SYMA X5C -1 Quadcopter anmeldelse – Integrated HD CameraUpgraded Version from [HD]

Purchase right here : Sup guys ! welcome to my first quadcopter assessment 🙂 Right this moment we’ll take a look on the Syma X5C ( Syma


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  1. Can it hover steady at one place ? And how ? Great review thanks

  2. How much it weighs in grams with battery and camera ? Pl reply thanks from India ( hope its under 250 gram)

  3. i have just bought 2 of these drones off ebay,one was a buy it now ,the other was a auction I forgot i was in ,I have a potensic drone ,a birthday present,it has been crashed many times,and i also burned the camera out,{put the plug in upside down.] It also flew away but I found it 2 roads away.It was then i decided to read the manual, then the controls made more sense,Im not crashing half as much now.a tip is to put your phone number on the drone,and you might get it back,if it damages something deny its yours.

  4. I have one and it has a blue and red light that blink simultaneously and I can't get it to record or take pictures. When I try and put the SD card into the computer it doesn't show any pictures videos it shows up but all of them have a time of 0 and when I try to play it the computer says can't play it may be corrupt or unsupported. Can you help?

  5. how to charge this drone?

  6. what is the difference between the two flying modes please???

  7. Tak for fornyede. Mine arrives tomorrow.

  8. It's $50 of course it's gonna seem cheap. It's not a DJI Mavic Pro where you might have to sell a kidney to buy

  9. I have a HiTec X1 charger I use for all my batteries. Anlæg stor, and charges pretty fast.

  10. Wow that fpv you did was way to hard on the eyes to follow. I own a Phantom but enjoy the heck out of these syma's. I do video of my flights to thanks for the introduction.

  11. Hahahah… little thing! 50 bukke! LAMFAO!

  12. My neighbors are super ugly too!

  13. did a little sneaking and im getting this for christmas

  14. mand, that song was absolutely atrocious

  15. My dad just buyed me this quadcopter for xmas 🙂 im excited

  16. Hej. It was a detailed review. Tak for det. I have a question as I am new to this thing. I wanted to ask about the motors because they are brushed. How many flights these motors can bear and would I have to install new motors again and again?

  17. "too bad all my neighbors are ugly…" LMFAO 😛

  18. Good overall review but there was some misinformation. It doesn't have a hover mode. The shoulder button on the right will only do flips if it is held and you tilt the control stick in a direction.

    The reason why the remote sometimes doesn't work is that it needs to be put on a stable and preferably leveled surface then it will slow blink allowing you to sync it to the controller.

    The battery gauge if functional but the signal gauge is fake and completely useless.

    I'm not sure if my version is different but it came with a 4gb card and the left shoulder button changes it from low to high mode and the trim switch on the left of the throttle stick controls the camera.

    The camera is also pretty decent if bright light. It is completely useless in low light conditions.

  19. Det 9 people who disliked this video were his ugly neighbours.

  20. most lipos need a good charger indeed, but the x5c-1 just has a 1s lipo and for that a usb charger is fine
    and always turn on the transmitter first.

  21. on that newfrog site it says x5c not x5c-1, is it really the x5c-1 version?

  22. fantastisk video. Very informative and helpful. I received an X5C-1 for my B-day and we've had so much fun with it!

  23. Anyone knows if two Syma X5C-1 can fly simultaneously, each with its own remote? I know that one transmitter can run two of them simultaneously, but that is not what I care for. I want to know if me and a friend can race them side-by-side.

  24. If you want a next level quad try a Cheerson cx-20, with loads of extra's, GPS, Auto level hold, Auto position hold, Return to home. $250 plus shipping

  25. a great and inexpensive quadcopter. Forresten: you can also add a WIDE-ANGLE LENS to the camera. videorecording will be smoother and you`ll see more 😉

  26. The mainreason why the video quality is that bad, is that you can't fly like that, if you want a acceptable video recording. Don't you realize that… ????

  27. Hej!

    Kurze Frage: Es ist nicht möglich das Bild live auf der Fernbedienung zu sehen oder? Fliegst du immer nur in Sichtweite oder gibt es einen Modus in dem es automatisch "Home" kommt?

    LG aus dem 17. Bezirk!


  28. ✈ Spy on your neighbor? Otherwise, Meget god!


  29. This seems like a really nice quad. I think this'll be my first 🙂

  30. dejlig video!
    Why does says that it's Syma X5C Explorers but you say Syma X5C-1?

  31. Thank you for the great review, keep on doing the wonderful work. I just purchased mine for 60.00 USD.

  32. Nice video bro! Great pilot as well! luckily no passenger were hurt on those crashes! Lol Keep it up!

  33. Hej! Nice Review!
    Can you please tell me the differences between X5C-1 and X5C?? Maybe camera? batteri? I really can't find much information about it.


  34. Wirst du mal ne DJI Phantom kaufen?

    Are you ever going to buy a DJI Phantom?

  35. I know this comment might be irrelevant to the video but what were those items in the left corner in the beginning, I couldn't help notice one of them said "Second screen for your phone"

  36. test some fpv quadcopters

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