So this is the awake ravik three and it is an electric surfboard, its absolutely nuts. It goes up to 35 miles i timen, zero to 30 miles per hour in four seconds, and youll get about 50 minutes of ride time. So uh its basically like a boosted board on water is kind of how i would put it except you have these bindings and you have not just a small. You have a giant giant battery that weighs like 50 Pounds. This thing is huge, uh yeah. This is where the bulk of the weight for the board comes in. You have this key to turn on uh the surfboard, and you would attach this to yourself. So in case you fall off which we will most likely see quite a lot of um itll, pull that off and itll turn the board off right away. So it doesnt just go torpedoing 35 miles per hour into the shore or something like that and then the battery powers, the motor which powers this propeller like thing in here, literally just spins, really fast to make you go forwards and the way you control this thing Is this hand controller, so you literally have this thumb throttle to make it go forwards, and then you have a little screen here which will tell you your speed and thats. Dybest set, it you guys ready to try it out simple, but fast, enkel, fast and youll see its its pretty crazy. Should i just put the full throttle on right away: Åh ja, yeah extreme mode.

There are different modes, so you can start in like the beginner modes, but were probably just going to start with the extreme mode and uh full throttle tyler. Are you scared? I think i just peed a little. Oh no shout out to chris out for the wetsuit its a little cold. This will help its tight. Am i doing this right? Its like a suction cup ive been born again. Oh, this things tight, i dont, think were able to get in if its tight on him im all tangled right there. You go now youre better now its time to ride Music. Oh im, toast you guys wan na try tyler, i guess its our turn. Now matty. You got ta teach us, du fik, ta teach us how to do this. Its a little bit. Unfair ive rode this a few times already now, but this will be the first time that tyler ride it. So i just did the dock start. You can also do like a start from here where you just put one foot in and then you hold on to here and then gas it and then put your foot in. But i think you guys need to learn like the the basic way because we fall which, because you will find were im basically yeah exactly that plus you will fall so youll have to learn to do this. So what i do i dont know awake. Hopefully this is the right way.

I put my hand on this front, strap right here and then you have your throttle hand, obviously so throttle hand on the strap and then you just lie down, and then you want to apply a good amount of acceleration, so it actually like it doesnt feel like Its crazy squirrely boogie boarding boogie, ligesom dig, have a wave behind you once you have that wave then stand up, and i think i think i usually put the back foot in first and im, holding onto this front still and then yeah and then put it in The front this just might be a boogie board for me, jeg tror, have you been working on your flexibility? That sounds very flexible. I did some yoga this morning, so it might be all right. Okay, so ill demonstrate, hopefully Music with these. I feel like that seems harder than the duck start. It probably is yeah were gon na have to get back on somehow, so all right can i get your wetsuit easy as that lets go. I might not look as ninja like like you in that wetsuit make everybody look. Slim, oh does it. It is black. I guess theres a reason why they dont make white wetsuits chris youre way too fit these days. So are you ready? This is what i paid tyler for to zip up im gon na wedgie them. This is like the ace ventura moment where it comes through the rhinoceros im scared time to ride.

You got this easy see you on the other side, shes doing it, Music just ate it, but he got up that was riding yes, so sweet Music, it looked graceful until i flipped upside down Laughter, oh you did it. I was nervous at first. This could be another quick skating experience another failed day. Oh, that was good no fails. Today you were riding like a champ pressures on got the heel and the toe got a little curve. Put my hand in the water. Awake is kind of like the boosted of electric surfboards, the highest quality top of the line, but the question is: what is it really like riding it? I got ta say its pretty incredible. The amount of power and control, and just like agility that you have with this board, makes it really fun to ride around its actually so fast that i dont even feel comfortable, going full throttle for longer periods of time. So its got way more speed than youre gon na need, and i love how agile it is. You can do really fun turns and carves and even jumps, which were not quite at that skill level. Yet i love that you can do all of that stuff, even though it does weigh quite a bit in total the board and the battery weigh 96 Pounds, which is a lot, and you can definitely feel it as youre riding it. You start the turn and it feels like it takes a little bit for it to kind of catch up with you, and i think that is the weight of the board.

But that is still manageable enough that you can, by yourself disassemble it carry the battery by itself and then carry the board, and so you can actually manage this whole thing by yourself, which i think is pretty important. Now your first ride will feel a little bit crazy and chaotic and a little bit out of control because it doesnt float very well until you give it throttle and thats where it gets a little bit. Tricky this hand. Controller is probably my my biggest uh whats. The downside complaint minor grievance, because this is a thumb throttle. It is harder to keep it steady and when youre getting up, you do want it to be fairly steady. Otherwise, youre going to be kind of you know, slowing down and sinking the front end of the water going too fast and falling back depo had a few of those. So this really is my biggest uh concern with the board. It is something that makes it harder. I think than it needs to be to ride it. I think it needs to be maybe a trigger finger, which is a lot easier to keep stable, especially when youre trying to get up on the board, but as with most things you get used to it and its pretty easy to do now. There are also different riding speeds and profiles, but again you have to use an app on your phone to do that. You cant, do it on the hand controller, which again, i feel like the hand, controller needs a little bit of work.

Its the only thing on the system where i feel like, i think it needs a little bit of fine tuning still and because you do have this crazy, strong motor. There is this fun balance, especially when youre turning between how much throttle you give it and how much youre leaning to get those carves going and at first its a little bit tricky but really quickly. You get used to it and its just a lot. I dont know if im stressing well enough how fun this thing is to ride its just one of those things that every single time i get on it. It just becomes more and more fun its ridiculous and, for mig, one of my favorite things is that its just very low maintenance, theres, no gas theres, no oil changes theres. Ingen, all of that stuff that you usually have to do with something that has a motor in it. You dont have any of that, except for charging the battery and keeping it clean in terms of maintenance and everything you buy in life has a cost to it and stress and maintenance and time. The ravik 3 is very low maintenance. Okay, theres one downside to the maintenanceand that is this batteryis gigantic and because the battery is gigantic, so is the charger the charger oh dont get any water in there. The charger is huge, so youre gon na have to deal with that, but other than that the maintenance is pretty good, its a one stop shop.

So now you might be saying that all sounds incredible. What is the downside? Så? Did you tell them how much it cost yet? No um theres a lot of budget yeah. It was a lot tempo is not getting paid. You might hopefully hes chilling over there whats the downside. Godt, it cost 13 900 right now very expensive, like crazy, expensive. Just for one extra battery, it costs six thousand nine hundred dollars for the standard range and seven thousand nine hundred dollars for the extended range thats an absurd amount of money, and that really is the biggest downside. Even though weve gone forwards, a ton in battery technology, its still very big heavy and expensive, and i feel like once battery technology gets to be a little bit smaller and lighter and cheaper thats. When these things are really gon na take off. But as for now it is a very, very expensive toy, but it is really really fun all right, tyler, i think its uh, your turn. My turn you ready also regarding the price. Does that mean im not getting a raise just getting paid im, not getting a raise sweet, but but we have. We have that so thats, like a promotion right, i get yeah sure yeah lets go, have a good voyage thanks. Bon voyage, oh man, im gon na, do it its just gon na turn into a buggy just to pull on hey thats, fun too: electric boogie board, Music Applause that yeah, like a dolphin in the world, very impressed so impressed you got this Applause Music.

Ja, you did it. Åh ja, elegant drop, elegant, drop elegant distance. How do you feel that was so much fun? Oh, you did it tylers the man. He was like the yogi on there tylers just like handstand. What was Laughter tyler made it through that mission accomplished. Okay, first thought: so what do you think about riding the board? Først, first experience harder than it looks, but incredible freaking sweet am, i allowed to say friggin on that tylers like uh, like a dolphin in the water just and then hes like he was like yoga, posing and then thats incredible with my skills. You know oh yeah im so glad both of you guys got up. Actually i didnt think i honestly didnt think i was. I was like im just going to boogie board this and then i was like wait. A second wait, a second. I think it was in you, it wasnt you yeah im a surfer, thats thats, all that there is Music Music. I got ta say the way. Graphic 3 is ridiculously fun way more fun than i expected. Ive always wanted to ride. One of these man guys well done on this well done.