FIMI-X8SE 2020 Edition Range Test to 0% Macht – How Far Will it Go STOCK?

Give me some video there we go. They gave me video Music, Hallo Leute, thanks for tuning in check it out. It'S, the femi x8sc 2020 edition we're gon na do a range test today, just going to go straight out, nice relaxing sunset range test, we're going to see how far this one can […]

HUBSAN H301S SPY HAWK Bewertung – Teil 2 – [Längere Akku, Reichweitentest, Akrobatik, Crash-Test ?]

Noch – and I was using a stock battery in the first video so in this one I'm using a hubsan H, 501s 2700 quadcopter battery, so we're gon na see if we get any more flight time see what the flight characteristics are and I'm just going to go Straight out this way you […]

X73 JUMPER MINI FPV – Vollständige Überprüfung – [Unbox, Inspektion, Flug/Crash Test, Profis & Nachteile]

Dies ist eine Bindungsfliege, so it's already got a receiver built in there's, already a little fpv mini camera up top with a VTX built in already video transmitter, and so all we need to do is bind it to a controller such as the trance, which I'm Going to be using here and […]

HUBSAN X4 H501S ADVANCED – Teil 2 – [Dual Battery Mod / Antenna Swap / Reichweitentest]

This is the black version, Wie Sie sehen können, and this is the advanced version with thisa little bit upgraded controller it's a little bit of a smaller screen than the original one. But it's got the antennas mounted on the outside of the controller, and this is going to be an interesting […]

SKYTECH H100 Racing Boat Review – [Water Run, Profis & Nachteile]

Now this is a brushed, a little mini racing boat. You can see it's, not very big it's. Only about a foot look foot in length and here's the controller here, but anyway I didn't really do an unboxing with this one but I'm just going to run it we're just going to go straight […]

SKYDIO 2 Range Test In-Depth – Wie weit wird es gehen? Will It Return? (Beacon & Controller!)

I think I'm also gon na just use the beacon, just in case it loses connection. I'Ve heard some stories about. Sometimes it just lands way out there. So we're gon na see, if that's the case anyway let's stuff power. This thing up, get it up in the air and see how far we […]

DJI PHANTOM 4 Beitrag – Teil 3 – [Testflug, Profis & Nachteile]

MAVIC PRO MINI (TIANQU XS809W) – Vollständige Überprüfung – [Unboxing, Inspektion, Testflug, Profis & Nachteile]

Die erste Spielzeug-Replik des DJI Mavic, is here and it's called the Visio XS eight, oh nine there's, a few different variants of it. We'Ve got one variant that is just the quadcopter. The quadcopter with altitude hold, which would be a barometer and we have a camera version and a Wi […]

WLTOYS Q242-G 5.8Ghz FPV Micro Quadcopter Review – [UnBox, Inspektion, Testflug, Profis & Nachteile]

KAI DENG K60 HD Mini QuadCopter – [Remote Camera Tilt-Funktion]

Im grunde, in my first review, I kind of missed the camera function that has a actually the camera has a tilt function. So I wanted to show you guys that really quick I'm going to go ahead and record some video of it tilting as well, so you can um. You can also see that […]

RC LEADING RC111 FPV – Vollständige Überprüfung – [Unbox, Inspektion, Setup, Flug/Crash Test, Profis & Nachteile]

⚔️Mavic Mini Vs DJI Funke ( VOLLSTÄNDIGER VERGLEICH) Filmmaterial, Lärm, Reichweite und mehr

The only comparison you'll probably need, weil ich Ihnen helfen werde, vor dem Ende zu entscheiden, welche Sie wollen. We'Ll go through everything you need to see a range test: noise and stability tests, we'll also look at the footage side by side and most soon gain now let's get started. Some of you want […]