Dies ist ein 1 15 scale lesso. This is supposed to be. Ja, bless me. Danke. It sounds like i sneezed the company that makes it is called lesu. You can check out the link in the video description box down below this is a 115 Skala, all metal hydraulic, Rad, Loader. Ja, you heard me right if you're just joining me, this is hydraulic, it has remote locking differentials and a two speed transmission as well. We are quite a far into the build right now and you'll see. I have decided not to paint uh the the hydraulic rams here, uh at all the outside housing. I wanted to leave it brass because i'm unique. Warum nicht? I don't i like it that way, and you'll also see that i gave an extended uh hose here, because i had it just a little bit too short and it would have been cutting through this hole. So if you're building along with me on this model, make sure you give yourself enough length, Weil, if you're just joining us, this is the hydraulic block back here. So each one of these servos opens and closes the valves which allows the hydraulic fluid to move through the lines to make the whole boom and bucket uh move. Auch, this is an articulating loader, so it will be having it has hydraulics in the middle. We covered that in the first few episodes. So if you're just joining us, go back and check that out, this is supposed to be a uh uh lee bear made by a company called lesu.

You can see it here, but i actually painted it a doosan orange as well as the dark uh gray for the dusan loader. I thought why not, i always do things a little bit outside the box and yes, Ich, like the steampunk look so i'm gon na mix a little steampunk a little doosan a little liebherr together with a lesso, and this is what we're going to end up with. So what is our next step? I already went ahead and put this plate on it here, just in case the keeners have missed that all these nice little details that lesson has put on here. I'Ll also point out that if you saw the last episode uh, thank you a lot of you missed. The on screen prompts that i had edited in to uh to say that this could just be flipped over many of you had mentioned in the comment section. I could just flip this over because from the factory uh, it seemed like the axle was actually built upside down. But of course the diff cover once you undid. All these hex bolts could just be flipped upside down and you could have it properly done. A lot of people thought the axle was upside down, Aber nein, Meine Freunde. That would not be right, because you would not want to have your remote locking arm uh close to the ground to get hung up on the rocks or something like that. In fact it is proper.

You can also see the metal drive shafts on the inside. I apologize for the untidiness of my wires, but we're not quite at that area. Yet you can see all the inside protection on the hydraulics on the hoses i'll flip this back over here's the pump in case you're just joining us. This pump sits here, it's a outrunner pump, uh motor and pump combo right here, und, Natürlich, this will be the tank that's in here shout out to the person that said that i should put a uh breather tube on here. I will certainly do that uh, as i know that uh sometimes you will get a little bit of an overflow from these little machines. Jetzt, when i say little, this guy is short and stout uh should still be high enough to lift into the back of the volvo rock truck, but enough chit chat. Okay, so the mast is gon na. Have this fulcrum point right here, uh and then, Natürlich, the bottom bar for the bucket? All of this is going to line up to the bucket, wie wir hier sehen können, it's a little bit more completed. So the arm is in the middle, with a pin going through the middle. This arm right here for the boom. These two points right here. The hinge points have two of those i2 pins that get held in with bolts now. I know it might look a little bit confusing, but what we're actually looking at here, let me see if this mast get.

You guys propped up like this. If i had this right in the middle now, the tolerances on these are fantastic. This is why i did not powder coat it and i'm so happy. I didn't because even with the spray paint i have to like use my use, my uh smooth abilities just to massage it into place. Look at that now do i have a pin that i can use sure let's use this one here. Can i get it all? The way through, i thought i had it lined up. Gut, you guys can see better than i can. Can i see it yeah just a little bit of that paint got in the inside, but i bet you if i added a little wiggle there, we go slid it into place and then line it up with that bolt hole right there, which will hold this in Place, i love the scale aspects of this model like there are some really cool things about working with a model like this because of the scale detail that's put into it. So i'll put that bolt in. Let me grab one let's see get out of the way. If i would have powder coated this man, i wouldn't have been able to fit any of this together. But what do you want? Do you want like great tolerances, or do you want to be able to powder coat something? I guess we would have a happy medium in there somewhere, hey i'll have to wiggle that up give it a little bit of lubrication.

I should have did that with the pin. Wie auch immer, hmm i went in dry it's, never good when it's too dry, while i'm at it. I might as well add a little bit of actual grease to it. Auf diese Weise, when i get the pins going through, it's already done all right and then the incredible task of lifting this into place. Ja, i know a modern day, superman, Okay, da ist es also. If i sit it there, i can get the next uh 13 pin in which is 13.5 millimeters right here. I got ta put the bolts in for these, though then i'll just lift this out of the way you guys can see the ends of these pistons right here, they're more of like a coupler right like a. U joint, that's going to fit on here. I'Ll just turn these, so they slide over try to bring them out a slight bit there, crazy tolerance and what i mean is just like. I literally have to scrape the paint off just to get them in there, which i think is a good thing. I think that's going to help prevent against the wear. Some people would say it. It causes more wear. Wer weiß, let me see here, my bolts, i love everything laid out. Klar, you may notice a pattern of that. Ich tue das, even though i have to put everything away for the week, i'll still lay everything out for me to easily see because it's just so much more efficient.

I know it goes against everything i normally stand for, but when i'm building a model efficiency. For me is key. Schau dir das an. These are just going to be pins that have an e clip on the other side, Alles klar, so we all recognized eclipse right if you don't, a lot of people will say that they're called jesus clips, because every time they flip out your fingers or your your Needle nose pliers they're on the floor and you yell it out, but i want to tell youand maybe you didn't see it in the last episode. This is an awesome tool. I use this is an e clip tool i'm going to leave a link to this? In the video description box down below every mechanic, every you know, rc hobbyist should have something like this. This is a wonderful tool. It actually holds the e clip for you in a recession. You can see the recessed space there and it allows you to push it on evenly without it disappearing. Let me demonstrate number one find the right size that you need and it's going to be slightly smaller than the clip that you have because, Wie Sie sehen können, there's a split in between here where these two pieces are going to come apart to hold it boom. Einfach so, okay have a good look at that it's being held in flush. Now i find the pin that i need on this it's a little bit of an awkward angle, so this tool is perfect.

There is the area that i have to put the e clip on to okay watch this one of my most hated jobs before, but now one of my easiest done going in for the second one done. Everybody should have one of these check the video description box down below and i'll leave you a link, so you can find one they're cheap. All right now comes the pain, staking process of putting the teeth on and putting in 16 small bolts and screws yay 1.6 size like super small. Stattdessen, i saved you guys all the trouble and did it off screen. Ach, they crowd rejoiced. They dropped like clicks everywhere. There was so many like clicks. I couldn't believe it even happened on a build video let's go to the next page yeah, so one two three pins and it should have the bucket in place let's see here one two like that: hey let's, pull that ram out. Ach, now we're starting to get somewhere look at this beautiful that's. Quite a nice reach too, Ja – and i was right in replacing that short tubing for that top cylinder, because it was going to be required. Look at that very good okay, what's next wheels. I'Ve already did that i'm done what's after the wheels god there was a ton of screws to do these wheels guys on each one. Look at this and you have to loctite them all enter instruction book number two okay, didn't say i had to switch over it.

Just kind of gave me a picture of the completed cab area, so this is the checklist of all the parts to make sure i had everything and then what are we getting into so we have the frame. We have the back metal piece and that's going to slide together and then we're gon na start introducing the light. So this would be a lot easier if i just kind of caught you up to date here. Ja, Ja, Okay, this frame right here and then what is that back piece? It was only after a few minutes. I'M, like i don't, see a piece like that at all. It was one of the windows. No mine came with a crack in it already sucks. I would hope this would have had some film over it who left their cell phone on, while someone was feeling that's, my cell phone and that's what it looks like when it's in dang it it's too bad but less, who has pretty darn darn good customer service. I have fingerprints all over it too. There so i'm sure they'll send me a new one out, no hassle, Kein Problem, but it might add to the authenticity of a loader out in the field, something scratched it. I don't know crack against the glass. Maybe maybe it was too cold outside and the the heater was turned on and it basically cracked the glass that's. What i'm going with it was a rock chip that split and then there's these little fancy things you'll notice on the end that they're threaded these are going to be for the mirrors and then the windshield.

Hoffentlich, we have better luck this time and we were vindicated a little bit scratched, but hey it's, just how it's packed. I guess not a big deal so that's cool. It does go into quite a bit of light setup and i'm not going to be doing that today. I don't have a light controller, so i'm going to skip over this because i'd like to see more of the structure in place. Don'T worry, i'm sure i'll go back and do that, but let's go ahead and get this roof on just using a couple of m uh m2s, and there is the first you know, look at the structure put the lenses in, Natürlich, just have to find the Mirrors haven't seen them yet, but there are a lot of little pieces to go through still and the light and the roof slide in like that, and then i need the m210s there's. Only four of these come on focus. There you go so that gives you enough room to get from the top into the slotted hole down here: that's threaded and so this and this piece clipped together, as you can see like that, i put a bolt on this side and a bolt on that side. Now i have to add one here and on the opposite side, making this piece and what we're doing is kind of assembling the back area of the cab. Look at this then we're going to get into these side fins.

So this is going to flip upside down. Like this yep and then i'm going to come over here beautiful, this is where the color scheme is really going to come together or where it's going to be a total fail. You guys can decide oh yeah and look at this on the cab. I know you guys are going to be like, oh you did it again, you put them on the outside or oh you hate them or whatever, but it actually goes along with this very well, and even though you're gon na totally be like what that doesn't make Sense, the handles of the door look at that they actually go on the inside. So what they wanted me to do is there is an inset piece of metal here you can see it's, actually seated flush, the way it's supposed to be, and then the pin goes in the middle. What they wanted was for me to have it the other way around still with this piece on the inside, but this piece on the inside, which would have gone on the inside here, but i didn't want to do that. I think that i think the extra brass on there will help the the hydraulic rams look so much better beautiful. That is looking sharp okay. So i always paint my pr my parts front and back because you know if anybody's ever looking at my models that way they can look at them in detail and see that yeah.

You really did you know, Zahlen, nehmen, take some attention to it and you know put some time into it. I think that's, the coolest thing about the hobby is you can put as much or as little time into it as you want okay. So this part over here looking nice that is going to set up just under okay. So if i flip this upside down, just secure that with a m3 bolt they're very short, i'm not going to use any loctite on this, because the paint itself is going to hold it into place and it's not going to vibrate very much i'll just set this Piece off to the side: next we get to move on the on to the caboose nice and we get to take out some of the uh, the uh painting or the plating that i actually left just the silver or chrome color, because i think it looks pretty Darn cool and will match with the little accents on there. The glue i'm going to use is instacure from gra distribution. Why am i showing you this? Because this is a great glue, it's very runny, but it does dry, clear and it's very strong. So i suggest you use it as well. I guess i could have left this bear, but no big deal come here. You little beauty. Now i will take you and basically line you up on the back like that one more piece off the checker plating, außer diesmal, it's like more of a uh like a honeycomb that's gon na go behind here to make the grill look realistic, Uh huh! I wondered what this little beauty was for and then the stack now look at this.

This is a mount for the stack that goes through the back right here and that's. What it looks like installed and i reach for the air filterthread a tiny rod into it and then in the hole directly adjacent to the to the exhaust, and then we take over to here, which is like all printed out. It'S all metal pre painted. Of course here is the uh steering column, so we're gon na need the steering wheel to go into place there everything's individually, wrapped when you get it. It'S really well done just a simple snap in place. It'S, like a snap lock, look at this beautiful floor plate we're, going to take that you can't just jam it in there. This ain't one of those things you could just jam in there with force. You want to work it. You want to love it. You want to slide it down the shaft right there that way, you can work your screws right in and make sure it's all completed. Gut, Schau dir das an, my my and if i take this piece and slide it under there and then this piece does it also go under it looks like it does: Hallöchen, not bad starting to look like a wheel, Loader, Okay. So what part do i get to place next? Alles klar. The back wheel covers gon na take some checker plating here here here and here, and so each one of them has a side, so that's easy to do.

Okay. So then the two end plates go on here, which is done. If you're going to be doing the lighting, all your lights will go in behind here. It can be routed just like it shows i'll do that at a later date and then the wheel wells here now, they're half wheel wells, two screws they're going to be the m26s, were they right over here. These are so nice and metal and nice and light and durable, get that nice and snug, and i flip the other one around bring that in just like come on there. It is get that screw in oh, come on god darn it now before the cab goes on i'm, going to be careful because it weighs quite a bit. I haven't put any hydraulic fluid in here whatsoever. I'Ll, take this back piece off to the side slide it in. Aha, i had to lift up on the wheel well here, because it was kind of sticking in the side on either side, but if i roll it back over now, those holes on the bottom will line up and i can cinch it up with a few screws Enter back in the cab section, so here it is mirrors installed. I can drop this right down over this, even though i have not done this yet i'm, hoping for the best okay. So what am i getting hung up on that's, Sehr interessant? How they've done this? So this must go on the outside that's.

Warum so? I'Ll have to stretch that with two hands? Laughter now i'm gon na have to leave you with this beautiful last image, because i don't have the radio i want from shipping here yet. But here is basically the completed articulated articulating wheel. Loader look at this. What do you think of the color now guys? Let me know in the comment section i do have more electronics to go. This is an easy piece that just slides up and out of the way it'll be on magnets i'll have the receiver and the tray that goes across here interesting. The handles are on the inside of the door with the completed look here. I love all the orange and the dark gray, looking fantastic all the way around. Let me just put this back here there we are. This has two magnets and two posts that it sits on here's a top view. Oh, is it time? Well here we go. Dies ist die: what do you think jim it's gorgeous? You had to look at it when it was all just pieces. It looks way better. Now it looks way better now awesome. Gut, there you go guys. My wife has called dinner time for me and you know i'm not going to be late for that. So hopefully you guys like it leave me a like click. Leave me a comment.