I like im going on a trip. My first trip without the smart controller, its gon na, be shelved. This is the first time im traveling without my smart controller, and i hear two ss on the ears ill. Show you my setup, but right now running late, so lets go Music, so we made it to the hotel, but one slight problem: its night already yeah i havent flown. This is going to be my first flight. Why did i leave the smart controller home? I have a little bit of anxiety because ive grown so used to the smart controller, not just because of the quick, startup and usage, but because it is super, convenient right and so small and compact. Godt, i left it home purposely to see like is this. Is this going to replace my smart controller ill? Do an entire review on this? This is the triple tech tablet, uh the new one, den 8 inch so uh. You know i dont want to talk too much lets just suit up. I got my bags and stuff over here: grab the bag shout out the door and um lets see if i can live without this smart controller, Laughter, Music Laughter, i think i found a spot check this out. I got my lance approval. You got to get lance approval for flying at night 107 thing right in case you dont go get your 107 Lige nu, so you can fly at night. One inch sensor.

We know the smart controller is like pop pop pop youre up in the air. With this setup, i dont have to screw the sticks on because this kind of sticks out beyond the sticks, so it helps to protect the sticks from breaking or anything always leave this mount on. So i dont have to keep taking it on and off, and i took it even a step further and left the cable attached, like just pull up this antenna right here and your cables in there. I dont know if you can see it right, but the cables attach already its permanently there. Ive got the table. The cable tie wrapped over here and this end is the usbc ready for the tablet. The beauty with this tablet is that the battery is so freaking long that, Ærligt, i dont take it off, so i dont even have to power it off. I leave this running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and this battery will last me four days right. So ive been running it for like two days, im at 86 percent still, which is insane so the fact that theres no take off uh power up and power down time, its just ready to go. So all i need to do is pop here, open it up. So the usbc can fit in there with this just turn the adapter to receive the tablet and open it up the bracket a little bit by pressing this button.

Now this tablet here comes. It comes shipped with these straps. So if you keep your straps tight, all you need to do is slip it over the handle right here, lock it in by squeezing it literally just lock it in thats it you can put a lock on it. I have a passcode lock on mine. You dont have to do that with yours, thats up to you, i have um other things than just information that i use to fly plug this cable right in and thats it that really didnt take any time now you have to adjust it. How you want i kind of like it like this for run and gun its pretty nice. I dont feel the weight see. Se. I dont feel the weight right, its not top heavy, because its not mounted up here its kind of nicely balanced halfway. If you wanted balance more, you can always push it down and balance it up. Pæn. It all depends on what youre looking for, but i like to keep my controller a little angled and i still want my screen to be facing me directly. So this kind of suits me perfect. I dont feel the weight and i still have some maneuverability and the beauty with this is i get the full range, the full range thats, the beauty. Why i brought this along with me. This trip, not just because of how i set it up, made it fast and easy, but sometimes you just need that range, especially when youre not sure where youre going and youre just exploring.

You need the best range possible so lets talk. Lets get this thing up in the air, Musik, Laughter, Musik, Laughter, Musik. With your smart controller, you can get maps, but you have to tether to your smartphone with this device right here. This is a smartphone. So if you put your your sim card in here, this becomes your phone or a lot of people have two sim cards, because they have two phones, because you can get a extra phone for free or stuff like that, depending on which carrier you have. So i always had a second number that i did nothing with. I just stuck. The sim card in here came up right away, recognized t mobile and the beauty with that is. I dont have to tether, even though its bigger does take a little bit of setup as long as you take the time to set it up like mine, you can get pretty run and gun with it. I will say this: i dont want to say too much yet only one flight but im not missing my smart controller Music, even on the back side. The complete backside of this uh building, no breakup, none at all and the beauty is this thing: hasnt even missed a beat, not a glitch, not a hop, not a broken. Ikke noget, not a skip, intet! Ikke noget! Just the fidelity as billy kyle would say. Fidelity is what you need in your life and um man. Do you want fidelity? Do you want convenience? Do you want to modify some fidelity to get as convenient as possible? We got options here, guys we got options, look im, not busting the smart controllers balls.

I love the smart control ive been using it forever, but its good to know. We got some options out there. We got some viable options out there, Music im doing a hyperlapse right now right. This screen is like facing me. The antenna is pointing this way. The drone is behind. I could see it behind there through the glass right, but look. I love me some smart controller convenience but im slowly, beginning to realize its, not really that convenient when you got ta be breaking your neck around and you can see it, but through the glass and all of that, its just hard with this, i feel like no Matter what direction im pointed in this thing is just oh, dens, the focusing three in here. You know its its gon na nail it so i dont know i dont know im liking this thing im just saying: Musik, Musik, ive always told myself. I will never fly with a tablet because i dont need the big screen and even though i dont need it boy, åh dreng, it feels good to have it Music, downloading all the footage. Oh wow, its done its downloaded all the footage straight to my tablet. So now i have all the hyperlapses all the photos that i can turn around and share in these groups, and it gets better just unplug. The little end here slip it off the top mount now. I have this in hand ready to edit ready to share on my nice big screen.

Denne ting, doesnt even get hot, and i flew four batteries, so i could shoot over to facebook. There you go its loaded up its even got all the uh, the smiley faces and everything hit post good to go. Everything has been downloaded here, its completely independent of the controller. Speaking of the controller push down the antenna. This here is all nice and neat and tucked away, i showed you before close up the arm and fold it down. That is your fold away position just drop it in your bag. You might need some triple tech in your life. Just saying now, its not all. Sunshines and rainbow in this world, nothing is perfect and this tablet is no exception and one major problem that i bumped across while working the crap out of this thing and youll see theres a lot more things to talk about in my full review good and some Things that need improvement like anything else in this world, but one major thing is the playback: when you load it, it runs choppy. You have to pause, it leave it for a few seconds and then hopefully it will run fast, see its running a lot smoother. Her. I dont know if you can see more about this and then its running choppy again anything with high resolution. This time lapse is 4k. This tablet does not play anything above 1440p. Godt, so if you play anything 4k, it will run choppy, and this is no exception, but theres good news.

If you bring that file into the dji fly app and you use the dji fly app editor, which is built into the dji fly app, then everything will run smooth and it will allow you to edit. So theres no worries in terms of will. I be able to edit on this tablet. Ja, but playback in a 4k time lapse. If youre saving your time lapses. In 4k, its going to play back choppy and, som jeg sagde, any video that you play above 1440p will run choppy now. I dont think this has anything to do with the processor, because the processor in this thing is blitzing fast, xavier from the future. Her, with a quick update, im back in new york, things have settled and i decided to contact triple tech and ask them about this. Not being able to play 4k video heres what they said, the decoder from google play services has issues playing ultra high resolution. We have another, the decoder that we will push as a ota over the air update very soon. So this issue theyre aware of this and its primarily a google play services issue, and this is going to be fixed very soon. Så, if you already have one of these know that the update is coming second thing i do want to mention. I know a lot of you after watching this video are going to hit me up in the comment section and say: where did you get this tablet holder from, and i will obviously leave a link to everything in the description section below but be aware that this Tablet does not fit snug in here.

Ive closed it all the way and still the lip it can slip out very easily. Så, even if youre thinking of hanging it upside down, it wont fall out because its got the strap at the back, but it doesnt fit tightly and neatly in there. So i have a friend whos, coming up with some 3d printed clips to put right here. That will clip over it and hold it in place, but just so you know in case youre interested in picking up this tablet holder, All right, thats it back to the past yeah thats, pretty cool huh, the power of video back to the past, be on the Lookout for my review guys its going to be in depth by the time you watch the review. You will know whether this tablet is for you or not, because i will go into every detail about this thing as best as i cannot only from a point of flying drones because you pay a premium price, you want to do more than just fly drones, at Least, in my opinion and thats, why im deep diving on this thing so make sure you hit subscribe, hit the bell, if you havent already so you get notified when this drops and all the other videos that i have to offer you so make sure you give Me a huge thumbs up for this video. Any questions just become a patreon, its only one dollar and you get access to me in case.

You need additional help or more questions. All my bags and stuff uh leaving the hotel checked out its morning. The sun is blazing up there perfect time to test this triple tech tablet in the bright sun, so were gon na find a spot to fly. Real, quick and uh yeah lets do this. Okay, back at the same spot, i was last night. Første ting. Først, we got to get approval right and i did a video on authorization line and the whole explanation and everything for the ear 2s, and that applies for any other drone, not just the ear 2s, so check that link up there. You can do this as a 107 or hobbyist, because youre flying in the day flying in the night like last night. Technically, you can only get lance approval if youre 107, undskyld, but it is what it is just go, get the 107 done a green submit. I had to charge all four air 2s batteries. I had to charge the pocket too that youre looking at me on right now how to charge the cordless mic for the pocket too. That youre listening to me on right now so thats a lot of chargers that i had to travel and walk with and thats. Hvorfor? I really enjoy the battery life the insane battery life on this thing, because i didnt have to charge it and just having that one less thing to charge is a huge time. Saver lets get this up in the air and then the sun is like hitting me in my face right, see: im taking sun for you guys all right and its just beaming me in my face.

I can put this directly into the sun and see clearly so im up here in the air i didnt put on an nd filter, because i wanted to do. I did a hyperlapse last night. You guys saw so i kind of want to just execute the same. Hyperlapse so lets not waste battery. Can you see its booking it its doing its thing? Musik? Musik? Now this processor did not glitch. It did not miss a beat, no lagging no signal issues, nothing and im at a different location as to where i was flying last night in terms of takeoff and landing so im a little further away. Accuracy was great on the hyperlapse, so no complaints here at all another thing worth mentioning im just flying the dji drones. You can fly any drone that has an application, basically for android with this tablet, because this is running android 10 compared to the smart controller. Thats running an old android 7.. This is running something newer im going to do a full review on this tablet completely on all its specs and features and capabilities, so make sure you hit subscribe, make sure you hit the bell, so you get notified when that video drops and that way you know Whether this is a worthy investment for you or not, so the suns beating me out here make sure you give me a big huge thumbs up and um. I will catch you guys whenever i can make sure you become a patreon guys, big benefits to patreon get direct access to me.