hier, schön, carbon fiber plate above the flight controller, your XD 6d is back here. Your V TX is riding up top along with your antenna, and you can take that on or off as well. You can add a different antenna on there if you want to upgrade that there are some pretty nice antennas out there to choose from.

I might go ahead and take some tape and put over top of these ESC some electrical tape. Just to hold these down. You don't really want to put zip ties over them, because we've had some guys damage their es es with zip ties. So very, very nice motors on here. Those are the Emax 2205 s with the red bottoms. A lot of racer guys right now are looking for those those are the sought after motor, so jjrc did a great job of choosing the right motor for their x frame. They are known in this setup. It'S called JJ Pro, so heißt es, P. 175. I believe that's, the Pro 175. There is a pretty nice camera on here. It is an 800 TV l, so in my south shark dominators it actually looks the picture looks really really good. Bürstenlose Motoren, of course you wouldn't want to have anything other than brushless on a racer knee it's 32. One here is updated to the latest and greatest and you can change your modes like I said before, für die 200, the same goes for the 175. Nay'S is set up in stabilized mode and horizontal mode seal. If you want to fly this and do super flips and rolls without stabilization, if you want to fly it in rate mode in a Croma, you have to set that up and clean fight it. But it is adjustable, you can add that on the switch in your transmitter make sure it's aux 1 or Hawks 2.

I believe on that setup, so we are over 250 grams on this one. So you want to go ahead and put a number on this one and it does support a GoPro so that's the cool thing, this one's super tiny, but they included a GoPro mount on here, which I'll show you right now go ahead and go through some of These accessories, for you it's your extra zip ties in there. It does include the bind plug on the ARF version. The art version does not include the transmitter by the way so I'm gon na run. I flew this one on my taranis receiver transmitter and so here here we go. We have some instructions in here. This is the exploded view of the GoPro mount and you have some nice metal standoffs in here that match the rest of the frame yeah. I believe those are M twos in there not sure how this, but maybe five millimeter long on those set those over to the side. They also include battery strout's, das ist sehr schön. These are the thinner battery straps, wie ich schon sagte: don't try to hold down a battery with these. These are thinner and they will break special in 4's batteries pretty heavy when it comes off. If it crashes, you have an extra strap in here. I believe this is an extra strap for the GoPro as well. It does say jayjay prone that the battery included with it that I got they came in this box is a 3s and you can't run this on 3's.

It is still very, very fast on three. Ja, and for the new guys, you're not going to notice a ton of difference, except for your punch out, like I said these X frames, they really Corner super tight there's, not a lot of lag time in cornering with these, even on 3s you're gon na win. Some races, Dies ist also ein 1300 pretty nice and I'm looking for the C rating on it, but it doesn't have it. Okay, there we go it's a 30 C-Batterie, so not too bad on the battery. Very important is the nuts that come with the motors. These things drive me crazy. If they're, there are those bullet nuts. I really don't like those. So these are the standard style, self tightening nuts very nice. They are clockwise and counter clockwise, so black and silver. So they tell you so you know the difference. You have a visual cue, and you have your instruction manual here and part of its in Chinese and part of its in English. It goes through the transmitter that you can get with it's a Nighthawk ECM sixteen transmitter which can bind up and they do have a receiver for that running on ppm, but I'm gon na use clean flight. Excuse me I'm, going to use the taranis Pro in ppm and I have an x 4r that I'm gon na convert over to use that, and this is the battery charger that comes along with it.

This is a 3s battery charger, so don't try to charge 4s with this one. Also it comes with your American standardized wall plug here. It just plugs in the bottom here and your battery balance lead plugs in here, and you can go ahead and charge that battery, and this should take around an hour to charge this 1300. If you do have a standalone charger as well, you can use this X. 260 and your balanced lead here to go ahead and do a quick charge as well. Props let's talk about the props that, with the props our four inch props, they are four by four point: five decently durable. You can also add try props on here, or you can run quad props for blade props. I would suggest sticking with these if you're, just starting out you're, probably gon na break a few props if you're just getting into this ice to go through handfuls of props. We used to make necklaces out of all the broken props we had, but these feel decently durable. They have a little bit of flex, but they also feel really rigid very similar to the dowel props that we'd like to use if you're looking for good props be sure to run some dowel props on here. Very very nice props. But you can also get these extra props as well. If you like the way these spend, if you like the way these feel these are the bullnose props, a lot of racer guys out there like to run these.

It gives you a little more boost. So a little more boost, but it also drains your battery a little bit faster as well. So if you see a nice, rounded edge, prop it's going to run a little smoother but it's going to give you a little bit less boost in the in the punch outs and you get two sets of props by the way in this ARF edition. So plenty of props to go through for your first few batteries. Now I wanted to show you these motors up close. It says they have some sort of cooling mechanism in there I'm, not hundred sure what that is, but these 2205 s are really nice and that 2600 kV on that motor is really high. Spec for quite a bit of thrust. You'Re gon na get a nice nice punch out with these, so guys want to race out there if you're doing races in a smaller course. das 175 ist gon na, be a great size for smaller courses, the guys with 250 s, if you're racing against somebody with a 250, they might get you in the straight stretch, but once you guys start hitting small turns and corners, Diese 175 ist gon na. Take those guys out for sure no, it does have on the very top of each motor. It has arrows if you guys are new just getting into this. You might be able to see this up. Close I'll try to get the camera to focus on that directly.

So there's tiny arrows on that tell you which direction the motor spins, if you're going to put a prop on make sure that you have the prop with the leading edge facing the correct direction. So this looks like it's a clock, a counterclockwise motor. So the prop is going to spin around this way and you have plenty of clearance from the frame for this 4 inch problem, gar nicht schlecht, but the overall look of the frame. I really do like the way this looks. Ich denke, das ist gon na. Be a decently durable frame: it is a lot lighter weight than the 200 coming in a few quite a few grams less than the 200 sighs. Also, if you're looking for something that's, gon na be pretty decently fast and durable, this is definitely a good bet for that, especially judging by the video that you saw earlier. This thing does rip, does have some nice hardware on the bottom and I do like the plastic motor surrounds here. That'S gon na save you. If you come in contact with the tree branch, I have a bum motors out. When I hit trees, you can take a motor out if you bend this this belt around the motor or it can become separated from the base that's, always a nasty crash. Now before I let you go, I want to show you this GoPro mount. This is pretty nice; Tatsächlich, it is adjustable. It has adjustable angles on here in the very back these two back screws, so you can have more of a tilt or less tilt depending on what you're you're flying styles like you can loosen this back nut.

This back bolt right here and come up to the very top to have them a more standard angle or you can go all the way back and have a full tilt on here. You could put a little bit of blue loctite on here some threadlocker in here, because you are screwing in these bolts, metal to metal connection there, and once you have this built, you can grab your 175 and you can set it right through the top slots. You'Ll see four slots on the top here: go ahead and set it down through those slots, and once you get it down through the bottom, you see it come through the bottom push it forward should hear it snap when it comes all the way down. Okay, now we're gon na pull it forward your lock into place so most likely you're, not gon na need to run a strap to hold this on top, but they do have a place where you can have a strap on the side here. So if you want to take one of these extra straps that you have run this through the top of that and underneath make sure you're not pulling on the in ear wires underneath and go ahead and you'll have a better a solid connection on that. It'Ll also help with some frontal impact and hide your VTX connector a little bit better too as well, and this won't take the full force of the impact. So your GoPro is gon na, be sitting up front.

Make sure you have some sort of a cover on your GoPro, maybe a lens protector as well, but that's a pretty good tilt right there for that camera angle, that's gon na work, ganz gut. It looks about the same tilt as what's on the camera right now. So when you're going forward your videos gon na look straight I'm gon na be at quite an angle when you're close to 34 Drosseln mit diesem Quad, you can take your strap, then go right underneath these two handed eyes to looming them. Post set your GoPro here and tighten up your strap and you'll still be able to see your screen. You might have to come around back here and come up and over and that'll work pretty good right there, so that's the JJ pro 175 Jungs. This is actually it's. Looking really really nice hope you guys enjoyed checking this one out. This is definitely one of my favorites. So far this year I have a lot of favorites because they keep just getting better and better, and now that jjrc is in the mix.