Hawkeye, 2 mini drone. I waited to do it at night so that you can get a good view of the red lights on the front and the blue led lights on the back. It kind of gives you a sense of which direction your drone is flying and i’m just going to give you guys a quick video i’m, not the best pilot and i’m outside, because my inside is just not big enough to really show you all what it can Do – and here i go, take off fairly easy and you can hover get the fly to the left. I can get it flying back right and fly right over here. Landings are pretty easy if you know what you’re doing that was a terrible landing, but this is just a quick test flight of the db power, hawkeye 2. it’s a fairly easy drone to fly if you’ve flown drones before it’s a better interface than using. I prefer to use the actual controller it comes with then using the smartphone, because it’s a little touch sensitive, which gives you a better feel for it.