So, with the angelic drone, we got the free version, which was the tier one. So this is the one that everyone got. What it got for free, uh, part of their all you have to do – is go to the uh, reclaim rewards and youll get that now. There are two other versions which is going to be the drone tier 2 for 400 source marks and the angelic drone tier 3 for 700 source marks. As you can see, it doesnt require anything to unlock it like the previous ones for headlines you as long as you have access to the tier 1 and youve earned it part of the extra life rewards. Then you can access the tier 2 and tier 3.. So, im going to show you what the drone looks like in combat and then show you the numbers to see if its worth you getting the tier two and tier threes, so stay tuned: Music, foreign, Music, Music, uh, Music, um, Music, Music, okay! So welcome to the number side of the video, because i know you all appreciate those spreadsheets so were looking at the angelic drone testing. Everything is the same baseline in terms of five parsers at cr, three, three nine. So everything is the exact same uh on aoe. First, because a win single target, the tier one, which is what we got free so top two slightly the head of controlled star slightly behind vampire vat, the tier 2 aoe.

It is the best option. So if you can only afford that from the vendor, then you can buy a tier 2, but in terms of tier 3 it does fall slightly behind the top three with freeze drone mother box and controlled styro freeze drone youre not gon na well. Some of you may not have accident because thats the survivable trinket but um other box plenty of you will same with control star. Will plenty of you will so its pretty much tied with father fatherbox. I mean thats, literally 100 damage difference almost uh. So its really not im, not uh were not looking at like wide margins of damage differences, i mean thats still 8 000 there. It was up by 2000 there down by 7 000 there, roughly so i mean its all within like 10k damage, but thats, where the angelic drone ranks and i should point out their tier 2 and tier 3 – the ones youd have to buy from the vendor. So if you did want that tier three style, you have to pay for it or if you just want the free one just so you can have the pet, then thats there in terms of single target top three tier two would be top four same thing. Nothing largely behind 6k, there uh 4k there roughly and it does on the tier 3 – does fall below uh, not really acceptable, its more like middle of the pack stuff. So i mean thats a 6k difference: 7k.

10K, 12k difference from seahorse, so the angelic drones is certainly something you dont want to use on single target if you can avoid it. But for aoe i mean its not that bad its the best one for the tier two and then tier three, its top three but technically um.