A new iflight alpha is in the house. This is the a65 we had last week on the channel, the a85 hd version with full blown dji and all that gear on there. If you want to go dji version or you want to go the analog version, i think they make two versions of this one, but this one is sub 100 with an xm plus one. Here it is mounted in the very bottom. We have an f4 sussex flight controller, with five amp esc's running out to some zero eight zero, two motors and those are twenty 22 000 kbs they're super hopped up on the high end of the throttle, but still giving you about a two and a half minute To a three minute flight time, if you are new and you're just cruising along flying in stability mode, you might even be able to get a little bit more time out of this quad. Now the wind tolerance of this one would probably be up to about 10 til 12 miles per hour outside then you're really going to start feeling it it's start start feeling like a hurricane. The the canopy itself looks to be extremely tough. I don't think you're going to break this canopy, because this little guy is super super light sub 50 gram, little quad with a 1s battery the batteries aren't included on this, so that's kind of a bummer, but one s 300 milliamp battery is what i'm using.

This is my battery of choice right here i like the beta fpv batteries. You can also try out some gnbs and i'll put some links down below to some 1s batteries for the new guys. We also have hq actually really good. Looking little hq 31 millimeter props on this, as well with around a one millimeter shaft, so we'll make sure we get the right link down below for prop orders. I have my xm plus antennas coming out the top right here, my dipole in the back and we're pumping up to 50 milliwatt on this little guy, så 65 millimeter whoop with 50 milliwatt vtx on there that's, actually pretty good, because a lot of times on these Smaller ones we get a 25 milliwatt and that's it we're stuck to it. Then we have to upgrade to something like an akk nano or something like that, but on the bottom we also have plug and play motors as well for the new guys. If you blow out one of these motors, not a big deal, because you have a little plug on the bottom and you just plug in a new motor and off you go so that's kind of nice. We have usb access on the very bottom of the quad. As well for betaflight, you have full blown betaflight on here. Full blown osd and also signal link quality, which is nice you'll, see that warning at the bottom of the screen. When we do the flight test, so let's go ahead and charge up some batteries i'm.

Going to use my six in one eachine charger right here: this does hv batteries and it supports regular lipo. It has a display and you can power it off the 3s 2200 with the xt60 link right here or you can power it with a 4s 1300. So most of us have 4s 1300s laying around, og det er dejligt, because if you want to charge up those bt 2.0 connectors on the beta fpv batteries, du kan gøre det så godt. So either or ph 2.0 is what this little guy comes with and it will charge all of those. So six up, you can fly this little quad and keep the batteries coming and you can pretty much keep flying all day. Long now, let's go ahead outside let's. Do a flight test with this and i'll come back in and i'll give you my final opinion on the a65. Here we go guys let's. Gør det? Okay, let's go ahead and do the flight test with the a65 let's, get it up in the air and we're gon na start out with some just general flying instability mode if you're a beginner. This is the mode you can start out with, and you can really learn how to fly fpv with an a65 honestly, i kind of wish there had been a quad like this five years ago, that came out that was such high end components on something so small. We had a lot of issues with uh quality control.

Five years six years ago, with tiny whoops, we had stuff burning out all the time we were using brushed motors, which also would burn up much quicker than something like a brushless motor. So now we have way more power with the zero eight zero two motors they're pretty wild. If you want to do some sort of a minimal freestyle, you can kind of do that practice, this quad as an acro trainer, but where i think the most fun flying something this size around 65 millimeter is just finding those fast and straight lines around your property Kind of getting to know the area that you're flying in and the more you fly, your area, the faster you'll, be able to take these lines, and sometimes you have stuff reach out and grab you like. Those little leaves, men lige her, i'm able to make some really tight proximity kind of bouncing around there on the curb which is totally okay, because this thing is so light. You'Re, probably not going to break the frame now we're going to do the around the house test and right about half waves where i just totally lost it and there was no recovery there. I had to go in the back of the house and get it, but once i got it back out, i was back on that same battery and we're just gon na fly this one until you know, until the very end of this battery and right now, i'm.

Looking at two and a half minutes or three minutes flight time, if i'm really pushing my batteries, so you guys are going to be flying not doing quite as crazy stuff as i'm doing right here, but it had a decent range on it. The xm plus never fail safe for the receiver and right now, i'm playing an acro and look at the difference. In the speed i mean we're really able to get some serious speed at this little 65 millimeter whoop and again. This is nice because it's so quiet that your neighbors don't even really notice that you're flying it guy was working across the street in his yard and he never even turned his head now: i'm back in stability mode, but we're going to try flip in acro. Now that is not stability mode, but look how fast the roll rate is and check that out, boom that's really fast. So when it comes back around too no almost almost an over rotation. But again i have tons of control with this quad and the tune feels really good on here. So it feels like the team at ifly really worked on the tune to get you guys, something that would fly good outdoors and sometimes they fly great indoors and you take it outside with a little bit of wind and they fly terrible. So i don't have any problems with the tune on here. If you have a really bad tune, you'll notice that your quad just keeps washing out and what i mean by washout it's like the quad's going to tumble and do a lot of tumbling.

So i only got the quad to tumble one time during all of that, so now let's go indoors and let's try a little bit of indoor flying with it and we'll just see what kind of quick lines i can get going here with this quad and the Biggest thing about indoors a lot of time, i just try to have fun with it and slow it down a little bit and let's see how far across the house i can make it all the way back to utility room back here and back through the kitchen. Intet problem – and you know i'm standing outside right now, so this is pretty good reception on 25.. This is some breakup that can be expected and not quite making it through that chair, but i got ta go around let's. Try it again guys if you don't make it the first time you always want to try to make it through one more time there we go and we're gon na go under the coffee table this time and out a really small gap really nice. So this quad has a super small profile and you can take super super small gaps. You wouldn't believe that this quad can make back under the van. I didn't hit the van one time today with this quad, because it's so tiny that's, the greatest thing about 65 millimeter frames. They are unbelievably small and the smaller quad is the more chances i'll take with it.

Even going under the prius out here, sitting on the curb, the prius is super low to the ground, and if you can make it under the prius, you can just about make it under anything. It'S like a mouse going under a door made it through. Det var fantastisk, so a lot of fun to fly this one there's a lot of room to grow with this one. I feel like this one could be beginner to expert, so one of my friends would have a lot of fun with this one whoop season. Slowly, coming up and whoop season is usually the fall and and winter time, but this one's going to be a hundred percent two thumbs up so far in this flight review, because i just really enjoy the way it feels on the sticks, the way it flies acro And it took some hits and there's not even close to a crack on this frame, so super durable frame too flies good and really durable and it's. A reliable, quad let's go back in all right, guys welcome back from the flight test, so i have a good feeling about this quad. I i feel like, if you guys get this one, that you will enjoy it and it'll be a quad that you probably don't, have problems with or break very often, mainly because the canopy on this one is a little more durable than what i've seen on 65. Millimeter quads in the past, it does make it just a few grams heavier since they kind of beefed it up and pushed it off the back right here, so we're, looking at a quad that weighs around 24 grams for a 65 millimeter whoop generally, when i do A custom build or something like thati usually get it down to about 20 grams total takeoff weight, but with the battery it's going to push you up close to 30 grams with a 1s 300 milliampere, so not bad.

I like the fact that, with a converter like this again, you can fly either the bt 2.0 connector style batteries or you can fly the the ph 2.0. So a lot of diversity. With your battery setup and again, i have to recommend that that eachine, six and one charger that's my go to charger for all of my 1s gear, especially since i can charge out in the field or on the go that makes it really nice. Nu, as far as flight characteristics go, we have a quad that in stabilized mode, is really nice and solid on the tune. I don't see any vibrations in the camera. The tune on here on the sussex, F4, 5 forstærker esc. All in one flight controller is is doing extremely well, it is really nice and the camera i feel like i feel, like the camera quality, could be a little bit better, but it was a little bit overcast outside today, so it's, looking like it's going to rain, Jeg tror, on a regular sunny day, this would be fun and indoors where there's a light on it, actually look pretty good inside the house. So i think the camera is probably medium on par with it's, not a high end camera, but it's not a low end. Camera either so yeah you have somewhere in the middle. With this camera, now the vtx itself. I tried to go around the house, but i was only in 25 and normally i've made it around the house.

So maybe my dipole wasn't sticking up high enough, but it did fail around the house test. So one thing to think about there: you'll need to crank it up to 50 to be able to make it around your house pretty much, probably anywhere you live, but the xm plus also didn't fail me that held up pretty well and if i hadn't lost video. I probably would have been able to just squeeze around the house on 50, so it is nice that you do have that option with this quad, so it flies good, it's, durable, it's, a lightweight design, and it has an extra beefy canopy on here. The only thing i'd like to see a little bit better on this one would be maybe the camera quality, but i really really like the hq 31 millimeter props here. These are super super nice and it looks like they have it set up to props out configuration on here. So that means that the right rear is going to be. Turning to the left and motor number two to the right motor number three to the right motor number four is going to be to the left. So you can check that out in betaflight to make sure that your props are spinning the right direction, but about five minutes setup time in beta flight, and i was often flying this little quad. So i mean for around a hundred dollars this little guy is a lot of fun, so you can check this one out in the link below and i'll also put my top five favorite boots for 2020 down there as well.

So you guys can just go. Look at different quads and compare to the a65, but this one was a lot of fun and i appreciate i flight for it sending this one out to me. I have a lot of new awesome reviews coming out this week, for you guys so stay tuned for some more. If goodness and other quads coming your way on the channel, guys i'm justin davis be well stay.