This is like legal, pure cocaine right here, 250 gram, with a 4s 851 here right on the money Racer X, knocked it out of the park with this one. This is the one quad this year, one of the quads this year that you want to buy and have in your hangar this I can't even explain how fun this quad is. I have not let anybody else fly this yet, but this is gon na be my coveted quad this year because it flies enormous ly, enormous ly good and I did an FAA video a while back it was called save the Hobby. You can go and check that out. Put your comment on the FAA thing down below. It is coming up pretty soon, so you have to get your comments in for them to realize that our hobby is not a threat to national security or even the drone delivery system. It'S ridiculous. Most of us fly in a parking lot and no bigger than a parking lot or barely above the trees. So I'm, rarely ever at a hundred feet. Even so, FPV it's, not a crime, and this one. What you're looking at here is the definite future of fpv you'll be watching this video years from now, and this might be the start of the sub 250g 5 inch class 2 ET 5 it's awesome 2 thumbs up four thumbs up six thumbs up racer x, hands Down you know, prayers and and emojis out to him.

So Brian, you did an awesome job on this. jeg elsker det. The twig XL also knocked it out of the park on my channel, and this is just a whole nother level. These are probably sold out. We probably won't be able to get one of these for quite a while, because so many people are buying them, but coming up in the flight test, you're gon na see why so many people love them and the fact that they can win races and they're under 250 gram, if you want to go well under 250 gram, you can run a 4s 650 on here and that'll, put it around 225 gram, but right on the money for s 850. 250 g. This is the future and again it's like legal cocaine, because it is crazy fun to I love this quad let's go ahead and do the flight test and then we'll talk about quad itself and the spec check and we'll do the final thoughts. Som altid. There we go with the et 5 crazy let's go Music, Musik, Musik, Musik, Musik, Musik, Du, Musik, Musik, Musik Bifald, Musik Bifald, Musik Bifald, Musik Bifald, Musik, Bifald, Musik, and there is what's left of my frame kit package, racer x85 frame kit. I think it's around 36 dollars guys if you want to get one and build your own. I got ta say thanks to Bryan for sending me all these stickers, the entire Racer X collection, and I got to mention that they won a speed test for the fastest drone in the world.

One hundred and sixty three point five miles per hour: there's their picture with their plaque from the Guinness Book of World Record it's. Pretty awesome got to mention that, for those guysand here is the e t5 also seems to be breaking another record out there. We'Ve we've done it before we've had a five inch under 250 G, but this one is really really fast and I'm, not even sure that this one's not too much slower than 150 miles an hour it's just so fast, but it's also really nice. To look at on the bench, I love this sort of carbon overlay that they have going on all the TPU trimmings on the end of the motors there, the front bracing support so when you're building yours make sure that's in the front. We have a wheelbase of 200 millimeters on this frame, også, which is fairly larger than I would expect, but we also have that unibody bottom plate, four millimeters they're low profile design all the way around top to bottom, and we have the cat X kangaroo camera inside This TPU amount actually multi layer, TP mount really nice through RC 5.8 antenna in the back. That was my choice and the nameless RC 400 milli watt, Nano VTX, which is nice and in the back we have beta F PDF for 20 amp toothpick fly control where the full size buzzer there sticking out the side for my build, and we also have my Antenna sticking out the side for my XM plus I've got those tiny LEDs in between my motors and ESC s and the new HQ five inch by blade props.

If I can find those, I will put those down below, but you'll see the full build list down below if you want to build one of these super thin cord and tapered at the tip beta fpv, 1505 3600 kv motorer. These are the secret sauce to this particular build low profile, but really powerful. Four bolts on the bottom, through that TPU mount through the carbon frame and a sod mount battery, which is great and the XT 30, var 2 choice for the connector on this one, which is interesting in my best battery was the 4 s 650 guys and the 850 for up to 8 minutter flyvetid, which is crazy, let's go ahead and put it on the scale without the battery and see what we get 152 gram, ikke dårligt på alle. With those super narrow, props and we're gon na put the 4 s 650 på der. Overraskende, lightweight 228 gram, guys let's go that's, freakin awesome and that one's getting me around 6 minutes flight time to thumbs up for that 250 g right on the money for the 850, so I mean let's just give them two thumbs up for the design they win. Design board this year for pretty much everything that's on this quad, I love the frame design itself. I think that the the skin that they put on the top and the bottom is really nice. The overall aesthetic of the frame is nice, Men, most importantly, it flies like a maniac and it's durable with that TPU top plate.

Også, the TPU trimming on the outside for the motor edges is really nice and we have bracing all the way around front and back again, those motor bumpers, leaning outside they protected my motors quite well in a couple crashes, and they also have a taller canopy that You can get from them which will accommodate your cat x vista. Ja, you can add DJI on this one as well. It will be tough to get it under 250 gram, but what you might have to do is use a smaller battery to achieve that that's. What you're trying to do for the cat X, bill, it's gon na, have a little bit more weight than just using your standard. Nameless 400 milli watt, VTX that's, a super tiny VTX around 2 gram. I believe so very tiny, and I got that one down below. As well very nice 4 in a memo, I can't believe it's big, as my thumbnail basically but let's talk about some final thoughts about the et 5 Extra Terrestrial 5 er, I want to say it is my favorite 5 inch quad so far this year, we're only In February it's kind of amazing, but here we are we're in the future with this oneand this is the one that everyone should own this year, this one is hands down two thumbs up four thumbs up six thumbs up: seven, eight, nine ten: this is the One you want this year if you're going to be flying something under 250g with a five inch frame.