X8 2020 giveaway it's been a long time coming, but i have been mentioning in my videos for the um kind of the combo edition. I got that i would be giving away the standard edition and just to make it uh kind of a bonus for you guys. I got this extra carrying bag […]

FIMI-X8SE 2020 Edition Range Test to 0% Macht – How Far Will it Go STOCK?

Give me some video there we go. They gave me video Music, Hallo Leute, thanks for tuning in check it out. It'S, the femi x8sc 2020 edition we're gon na do a range test today, just going to go straight out, nice relaxing sunset range test, we're going to see how far this one can […]

FIMI X8 SE 2020 Edition Flight Test Review IN-DEPTHIs it BETTER!?

I'Ve got to be right around the 30 Minutenmarke. Hallo Leute, thanks for tuning in check it out it's the femi x8sc 2020 edition. Here i got it right in here in the flamewar combo. I guess you could say it is with the two batteries and this little nice little case here. If […]

Fimi X8 SE 2020 Edition Review – Teil 1 In-depth [Unboxing, Vergleich, Setup & Aktualisierung] WERBEGESCHENK?

I am going to be giving one of these away in an upcoming video for you subscribers, so don't forget to make sure you are subscribed to the channel. So you don't miss this giveaway because it will be coming up very soon. I know christmas is coming up. So i think it would be […]

FIMI X 8 SE Max Reichweitentest mit Booster 0% Akku! – Wie weit wird es gehen & Wie lange wird es fliegen!?

FIMI X 8 SE Reichweitentest im Land – Wie weit wird es gehen? [Keine Störungen & Ohne Booster]

Xiaomi FIMI X 8 SE Review – Teil 1 – [Unboxing, Inspektion, Setup, Profis & Nachteile]

FIMI X8 SE – Die Drohne zum Besitzen. Weniger als der Preis des DJI MAVIC MINI Fly Mehr.

Für viele, die keine einfache kleine Drohne wie die Mavic Mini wollen, das ist eine Wahl. Yow will discover the FIMI X8 SE on sale right here (use the codes to get the worth): Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE $469.99 use this code at checkout: 3Z8VTPNJ Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE $469.99 use this […]

FIMI X8se Flugbewertung nach 8 Monatelange Updates – Verbessert?

Take pleasure in my FIMI X8se Flight Overview after eight months of updates! Get the FIMI X8 right here Drone Launch Pad Transportable Compact Desk Transportable Chair with built-in Sunshade Printable SD Card Instrument SD Card for 4K Recording that lasts My OnePlus 6T Sensible Cellphone Cinematic 4K Hawaii Shoreline Take a look at: Residential […]

FIMI X 8 SE Drohne 4K Video-Vergleich – RAW Vs LUT Post bearbeitet

Muster der wie video scheint auf die Fimi X 8 Se-Drohne für diejenigen, die einige veröffentlichen Verarbeitung wie auch eine LUT. X8 right here Use code 01F59B for $75 off I exploit Energy Director 17 meine Vids bearbeiten: Kostenlose LUTS (Früher habe ich Contrail 35) Parabolic Dish Vary Boosters Drone Launch Pad SD Card […]

FIMI X8 SE Drohne ist Regen-PROOF! – 4K filmische Wasserfälle von Maui Hawaii im Regen

FIMI X 8 SE Griffe Regen und weiterhin in der Lage, Film-Zwischensequenzen in 4 K! X8se Genau hier Verwenden Sie den Code 01F59B für $75 off Parabolic Dish Vary Boosters Drone Launch Pad SD Card for 4K Recording that lasts Printable SD Card Instrument Ipad Air 2 9.7" Ipad Sunshade Ipad Clamp OnePlus 6T Sensible Telephone […]


$477 billiger und hat neuere Optionen. FIMI X8 SE - VS- MAVIC PRO! FIMI X 8 SE 4K-Drohne $422. ** $177 ab! Banggood : Gutschein-code (Beschränken 100 Kunden ) : 05bb96 Purchase a FIMI X8 1080p model $297 Banggood : Gutschein-Code : toyho X8 Components, Requisiten, & Batteries X8 Props $16 : X8 Akku […]