DJI-Event – 18 Juli 2018 – The Amazing New Drone? SEE THE BIGGER PICTURE

On this video we slender down three doable drones DJI will launch on the 18 Juli 2018 occasion. We additionally take a look at the potential for a wholly NEW drone class which might be on the excessive finish of the buyer interest drone scale.

If you want to buy a DJI product, you’ve gotten many decisions. The DJI STORE doesn’t cost TAXES, DUTY or SHIPPING: http://Klicken Sie auf = Hyperlink&als = 0005&ch=MAVIC AIR

You May also buy DJI Drones on AMAZON:
DJI Mavic Professional:
DJI Phantom four Professional:
RYZE Tello:

KAMERA: Panasonic 4K Camcorder:
BELEUCHTUNG: Studio-Softbox:
STATIV: Manfrotto:

38 Kommentare
  1. Always nice video’s BUTwhat production value does the “distracting / annoying” background
    “music” add.
    Can we have a poll?

  2. Hey Captain, good afternoon. I am about to buy a new drone. Ich habe das Phantom 4 Pro, I bought it on march this year for professional jobs. Later, vor einem Monat, I bought the spark to have something to play with, which I sold because of the camera, I needed something better because I am a photography enthusiast. What would you do? Will you buy the mavic air? Which I had planned to do, or would you wait until july 18th to see what dji launch??

    Alles Gute,

  3. Hervorragend! Thanks for a very shrewd and informative analysis.

  4. another drone the'll stop making, supporting after a year

  5. Wow some good comments, thanks everyone, I truely hope DJI brings something new to the table, rehashing old drones with a few upgrades makes DII look like Apple more and more.

  6. It's an ultrasound of the new product. Is it a Phantom or a Mavic??!

  7. Nice Analysis….. my bet will be to Mavic Pro V 2 – 1" CMOS Sensor – 5Mhz – 360 degree Sensors – und 4500 mAh for $1,899 – I'm dreaming!!

  8. Maybe a P5 with zoom lens. That would be awesome!


  10. Whats funny is for some reason i wasnt even interested in drones until this year


  12. Phantom X (a top and bottom mounted camera giving a 360' FOV)

  13. Tolle Informationen,,,, Nicht.

  14. have a friend that work for dji, its mavic pro 2 with interchangeable lens

  15. If they put info out on purpose, it isn’t a leak.

  16. DJI is not going to release a rewarmed version of an old drone at this event.

    They are also not going to be releasing a drone that people think they want
    DJI is in the drivers seat here. They are going to tell you what you want and will be extremely effective at convincing you that you must have something that is totally unlike what you thought you wanted. There is some deep marketing psychology at work here
    Steve Jobs pioneered this style of marketing and was wildly successfuland made Apple into a brand that is almost a religion. DJI is showing serious signs of trying to do exactly the same thing.

  17. Mavic Air with1" Sensor. Too obvious really

  18. I was 14 when I got my Mavic Pro, one of the 0.1 % youngest drone flyers 🙂

  19. The future is the Mavic Air form factor, so I expect that this model will be part of an evolutionary process.

  20. I wish it is a mavic pro 2 mit einem 1 inch sensor and 4k60fps

  21. It’s going to be a second version of the air or a new Mavic

  22. I also did Video , if you like , you can watch it here:

  23. And then dji cancels the presconfrence because they say whatever they were going to announce isn't quite ready yet…Brummen

  24. 1 year and a half since DJI bought Hasselblad. Can this be the time where DJI comes up with a high-quality imaging camera, with a BIG sensor ?

  25. Dji do have a $1999 which is the inspire 1 V2. So the next drone they will release will be mavic 2 with changable cameras and one of the cameras you can buy might have optical zoom aswell.

  26. Hallo Captain Drohne. Will DJI still have parts available for the Mavic Pro when they release the new Pro 2?

  27. Ich bin ein Neuling…why do people, including this presenter constantly refer to DJI as DGI ??? It really kinda bothers me

  28. Are they not coming with there own fishing drone…. with no 3rd party ect…..

  29. Price drop on the Spark combo might mean a new Spark?

  30. Honestly I would buy DJI if the other price range 300$ & Below That would get rich! I say I hate DJI because I never been able to afford one Then I would probably be a fan I love my Tello till it couldn't keep up bunt up!

  31. This DJI Spark is amazing. What do you think about it?

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