ANMELDELSE: Flying Gadgets X-Cam Quadcopter

Get yours from Amazon: We take the X-Cam Quadcopter from Flying Devices for a spin. For the total overview, go to


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  1. Does anyone know how u can check the footage out on it after flying

  2. Can it be bound/flown with another (korrekt) senderen?

  3. I Bought 1 of these for Me and my 2Boys (Mainly Me Ahaha) @Xmas to Introduce Us/Me to the world of drones (We've only ever had Both Indoor n Outdoor Lil Copters before now) and decided to take it out the box and have a look today and charge the battery for the 1st time!! After Watching Your Review Video I'm Really Looking Forward To Trying My Own X-Cam Quadcopter/Drone Out!! I might have to hold-off a day or 2 thou as its Currently Snowing On n Off with Blizarrd n High-Wind Type Weather here in the East Midlands of the UK!! And im not sure how she'd hold up to Sub-Temps lol!! And deffo couldnt fly it in the wind cor its sooo light cor made from fully plastic!! Even still am looking forward to flying it soon!!

  4. I've just got mine today and it's so weird and hard to fly

  5. 2GB SD Card?? Mine says 512mb on the back of it xD

  6. Is it possible to view the footage on your iPhone using an adapter for the sd card??

  7. if one takes of camera,guards,,landingear and watch the yaw rate

    mental or what

  8. found out the reason whyaerial in copter was laid on boardso small hole and out in air. controller also free up aerialoutside ofjob doneeasy control and oknever going to fantastic for money but now fun

  9. absolute rubbishflimsy no fly .destroy moral plastic gadget. not worth pence.
    don't buy one.

  10. i regreted that i bought this

  11. can u tell me how to put the battery back in
    pulled it out to charge , can't seem to work out how to get the battery back in

  12. My brother lost his how do you find it

  13. What type of battery does the drone have?

  14. i got one today and just wondering when youre charging it to you switch the drone on or off

  15. thought it was supposed to have a hd camera

  16. Just won one of these bad boys at an arcade for 10'000 tickets 😀 your review helps me know that it was worth it and can't wait to fly it!

  17. They say that it has "High Power Brush-less Motors" in their advertisements. This has to be disingenuous.

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