Drohnen-Fans Rick hier wieder aus Drohnental, welcome back to day three of the twelve days of drone Valley Christmas and today we're giving away a bunch of really nifty drone valley gear. But before I get to this, what do you call a group of chess players bragging about their best game ever in a hotel lobby? Chestnuts boasting in an open foyer out there anyway, on the third day of Christmas drone Valley, gave to me a bunch of drone valley gear. Jetzt, heute, we're giving away three sets of the drone valley gear, there's gon na, be a Hydra cable and a pocket floodlight that shows up on your doorstep. If you win this contest now, if you don't know what these products are, I've got links below, we did reviews on, and these are products that were designed by the team here at drone valley, just to make life a little bit easier and to solve problems out In the field, so I'll start with the floodlight it's a heavy duty, aluminum floodlight. That casts a really wide beam. When you turn this thing on so it's perfect for walking around in dark areas, it's got a magnet in the bottom magnet in the back. It'S got a clip, it's heavy duty, if you get out in the woods and maybe it's getting dark and you've got to get back to your car. If you've been out dronin for the afternoon, clip this to your belt turn it on and lights the path in front of you so we're, giving one of these away and one of the Hydra cables.

Now the Hydra cable is another product. We designed it basically takes a standard USB, a connection that you plug into a wall charger or a car charger and turns it into three different adapters on the end. So you've got a USB, see a microUSB and an apple connector on the end. You can plug this in and charge three devices at the same time, so it's a really useful cable. I love taking this with me on the road, because I've got a bunch of different devices and enough to carry extra cables with me. So the contest today is one of the Hydra cables and one of the floodlights as a set and we're gon na give three of these away. Jetzt, in addition to that, because I know we get a lot of entries and people are hopeful they're going to win these prizes if you don't win the prize, we want to give you something as well, and I got some grief for this, but I'm gon na. Tu es, wie auch immer, so below you'll find a link that if you decide you want to buy these before Christmas, or maybe you didn't win the contest that link will get you a 2 discount on any of these products that you buy on the website. So if you want to buy this one or this one, it'll be 2 ab, so definitely hit that link and use that coupon and that's pretty much it for today. So I love putting these clips together and I hope you guys are enjoying this because we're having a lot of fun doing this, this contest is going to run just like the other ones.

Look below you'll see a link to enter the contest. There'S no strings attached subscribe to the channel, hit the link enter your email address and what we'll have we'll pull a winner actually, in this case three winners. After seven days, we put these in an envelope and we'll send them to you anywhere in the world. We don't care where you live. You could live in Sheboygan, Sheboygan, Sheboygan, it's, just fun sense, you're, Boykin, I'm, sorry for people that live there. Aber auf jeden Fall, if you live in Sheboygan, we're happy to ship it to you, but it doesn't matter where you live. We'Re gon na send it for free, no strings attached and again no shenanigans. So thanks a lot for watching good luck to everybody out there. We got through three days: I've drank a lot of coffee, so I'm, not more days to go so stay tuned. We'Re gon na have a lot of fun days. Last nine days we get some cool prizes coming up.