JJPRO X5 EPIK GPS Camera DroneOne of The Best!

This can be a very usable drone at a pleasant value. Good flight time, good flight vary, good digicam. Excellent for anybody who desires their first drone, however desires one thing higher than a toy drone however not as costly as a DJI drone. Yow will discover out extra about this product right here:
Gemme $40 Kupon:ZZJWQ

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KAMERA: GoPro Hero 6: https://Amzn.to/2H01Mvk
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Belysning: FalconEyes så-40TD: https://Amzn.to/2N9pp7J

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  1. dejlig gennemgang! Price now at Gear Best
    $129 med 2 batterier!! And totally bugs5 compatible… Batterier, motorer, and can even use the bugs 5 phone app on the EPIC! This makes pricing competitive! I love my EPIC now… Min fejl 5 is ok, but the Epic just is classier and I think the 5g works a tad better! Alligevel, great beginner and for experienced pilotsMany ways to mod the 5g for distance, near total darkness camera with a .00001 lux, can lift pretty heavy objects and fishing mods are wicked! I even had 3 cameras going (2 velcroed GoPro clones pointing different angles)… So much to do! But it for the price point!

  2. dejlig video. Do you know what the max altitude of the drone is?

  3. A friend to me asked me to buy a drone as christmas gift to his daugther so i bought this. Vinter here in sweden but im longing to try this when spring comes

  4. Hej, what is the meaning of the GPS button?

  5. On sale on Gearbest only 119.99 $ hurry up guys !!!!

  6. tak skal du have, got one yesterday and watching plenty of videos before I fly it.

  7. Hej. one more time thank you for all yours very good videos 😉
    in follow me mode , if you go up hill, does the drone follow in altitude too?

    tak skal du have.

  8. Can you help me which phone i can connect to the camera of this drone?

  9. jeg kan lide det. Very interesting for the price.

  10. One of my motors quit on me,,,does it have separate esc” for each motor or does it have just one main board controlling the all motors….

  11. Can you install quarts to this drone so the blades won’t hit something and crash as I will be learning how to fly . I ordered one from a site looks like I have to wait for a while to get it , paid for it $148.00 two batteries included it was $142.00 plus a few Dollars shipping as Chinese are cheap in millions of years they will not learn how to run businesses like our sharks in great America .i ordered the Quadra for $9.99 from Amazon hope they will work . I keep watching you trying to be ready when I get it so I can go to the lake and fly it because I am not sure where I can fly it . I don’t want to fly it in a restricted zone and get arrested so I will start searching where to go .

  12. #like525 I'm thinking about the XK X 800. the X 5 looks great. For me it's nessaserry to have GPS on a machine with that much power and range. Great camera.


  14. Hej! I really liked your video and motive to acquire the drone but I have a doubt.
    What is the flight altitude and flight distance you have? How much you could raise (your maximum) and how much you could get away from you (your maximum) tak skal du have! Greetings and hopefully solve my doubt.

  15. Just unboxed my new JJRC X5 EPIK drone from GearBest. After powering up the drone, I used the gimbal button to adjust the camera up and down. After the camera adjusted down, IT IS STUCK! The motor just hums if I attempt to adjust it. I am returning this defective product.

  16. Hej!, in your video when you put the battery on the camera will move right? But why me is not moving when I put the battery on?

  17. Hey if anyone could give me their opinion I’d appreciate it. How does this drone (or bugs 5w) compare to the more expensive HOLY STONE Hs700? I’m going to be coming from a bugs 3 which I love but I now want something with more features and a gps. I also was looking at maybe the Bugs 3 Pro. Just some input between this “JJPRO 5x , bugs 3 pro, bugs 5w (which I realize is about the same thing as 5x) and the Holy stone HS700” thanks a lot in advance.

  18. AT 7:36 you close the tk WITH THE GPS ON NOT OFF? correct? because if the gps its off the drone never come back……. jeg tror,,,,,,,,,

  19. Balance the props on this guy if you get vibration. Mine were worse than on a bayangtoys x16. Once balanced this girl is even nicer. Awesome bird, I am super glad I got it.

  20. Hey CD, when you have these sunglases on, you looks similar to Horatio Caine:)

  21. what would be your preface the epik x5 or visuo xs812. i believe there is a $100 difference and you get brushless and electronic camera. Is it worth the extra money.

  22. I have just got one of these and for me it's best in class, I've already got some great photos from it. The fact you can alter the camera angle is a game changer for me as I love Birds Eye Views.

  23. Hej , Fælles landbrugspolitik , Et spørgsmål . What SD card are you using ? On the Epik X5 Camera . Tak .

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