I know this video is titled um d20 review, but its technically not going to be that be a review. Um im just going to do a giveaway video. A little bit show you inside but im just going to do a giveaway video, because ive already done this once and all the video files got corrupted um i took it out, flew it around and it was fun it was. It was its fun to fly. It flies out, it should fly um, the camera recording quality isnt, the greatest, because youre recording to your mobile device over a wi fi connection, theres, no onboard storage. So your quality is always going to suffer that way. So yeah well open the box up and then well take a look. So in the box we have some cautions about the batteries and we have instructions which are detailed and make perfect sense, which is always important. We have two batteries, which is always good. We have the controller itself that im holding upside down, i think yep, your mobile phone sits in there. You can see good quality feel to it. I should mention i did buy this. This was uh offered to me by a seller on amazon, and they asked me to do a video on it. Um i believe its. It was 40 quid 40 pounds which is about 60 dollars us so yeah youll download an app onto your phone ill put information in the description below the video for you um.

You can move that to whatever angle you want the um gimbal, so yeah thats the drone battery slots in the back. There ill put some information on the screen like battery life and charge time things like that, so two charges and some propellers in there with a screwdriver. You also have propeller guards in the box. Ill show you side there, actually, obviously its nice and snug, when its in there uh see. I mentioned the app ill put all the information in the description below so you can. You know, check down there and have a look so yeah were giving this away. So what were going to do is uh youll need to comment below any random comment. It doesnt matter its just, so i could take the um. Take all the comments. Uh number them all and then put them in random.org and have random.org pick a winner and then ill send it out to you so yeah. I took it out for a fly. Um ive got it all on video, but um like i said, the the files have corrupted so ive lost them. So ive just decided just to do a quick, giveaway, video um. I dont think ive missed anything important, im, not sure yeah, so links information will be in the description yeah, it was fun to fly and it did it flew the way i wanted it to. I apologize for the background noise, though it flew the way i wanted.

It to and yeah it was good fun yeah. It was good fun and yeah good value for money as well, actually good value for money.