Tianqu Visuo XS816 lange flyvende optisk Tracking FPV kamera Drone Flight Test anmeldelse

This cheap flier is without doubt one of the longest flying FPV digital camera drones in its worth vary. Oplev det lige her https://goo.gl/pw5hPn ExecsOptical circulate sensor mechanically


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  1. Find det her https://goo.gl/pw5hPn and here are some savings coupon codes for the various options. 1 battery version GBXS816STE1, 3 battery version GBXS816STE3, 2 batteries and bag GBXS816STE2, 3 batteries and bag GBXS816STE4

  2. I’ve been flying drones for 7 years now and this guy is one of the first I go to for reviews keep on flying mate your input is much appreciated thanks for your time and patience you put into the hobby respect

  3. I’m about to get rid of my Samsung galaxy,,what do you suggest for a good phone to get that works well with,,mjx, jjrc, visuo and others,,I need to get 5g capability,,I’m not to versed on this as my phone is the oldie but goodie Samsung s3 galaxy….Thankyou sir…Jim

  4. Nice Review QC101 Love this Range of CheapToy Quads, I Liked the WiFi 720 version , Now this new one in the staple of Visuo., XS816 Upgrade Cam/Upgraded Batteries/Upgraded App/Upgraded Alt Hold. BUT BUT these guys have lost he plot ?? NOT inc SD Slot Arghhh LOL . Its A SELFIE Drone ??? ( Is it to scrounge more Battery life ) Makes No Sense at all. ?? Skam.

  5. Nice thorough opening drone layout ❗👍🙂 thanks

  6. Even though I'm not that keen on the cameraor the fact there's no microSD card slot on the drone, I've got to say that £65.00GBP for the drone, 3 batteries and a bag is good value. Great flight time too. Another good review Q101 🙂

  7. No silly fish-eye lens. It's a miracle!

  8. Nice but i would prefer the older one.

  9. Hey QCI think you are a very good reviewer. Men…there is one thing you do that bugs me. In the interest of constructivenesswhen you first launch a dronethe first thing you do is see if it holds position. And that is great. Here is the problemWhile the drone maybe holding position very wellyou immediately start walking in a circle to get in front of the camera. When you start walking around with the camera focused on the drone, it appears that the drone is NOT holding position. So maybe let it hover for 10 seconds or so, before you walk in a circle to get in front of the camera. Just a thought. Fortsæt det gode arbejde.

  10. Hello u are my hero and I was wondering if u would be able to send me a Drone cause I have always wanted one and it's my b day u probably will say no or ignore me but pls could u

  11. Awesome Drone. Love Watching Your Videos❤️

  12. I can't decide whether I like or dislike the new body design more than the old one

  13. Finally You are here with a new video.

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