Introducing Bill The Drone Reviewer

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  1. If you decide to purchase a DJI Mavic Air you can support my channel by using this linkhttp://click.dji.com/AHigMeDN44tBqZOUaT0NVg?ipm=link&as=0001. And be sure to subscribe.

  2. Hello and nice to meet u , I'm about to get my first dji spark
    Well it's an upgrade to my drones I have now so I'm very exited .. cheers to this new awesome year

  3. Nice video kammerat. Subbed. Check out my channel for some drone videos.

  4. Hej Bill, I liked what you said in your channel trailer and it inspired me to press the big red button and also ring the bell for future videos.

  5. Cool Drone channel. Liked and subbed!

  6. #3,165.hi new friend.very nice video.hope u back to aub.thanks nice to your nice channel.

  7. I know famous guy! How exciting! Really well done channel sir!

  8. Hey Bill I Just seen you on Ken Harons channel and just subbed! I like the no fluff lol 😂

  9. Hej Bill. I know u. Lol Autel XStar as been discontinued now. And no date on release of Evo as of now

  10. hi bill heard about you though Kelly from ready set drone. I hit the like and sub button brother. oh and the notification too. thanks and looking forward to your new channel.best of luck and can't wait to enjoy your videos.cheers and happy flying.

  11. Hey Bill. Welcome to the club! I look forward to learning from you.

  12. Hej Bill, nice to meet you and welcome to YouTube. I think there's a real need for expertise knowledge and you certainly seem incredibly qualified. I look forward to your content and am eager to learn. Best of luckit's a long road ahead (trust me I know) but there's a real void for what you're offering. Look forward to it!

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