SCHLAMM - LÄUFER – ein SPiNTiRES PARODY: MUDViLLE 2WD offene Differential KR11 Log Haul | RC ABENTEUER

This is a LOG AWAiTED, (not a typo), film that I have actually been expecting for several months while developing this truck! My Vision has actually been achieved. During the lengthy winter season I was playing my XBox One X and also truly took pleasure in a title called "Mud Runner, a SpinTires Video game". […]

Heavy Load Tips Truck – 1948 KR11 International Harvester Loaded by EXCAVATOR! | RC ABENTEUER

Trucking is a difficult task, more than some people understand. Attempting to climb up any kind of Hillside can be a challenge when you are transporting a heavy load, but if your haul is too hefty, and the incline is too steepyou might have a Trucking Fail on your hands. This is what […]