OLD SCHOOL COOL | ATTOP W10 WIFI FPV 1080p Camera Drone Review

I mean im excited about this drone from atop. This is a w10 and this is just an old school throwback drone. Efter min mening, its sort of the sema x5c type style, though its smaller than one of those and its just, ought to be a whole lot of fun to fly. It reminds […]

DRONE OF THE YEAR? What DJI Drone to BUY for XMAS and what to AVOID!

There is another drone on the shelf, so it cant be that so the drone i recommend for the best all round drone for this year holiday season is the dji mini 2.. So ive had this drone. Nu, for over a year and its been with me in so many different places, and it […]

DJI Mavic 3 Comprehensive Review, Unboxing, Features and Specs | DJI Mavic 3 Top Speed & Flight Test

That excitement carries over to watching not only any new drone, but in this case a high end, one that promises. So much theres always inherent hype when a company like dji, announces a drone and it may be justified in the case of the mavic 3. before we start, please make sure to click […]

Uranhub GPS Drone Review and Test Flight

Today we are taking a look at the uran hubs: GPS drone. Now it is a foldable 5g wi fi fpv built in dvr 2k ultra high definition, camera gps, actually clock up to ready to fly so here it is guys the uran hubs, GPS drone. Now immediately you will notice. Motorerne er […]

Drone Surveying for Beginners – DJI Phantom 4

This right here is the dji phantom 4., its one of the most popular drones used in the mapping industry, and this drone has the ability to do aerial mapping and using the data that we can extract from the images. We can then survey that information now aerial mapping has been around for nearly […]

Zapper.fi Review, Tutorial, and ZAPP AIRDROP?!

If that even makes any sense, theyre likely to drop their own token and with that could be nothing short of huge potential free gains for using a great free service, this isnt a sponsored video, this isnt, a shill im going to talk to you about something i Use every day in cryptocurrency and […]

Seoul, Korea 🇰🇷by Drone [4K]

I just wan na see the light Music. I wan na. Be weightless teach me to fly, i wont be coming down Music. Could somebody wake me up? I dont wan na be here and let the world pass me fight Music. I just see a face where Music things are gon na, be all […]

Tuesday Night Drone Discussions, DJI Holiday Sale, Die Cut Stickers

I know all right now its showing live on my own, and i just got the notification. Its still not still got that picture online, so did you notice that they finally updated the no like button gym and they did that whole new design on youtube? Now i told you yeah, everybody was saying […]

Winner Of November 2021 Drone Giveaway! Thanks Everyone!

So that way we could select a random winner for that new drone, so stay tuned for that Music. Hej! Welcome back everyone! Before i end up doing the drawing for this drone here, i just want to give a couple little shout outs to a couple guys out there. Let me set this down […]


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DJI FPV CLONE, KFPLAN KF615 , drone jouet ideal Noel

Il me semble que a filme en 720p, je crois et puis, a retransmet les images sur une application, sur smartphone comme dhabitude ce nest, pas un wifi, 5 giga hertz donc a va donc nimporte quel smartphone sera compatible et puis voil alors ce qui est, intressant sur Ce petit drone, je vais vous […]

Cosmark DJI Mini 2 Drone Carrying Case – Anmeldelse

It just came in moments ago and i uh heres the case uh. I put my mini 2 in there and i want to show you some nifty little things here. One of the things i always worried about were the the handles the sticks and they give you this little protective bar that all […]