I got this about a week ago. Ive already flew it a couple of times. I want to say about 10 flights uh. So far the only damages would be to the bottom bracket here kind of broke it, but not really. The frame is still rigid, so it didnt really cause any problems to the structure of the frame um. I lost a screw yesterday which could be replaced easily on a crash um. I did have ive crashed this a couple times. It holds up pretty well to crashes um, although those crashes werent uh, point crazy crashes, um, but yeah, so it holds up well um. I definitely its definitely not for freestyle its just for cruising um. You can do it can do flips here and there, but not really to a lot of freestyling, flip, flipability flops or even driving um theres, barely any power uh. This is an endurance drone, its meant for uh flying. It could go a little fast uh, but it makes mainly just for just for flying long periods of time, right uh. I would categorize this as an explorer drone um its great for exploring spots uh, especially with the crossfire. If you put crossfire on here, you can get some pretty good range um and on 400 milliwatts this has a 400 milliwatt vtx. I get some pretty pretty good range um and pretty good penetration well with the right antennas right, um yeah, so lets open it up.

So you can see the changes that i made um. So we just open it with these four screws here, and i also have some rubber bands to hold down the 18650, because theres a few times that the battery fell out, and these are the rubber bands from the uh from the kabab fpv toothpick frame um. So you get these rubber bands for that frame which theyre really useful. They hold down the 18650 battery down nice. So then this just comes off like that, and here are all the electronics. I could formal quoted it as soon as i got it and also added this crossfire. You can see here, and the crossfire is right here and i just have the antenna coming up from here. Um this antenna isnt the best antenna, but it gets the job done. You know yeah, so this is the the electronics uh theyre working on pretty good theyre placed very well um so far it it runs really good and based on the the uh. The all in one stack here is rated from 1 to 3s. I believe so once im done having fun with 18650 ill, probably just throw it on a 2s quad or 3s, throw it on a toothpick im, not sure yet maybe ill leave it on the maybe ill leave it as an 18650 quad um. But, like i said you know, this squad is its fun for cruising um, but if you really want to want a small quad for freestyle, this isnt it um uh.

If you want a quad for freestyle, you want to build something like this, which is this. Is the uh the toothpick um i i dont have motors for it right now, because the motors i had burned out so im just waiting on to see what motors i put on this but yeah. You would need something like this to do some some freestyle or even racing uh, but this guy is its not going to give you that that pull um overall, though its its fun quad um. I do get easy seven. Eight minutes to cruise. You know having having fun while cruising because after that, its not really fun youre, just fighting with uh youre, just fighting with the wind fighting with the throttle. You know just fighting to stay up in the air and after that i feel its not its. Not very much fun, you know eight minutes, six, seven, eight minutes its pretty cool with me. Push it down to ten minutes, thats. Fine too. It could probably even go further if you control your throttle, but yeah um overall, its a cool quad im glad i got it. It was around 130 and for that price uh for the components i think thats cool, like i said, um some once. If you you buy this and you dont, you find yourself not liking the 18 650 flight. You know you can just swap this out into a frame like this and you know, put a 2s lipo put it to a spatter on there and you know: fly like a freestyle quad, so thats thats a cool thing, but yeah so so far yeah i like It its pretty cool its cho im gon na keep flying it for a while longer uh see what else i can do with it and yeah its its a pretty cool quad.