Now the last drone, the baby ape was a huge success. Coming in at around 79 today were taking a look at their latest drone, the tiny ape freestyle and at 129 we might have another winner on our hands all right, so heres the box right here, pretty simple. It says darwin fpv, with a gorilla with some goggles, on pretty pretty cute, pretty cool and on the side. Here you have the gorilla again with the tiny ape and the qr codes. You can go to the website and download. Also some manuals as well. So lets open this up. I have my unboxing knife right here. Just one tape holding this thing shut, all right cool. You have a foam insert for protection, another like a business card, qr code and a thank you letter, hey pretty good touch. Besides that, we have propellers here looks like just one set wow only one set okay. I guess that to keep the price down these are the gem fan props. Well talk about this a little bit later, then we have some stickers looks like a battery strap. Some zip ties and a lot of screws guys all right, heres the drone right here and unfortunately the cap came off. It was already off, but thats cool. This thing is so tiny, guys, wow and then i think another. I think this is the same. So two cards, and then what is this just, maybe a receipt? Oh no, this is a uh, a picture or a schematic of the flight controller, which is pretty cool.

All right, so lets take a look at this drone. This thing is extremely light. Now they said that this thing weighs around 50 grams and i believe it this thing i dont know what i was thinking, but its small, its a two and a half inch drone, obviously, but well see what it shows here on the scale and sure enough. The website says: 50.3, its showing 51 on my scale here and the recommended 450 milliamp hour battery 2s battery, so lets see how much thats going away with the battery looking around 78 grams, so not bad way under the 250 gram restriction for most countries, all right. So the first thing that jumps out of me is just the size the shape the way it looks um, and this reminds me a lot of the emacs baby – hawk 2, just the design. You can see this x right here very similar guys even down to this little plastic here. Theres a plastic here as well. Next thing, ive noticed is this big old camera? Now this is the runcam nano 4 and ive also used this camera before on the tiny hawk 3 thats, where it was first released, and i did say that that was one of the best cameras as far as colors is concerned, all right coming to the side Of here we have these darwin fpv motors, the previous drone didnt have their branding, and this is the 1103 8000 kv motor.

So pretty good, it looks like it has a 1.5 millimeter shaft and there is also some threads on here. So its not just a press on prop fit now talking about the motors we have the propellers here, theyre not mounted on here yet, but these are the jam fam 2512. theyre. Obviously a three bladed propeller looks pretty cool. Obviously these are two and a half inch. Propellers and yeah, unfortunately, we dont have any spares so thats, probably one thing you might want to invest in is some spare propellers now its kind of hard to miss here this you know, battery strap is in the way here is kind of hard to put away And its already pre installed, we have a spare one here, but im just looking at how close this is to the board here now im looking here at the vtx, this is the 006 vtx and its power adjustable between 25 milliwatts and 600 milliwatts thats really high, Especially for a drone of this size connected to the vtx, i can see a ufo connector with a regular linear, dipole antenna. But the cool thing is that you can upgrade this later on if you want to as its a ufl connector, and you have a tpu mod right here where the antenna goes to. I dont like the fact that the antenna is actually this low, but, like i said you can easily yeah, you can easily adjust that or change that out, while were in the back here with antennas.

I can see an antenna right here, and this looks like the antenna for the receiver. This does have an express lrs receiver in this drone. Im expecting really good range having this external antenna on here now talking about the flight control its all in one board, so we have the flight control, the escs and also the receiver – that i talked about the express lrs receiver in here, so thats pretty cool. Now, because of that, you do have to flash the board if you do want to upgrade your express lrs. You know firmware on there, which is kind of a pain in the butt, its one additional step, and i think thats particularly true here, because we have this one shipped. This is the version one shipped with express lrs 1.0 now express 2.0 has been out in the community for a long time, and i dont know anyone still running 1.0. So, in order for me to flash this receiver, i will have to flash the flight controller as well. Now talking about the all in one. We also have the esc in here its a 15 amp, esc, continuous and then peak at 17 amps. So that should be adequate for this size, thats a lot of power and it is running the blue jay firmware on here. Usually you have the bl heli in here, but blue jason, isnt bad, so thats pretty good. Besides that, you know we have an xd 30 plug here, which is good.

A lot of the 2s drones might use a ph 2.0. Now this flight controller here is rated for one two, three s: they recommend a 450 milliamp 2s battery and thats particularly true. I would not recommend a 3s battery now, although the flight controller can handle it. These motors here are not good for 3s. Now, with this qs battery now theyre saying that you can get around five minutes of flight time with a 450 milliamp hour battery. I have some larger and some smaller ill, be also running a 525 milliamp hour 2s battery as well, and see how this one performs all right lets go underneath here, underneath nothing special um. The first thing that jumped at you is this clear plastic to prevent moisture from hitting the electronics on here. Another thing that jumps out at me is just these: the hardware the screws on here were looking at phillips screws. All on your hair, usually youll find a hex. You know screw to hold this whole thing together its an interesting choice. It might be a cost, saving choice, no big deal there and you have some tpu here on the bottom enough to protect this right here, which is the micro usb port to update the flight controller, its a pretty cool position for that and its nice that they Thought about this little tpu to keep it protected all right guys. This thing looks good im excited to fly this guys this.

This is amazing, so lets install the propellers on this see how this look and then we can go ahead and update the firmware on the flight controller, Music, Music. All right so were here at the computer. I have my tiny ape right here. I have the usb connected to it. I also have a fan right here to keep it cool since were going to be powering through the usb. So the first thing you want to do is update your betaflight configurator and its as easy as just going to the github website and then download the latest version right now here, theyre using the candidate or rc5 thats, the latest one that was done like five days Ago here it is right here, betaflight configurator and, as you can see it says 10.8.0, it doesnt say the release candidate, but this is the latest one rc5 im just going to plug my drone into the computer and before i do anything here, im just going to Go to the cli and save the configurator ive already done that and heres all your configuration on your flight controller. I already saved that to my computer, so thats, all good so were gon na disconnect here go to firmware or update firm, were gon na go to update firmware. Now you wan na go ahead and choose your targets for right now were using the beta flight. One f4 – and this is not the right one, so lets take a look at it now, if you dont remember your target, you can easily just step out of here go to connect and you can see your target right here: beta fpv, f4, sx, 1280, so thats.

What im looking for and, as you can see its not here – i dont see it so that just means i have to go to show unstable releases. If you forget the number its also here in your diagram, that was included with your packaging and it says it right here as well: sx 1280 release candidates and then i see it right here: beta fpv, f4 sx, sx, 1280 um im just gon na do a Full chip erase, while im there thats all good so target, is fine, were gon na look for it online load firmware and it found it sweet. So lets hit flash firmware. All right lets see if it works. I dont think it flashed it all right. So im gon na have to put this flight controller into bootloader mode yay for me, okay guys, so i figured out what was happening here. Two things. One thing was that i didnt have the appropriate drivers, so i was missing this zaddig driver. I had to download that and then i also have to put this in bootloader mode, and we should be good to go right now now. This information here is already loaded. I think this should work right now, as you see it says, exit dfu mode, so i think, were good. We have our target. This looks all good um lets see. If i can flash the firmware here and see what happens, uh go here, erasing and its doing it properly now, which is good, Music, fantastic and then here he goes its flashing.

Now, okay, so were making some progress here it was just the driver that was Music. All right program is successful, and now we have disconnected and the drone has reconnected. So that looks all good and now were back to our regular comp, so its now out of bootloader mode or dfu mode, which is good. I can connect on here and, as you can see, all the information that i had in the flight controller is now gone. So this is where it was wise to save your configuration in a file so im just going to close that which is good uh. The first thing i want to do is just load the config file i had it saved, so i have it right here: notepad im, just gon na copy perfect go back to betaflight, put it in the cli command paste hit enter all right. Lets see here invalid name: okay, no big deal all right were gon na, save it its saved. So now its back on here connect and lets check out these ports, its still correct thats. All good configuration were going to look in here. This all looks good. The name is correct everything. It looks good and reboot looking good, my receiver now that shouldnt be working because i dont have the express lrs passphrase in there. Well talk about that right now. The reason we did all of this was just to flash the express lrs receiver. This is the reason why most people dont like to use you know.

Spi receivers is because now you have to flash the flight controller just to get access to the receiver. So now we have to put the cli command in here i usually use a passphrase. Most people use a passphrase when using express lrs. Therefore this can bind to all of your radios in your fleet or in your drone. If i go to you type in spi receivers, then you have a uid by generator and you can change the letters in here and then it will generate a uid. So im just going to put my binding phrase in here copy and then just go back to my betaflight paste it in there enter and now were good. So technically now my receiver should be powered and my radio should bind automatically. I dont know if i will have rf all right. I have telemetry, it looks good, so it thats thats. The best thing about you know express lrs. You can just put a binding phrase in there and it will just connect automatically to your radio. Okay, guys, uh. Im pretty content with all this so were done here i have my express ls receiver re. Flash flight controller is flash. I have the latest firmware on here and the latest firmware for my express lrs receiver, so you just go outside and take this for a flight. Alright guys were outside here its a beautiful day. Unfortunately, the weather is not the best, as you can see from the trees, and you probably hear from the mic.

Its very windy, actually very, very windy were looking at between 20 and 25 miles an hour wind. So not the best conditions for this small two and a half inch drone, but were still going to fly it and see how it goes see what were looking man. This wind is crazy, all right cool all right. Ah, this wind, the breeze, is crazy, armed Music. So, Music, Music, so Music, so Music, so Music, so Music, so Music, so Music, you, Music, go Music, so Music, Music, so Music, Music, okay, so were back from our test flight and guys, i must say off the bat. I had an amazing time flying this tiny freestyle, just a blast guys like holy cow. This thing is good, so lets talk about it, okay, so the first thing to note here is that the weather for the past week has been extremely windy, and i mean the whole week even right now. As i record this, i can hear the wind outside so its been hard to find a time to actually fly this drone. I would literally wake up in the morning get dressed and go outside and by the time i get to the field. Its already windy. Now, im sure you probably seen it in the video guys were talking about between 20 25 and 30 miles an hour winds, but im proud to say that you know this 2.5 inch drone. This thing here performed really exceptionally well, even in the windy conditions.

Okay, so we got out there, we armed the drone and everything seemed okay guys. The first thing i noticed was how quiet these propellers were see. This thing is really quiet. Making this drone really perfect. If you want to be inconspicuous or fly and not get so much attention, so we took off and this thing felt really light guys any kind of movement of the throttle it just responds. What really blew me away is just the composure of this drone so im. Clearly, thinking that this thing is gon na get tossed by the wind as soon as they lift off no guys uh, you know it stayed in one place. I was more than impressed with the composure and um yeah the flight control on this is really good. It didnt freak out it didnt. I flew it around trying to get a feel for the drone, its obviously the first flight not trying to fight too far and as i flew it more, i became more aggressive, obviously its a freestyle drone trying to speed up increase the angle. Do some dive through some loop, some rolls it is pretty darn good guys. I cant keep saying it its its really good. Now, obviously, i am not the best pro clearly im, not the best pilot thats, not even a question, but you know try to do as much maneuvers as i can and im not meeting the limitations of this drone. So this thing is a well capable and a well advertised freestyle drone, guys so yeah its like its like having a best friend with you guys, a really cool or chill best friend.

So this thing is down for anything when youre, just relaxing it just stays there. Even with the high winds, but when youre ready for some more adventure or some more aggressive maneuvers, this thing says: hey you want to go, you want to you want to climb. You want to dive, you want to speed up, and this thing will do it. I do plan to slice in the future, maybe, with the run chem thumb once i figure out the mounting solution, because there really isnt any holes or screws here for to put a camera in the front actually um. The first glue that i see here is on the standoff and its way. Recessed back so you know darwin fb, if youre listening, maybe for your next version, just put some holes or a solution here for a camera because, yes, this thing you know, i guess at the time of design there really wasnt a camera light enough, but a two And a half inch drone should be able to carry a light action camera, at least i think so, most definitely the run cam thumb it can do that. Now talking about weight and batteries, i use a series of batteries. Today i use a couple of them im using the 450 milliamp hour, its a one, thats recommended pretty good. These are all 2s batteries. I also have a 525 a little bit larger and to me this was the best battery of the bunch, a good middle ground, of both weight savings and longer flight times, and then i have a little bit larger battery here.

This is a tattoo r line, so really high performance, really high c rating. Now, between all of this, as i said before, i think the 525 is the best choice. The 450 did a good job as well, but i felt like the drone was too light. Now you might want that for maneuverability, the drone was just touchy, which is really good. Whenever you banged it turned, it would respond pretty quickly, give it some throttle. It would just fly up. So i think the 450 is good for that. I didnt feel like the 525 was a big difference now talking about battery one thing that concerned me was this battery strip, as you can see right here, it is kind of recessed. The problem here is this battery strap. I wish to use another. You know another strap or a traditional. You know battery strap. This one here is just kind of finicky. This drone is by no means big, and what i mean big is not that long. So you have a short you know plank here or top plate here to actually put these batteries now, as i said before, if i want to put an action camera on here, then itll be a very tough way to do it. I dont know how to do that these props, by the way, guys um not to be any sidetrack. You probably saw it earlier when i was showing you the props on here, but the tolerance for these props, its so close, guys like when this thing turns its its literally at the side place of the drone like right here.

In fact, as this thing turns its under the actual top plate, so the top is a little bit wider than where the propellers go anyways. I digress um this right here. As i said before, the battery strap could be improved um. I did find a cool way to do it and its almost like a two way procedure. If you pull on this bigger loop portion here, pull it down where its tight and then put the flap down. There is some. You know adhesion back there or some hooks and then the same for this side do the same thing on the other side, and then you have a really nice tight seal. Now, as far as the flight time with these batteries, i was averaging between four and a half to five minutes with the 450 and then five and a half minutes to six minutes with the 525 and the 550.. So, im getting easily six minutes with the larger size battery. All right so lets talk about the camera on this drone. This is the run cam nano four. This is a pretty decent camera. Remember this camera when it was first introduced on the tiny hawk three. I had that in the rtf kit, now the colors on this one didnt seem to be as vibrant as what i saw on the tiny hawk 3.. It was okay, but nonetheless a pretty good camera very neutral picture on there. One thing i didnt notice, though, was that i did see some color shift sometimes id be flying, and i would see the grass the grass would be green and, as i move forward, the grass graphical from green to brown immediately.

Overall, though, a pretty good camera and im sure its significantly better than the one on the baby ape, so yeah, pretty good so since were in the topic of image. Lets talk about the vtx. Now this has a 600 milliwatt vtx and it did a pretty good job. Now it comes from the factory set at 400 milliwatts and i didnt want to change it. I kept it the same way as a factory, so my first couple flights did flight at 400. Milliwatts and it did a decent job – it was okay, nothing to write home about now for the sake of testing since im doing a test here, i did bump it up to 600 milliwatts to see if there was any difference and there was an improvement in image. Quality and range, but it wasnt significant there wasnt a big jump. I dont know what i was expecting, but it wasnt dramatic. Now i dont think the vtx in this joint is bad. In my opinion, i do think the culprit here is the antenna. Both the placement of the antenna and the length of it, so, as you can see, the antenna here is really really short. Even the lead for the battery plug is actually taller than the antenna for the vtx, not only that its a linear antenna so its not the best, i would suggest you know you change the antenna in fact, thats going to be my first mod on this, because This you know spoiler alert.

This is a perfect drone, its a pretty good drone and yes, going away from you. It works once you turn around its being blocked by not only the plug but the battery, and i im sure it would do better if it was the length of maybe the antenna for the rx or even taller so thats gon na be my first investment and Im sure thats a cost saving measure by you know darwin fpv to make this drone as affordable as possible. Okay, so, while were on topic of antennas and were looking at it right here, lets talk about the receiver. The receiver performed very well just like any express lrs receiver range was really good, no fail safe, just a good performing drone. This is my first drone, though, with an external express lrs antenna, so i was expecting really decent like blown out the water range, but you know, in my opinion, from what i saw with the dbm it performed like your regular ceramic. You know antenna no significance increase in performance, but you know i also might suspect that too just being an integrated. You know receiver on this board here the flight controller. It is an spi receiver, so it is built its not a standalone receiver. By the way i did fly this drone only at one well, i say only at 100 milliwatts, which is people, get really good range for the 100 milliwatts. But if you have any concerns you can easily bump it up to 250 or something the highest.

I would ever use on this. The receiver is good and im just excited to see more and more manufacturers have an express lrs in their drones, now, im kind of torn between the whole sp and the standalone receiver. I do understand that you have these for weight. Saving and for cost measures, especially for small drones, but you know to update this. You do have to update the flight controller and flash the whole thing which theres the potential to have a wrong flash and then potentially breaking your flight controller. In the end, guys, no gripes this thing performed this receiver performed as advertised all right talking about the antenna and the durability of the antenna. I had a few crashes. I had one or two crashes and a lot of hard landings, and this drone is durable. Never wants to have to question, you know the durability. Um. Nothing is wrong here. Antenna is still good props. I was that was my main concern. When i unboxed it was, we have only one set of props, never broke a propeller, so everything seems to be really durable. You have these braces here and yeah guys, as i said before, this thing is very reminiscent of the baby, hawk 2 hair with the frame, and you also have the bracings here as well. So you can see the cross brace here and i dont know if thats doing anything for resonance, i mean this is a very small frame, so i dont expect much resonance from this, but really really good flyer, guys all right guys.

So what i think about this drone so, overall guys, i think this is a pretty good drone, a really good drone. Almost may i say its its too good guys its too good. Now i dont use those words likely, and you know i dont like to you know exaggerate some of the things you know that im saying you know whether it be emotional or not yes, its its too good, its really good. Now the price structure in this. Obviously this is a little bit more expensive than this bigger brother, the baby ape and youre, probably saying why. Why is this drone smaller, yet its more expensive, in my opinion, guys um? Yes, it is more expensive, but it is worth it its still. A pretty good deal now. Why do i say that? Well, a few things first of all lets talk about the camera. The camera here, obviously, is a better camera compared to the baby ape, so you are paying for that. Then you have your motors here now. These are branded motors on here compared to what you find on the baby, which a lot of people kind of speculated. It was older parts from other manufacturers, whether it be emacs or any other manufacturer, and were not saying that these are by himself. You know darwin fpv it just it does say that right here, but youre paying for better motors. For short, at least it looks more modern thats for sure, and last not least, you have a receiver on this drone opposed to the baby with no receiver.

You have to put the receiver on here. This does come with the receiver and at that it comes with express lrs, so the best and the business best for range best, for you know, um latency. This will all add up guys were talking about something thats. In my opinion, not too expensive and obviously guys the result is really good, really positive. The end result is a drone that flies really well youre, not thinking about yeah. This camera is sucks. Oh this receiver doesnt work. This motor is going to smoke and i dont know how to replace it, because theres, no branding or parts on here everything here is really good guys. So good, in fact, that this is not going to be my new freestyle trainer and my drone of choice for traveling thats, a huge deal guys just so that you know i have my travel kit right here. This is what i use to travel guys. This is what i used to travel when i go anywhere outside the u.s. If i want to be inconspicuous, everything i can fly is in here and lets take a look at that, because thats kind of important i might make a video on this a little bit later. If you look in here, i travel with this, because when you go to other countries you go to customs, you want to have something thats, not too aggressive. People wont look at you funny, and you know if they see that this looks like a toy, then theyre just going to disregard it, and this is my setup right here guys.

This is what i use and, as you can see, i have the drone on top here now. This is a really really good drone. This is the smart 16 by get rc ive done a review on this ill leave a link above and below, but this thing is really capable for its size. Just like this tiny ape guys and obviously you can see – i have the mountain here for the runcam thumb, so it does carry an action camera and i do have the harness right here for the thumb. So this is a pretty cool drone and it fits right there and obviously i have my radar here so yeah. I can fight any drone with this vote, fr sky or express lrs, even crossfire. If i want to and then i have all my batteries right here – batteries chargers, propellers antennas, everything fits right in here and then boom close it up, and you know it doesnt even show on the radar. So my best setup right here for traveling now this drone right here is even more capable. Now i just got ta find a way to mount this for travel. I dont know – if i can put this in here, i might have to remove the propellers yeah for sure, but i got ta find another way to mount this. Can i put it in here its still probably too big the antenna is hitting so ill figure. It out, but something thats very inconspicuous.

I can go anywhere in the world and no ones gon na question. My motives so, as i said its a high praise guys. So in conclusion, guys, the tiny, eight freestyle is an amazing drone. Darwin fb has done it again. That was the initial question. When i unboxed this cant, we have another winner and this is it guys um now im not saying go out there and buy this? I will never tell you to go, buy a drone, but if youre looking for something thats fun capable um, you know has the potential its not. It looks for right now it looks dependable. I dont see any issues here if the camera works. This is a drone and for the price i mean you really cant beat it guys. You have flight controls, you have radios that are significantly more expensive than this whole total drone right here, um, in fact the uh. Where is it by the way? Already the uh? The smart 16 is probably the same price or even more than this, so um yeah uh. This is really good guys, so darwin fb did um keep that promised. It did make a really quality drone for a really affordable price, really affordable guys. Now my wish for the future is that donald fb continues to do this. I know its kind of hard as a company gets bigger, to keep the prices down, especially now with the chip shortage, but you know i do think darn fb has something on their hands.

I do think that theyre going places and if they continue this trend, will be a really well known and competitive manufacturer in the fpv space guys. Now, if you want to see how this baby hog 2 performs, which is very similar in design to the tiny ape ive done a video on that and ill leave that link right here now, if youre going to see the smart60, my travel drone of choice, how It performs ill leave the video links right here.