Today'S review is the anger 85x from g lang. Musik. All right guys welcome back from that quick little flying montage we're, going to jump right into this, because i want you to see how this quad flies and that's. You know the whole point of a review and the 85 x it's, absolutely a cinewoop. Så, if you're looking for something that can fly up to 3s and go out there and really rip around we're gon na have some fun with this one, and i got ta say the the power system is quite nice, the the 1202 motors on here they are Gold and looking pretty good with the tri blade props the xt 30 on there and everything ready to go, and we have a newly designed canopy, which we're also going to talk about the way it's mounted down to the flight controller. And the stack here is completely different than before, so let's go ahead and jump right into the flying part of the review after that we'll come back, we'll check it out on the bench and i'll give you my opinion about g lang's newest release. Her går vi Musik, Musik, Musik, Musik, okay fyre! Her går vi. You know i feel like i got one of these a while back and i've had so many quads on my channel. I kind of have quad ninja it's, just crazy because um, you know when you fly a new quad every day. Time flies and a year goes by uh.

But here i am with the anger x and it feels kind of like deja vu. I think the original one i did was probably the anger. 85X, the non hd version a while back but i'm, not even sure. If i got through that review, because i feel like i had, they had sent me a dud and this company was like just getting started sometime a couple years ago, i guess now, but g lange has been trying really hard to get out some good releases. For you guys and the anger series it, Jeg ved, it immediately invokes visions of you just really ripping it, because it's called an anger right. You would expect that it would be some kind of wild and crazy machine, but actually this machine is super super smooth, it's, not real crazy. It can fly faster on on a 3s battery. You can put something like a 3s 450 på der. I'Ve been testing out these hdrc 450 batterier. These are the kratos series batteries. If i can get that to focus right on there, for jer, um kratos batteries. They have been out for a little while now, but they're not swelling up on me, which is great because i do push the throttle quite a bit in these videos andand i do try to do some freestyle for you guys so um. This one is a 75 c rated battery and it is doing quite well um. This will get you around four and a half minutes if you want to get a longer flight time with the 85x i've had some guys recently asked me about flight times on quads.

So i'm going to try to do that in this review. Um i was using this omp 3s battery and i was getting an upwards of six and a half minutes on this just on a cruise. So if you want to get the most flight time out of the 85 x and you've already bought one of these grab yourself, a couple of these batteries i'll try to put some links down below for these because so far i've been flying that omp heli the M2, with this battery and other quadcopters and look at this it's still completely flat, has not frozen like started to swell up at all. It'S not ballooning on me and the battery sag is is not happening, hvilket er godt. Some of my other batteries out there i've had to stop using recently because they're swelling up a little bit they're starting to puff and when they start to puff up a little bit, they end up sagging out and that's, Ikke godt, so the power system on here It is run by the f4 maytec f411 flight controller it's an aio flight controller, but it has a separate vtx on here and the vtx is like 200 milliwatts that's, actually pretty good. It also has smart audio on board and running 5 amp eses on here i'm. Not sure how they can run a 3s battery on there, but you can also run a 2s battery on there up to about a 650 milliamp.

If you run 850 on this little quad, it's 85 millimeter from motor to motor it'sprobably going to be a little bit too heavy for you. So if you're thinking about buying this one don't buy the 850 milliamp batteries, it's gon na feel like it's kind of flying like a pig, if you're, maybe flying just cinema with it and just cruising you can maybe could get away with an 850. But i really think 850 is reserved for three inch, and this is just a little small for that, but i also like that they have these gold motors on here and the gold motors actually look pretty nice. They are g lang branded and there are 1202 motorer 8700 KV, with jim fan, props and i'll put some links down below to these props, because these are pretty nice props man. These look great and i have to say that i like the way that the canopy's on here i had some pretty good crashes. You can see there's kind of dampened and that's great for your cinema video, because it gives you a nice dampening for that cadex baby turtle. This is the v2 on here. I got tons of tilt too. So if you guys want to fly a little slower and hit some gaps, i always recommend lowering the camera angle just bring your camera angle down to about here, and you can really slow the quad down a lot and make some of those tree.

Canopy exploration, type flights, which i love to do we've got three bolts. Holding that top canopy on there is a cadx controller. I believe i had a cadx controller for changing around the camera on there. If you want to play around with the presets, you can do that. The baby turtle is on the second level up right here, and you can see the micro sd card slot right there. I believe it takes up to a 64 gigabyte micro sd card slot on there, so that's kind of cool and the frame the frame is the same as some of the other g line, quads i've seen in the past. It feels pretty good. I have broken these in the past by the way guys and this one feels like it. Hasn'T really changed much. It does have one two three four five struts on the bottom around so that's pretty good. It also comes with foam bumpers that you can put on here. So if you look really close, you can see the foam bumpers across here and that's nice. You can stick those on and that will save this frame from breaking a little better. Give you a little more bounce so to speak when you hit things but plenty of camera protection as well. I think up here, i've got my dipole antenna coming out the back, and i have an xm plus on here as well under here. So this mount, this quad could get out a mile or more, maybe maybe a mile and a quarter, but without gps on these guys.

You really don't want to fly them out that far, but on 200 milliwatt you can make it out a mile easy, and we also have built in leds back here, hvilket er rart, got my xd30 with my capacitor there, and we got rubber bands for mounting your Battery on the bottom, they just go underneath these two little clips here on both sides and you're good to go, and the xm plus was pretty easy to get to let's. Go ahead and power up the scale guys as well, and let me show you the weight of this little guy well under 250 g that's, what you want: 59 grams that's awesome, so let's go ahead and put the 3s battery on there. 3S, 450 kratos from hdl rc, 103 gram, not bad right. Hvad synes du? 3S, 650, 118 gram, så godt, underneath your faa registration point, so my you know my final. My final thoughts and everything about this quad in particular, is that it is purely a cinema. Whoop, i think 3s can get you some more fun with this quad, but it's not going to necessarily power loop it's not going to loop without having that flight controller freak out at the bottom of the loop. What happens when we power loop with most of this whoop style quads, is that they have a kind of weird center of gravity or center of cg in the middle, and then they have these prop guards which causes a lot of noise and wind resistance to the Flight controller, so it creates a an outside external force that makes the quad freak out and it goes like this and you'll see it.

You know as we're, coming around from a power loop, and that happens all the time with these type of quads, men jeg, jeg tror, it's pretty much classified as a cinema whoop, men uh. If you don't want anything more than that. This is an awesome quad because it came back in one piece, even with me banging the sticks around and this time i didn't break the g line quad so uh it comes with a pretty nice case as well. I think that all of g lang's cases are really nice they're, actually a little bit nicer than the emax class cases. Efter min mening, they fit in there pretty decent nice zipper plenty of room in here for the quad and some extra batteries just stick those both in there. You also get a usb cable and you get a qr code to your operation manual from g lang. That'S, ret cool, as well as your fr sky, bind instructions for the xm plus it's, meget simpelt, fyre, you're, just going to put it in d16 mode and bind it up in the model menu inside your taranis. But the good thing is that this little quad will fly pretty much any receiver out there. It'Ll also do crossfire as well as spectrum it'll do fly sky and it'll bind up to taranis radio. So i'll put some links down to my current favorite radio and pair of goggles right now. Skyzone is just killing it. I'Ve got the new 04xs and man they're awesome i'll, give you guys a little hint for my review coming up.

The first thing i did notice is that the screens are even better than my 030s, which i didn't think would happen. So they keep making improvements on these screens and analog is not dead. Yet you guys um some of you guys purely flying hd these days, but i still have a lot of fun with my analog quads and um they're, just maybe a little bit more accessible for for most people out there and a lot cheaper, so keep flying guys And hopefully you enjoyed this review of the anger: 85x 1080p hd version with the cadx baby turtle v2 on board. It was so cool to fly this one like most of the quads on my channel. I did have a good time with this one and uh best of all. I didn't break it guys thanks again for watching i'm justin davis take care and please do click subscribe and hit the notification bell for when the new videos come out, got four or five videos coming out a week for you guys and uh i'm flying all the Time so rain or shine i'm gon na make it happen on the drone camps.