Electric bike lets check it out. The psi rusher komoda here is a bit of a hodgepodge of different bike. Styles. If i take a step back and try to give it an overview, id say its mostly a comfort, cruiser type e bike. But then, when i take a closer look, you see all these different styles of e bikes poking through, like first of all, its a full suspension e bike, meaning youve got suspension in the front and rear, which is something you basically never see in a cruiser bicycle. Thats more of mountain bike territory then check out that dual crown front fork. It looks more at home on a motorcycle. The fat tires scream all terrain, though their smaller 20 inch diameter tires, which seems to draw inspiration from the many electric moped style e bikes that are out there. Weve also got led lights and fenders on the bike, which would seem to imply road or commuter use and theres, even an included rack on back something of a nod to the utility e bike world, hell theyre, even folding pedals, even though its not a folding frame. The point is theres a bit of everything here and with a step through frame design, its a bike for everyone as in very accessible and easy to mount, but in true sigh rush or fashion. This isnt just some easy going relaxing ride, sure its comfortable, you dont, get big tires and full suspension frame without comfort, but its also a powerful bike that rear hub motor puts out 750 watts of continuous power with a true peak rating of a thousand watts that Gets the bike up to a top speed of 26 miles an hour or 42 kilometers per hour, so its fast and its powerful, but its also got a pretty big battery too.

At 48, volts and 14 amp hours for 672 watt hours of capacity scirusher says thats good for 25 to 50 miles of range, but ill. Tell you that if youre using lots of throttle like i am expect to get closer to the 25 mile end of that spectrum, the bike is fun to pedal sure, and i like to do a lot of that as well. But when you have this much power beneath you, that throttle is mighty tempting to just ride it around like a motorcycle or a motorcycle that can double as a bit of a dirt bike too, since it loves to ride off road as well as on the road. The big tires are fat enough for a cushy ride, but also small enough, at least in diameter, to keep the bike nice and nimble. The suspension isnt necessarily fancy, but it certainly gets the job done for normal leisure riding like most of us are going to be doing. I wouldnt take this thing down any serious downhill courses, but as a fun ride for nature trails and parks. It hits the spot when it comes to riding on the road. The big tires and suspension will help soak up any potholes or road debris too. The last kicker here is the price which comes in at 2’9 bucks. That seems like a lot at first and it is, but you got ta, keep in mind the class for comparison here. Full suspension, e bikes simply are not cheap, most start at over 2000 bucks right off the bat.

Then, when you add in the nicer parts, like the hydraulic disc, brakes on the front and rear for quick stops, the color lcd screen on the handlebars and even included accessories like the rear, rack and full fenders youre, getting a lot here. Its a powerful and fast e bike that gives you a lot for your money. It also gives you a lot of bike in that its a heavy fella at 74 pounds or 34 kilos. But when youre paying for a lot of bike, you get a lot of bike and at least its well made with a robust weight rating of 330 pounds or 150 kilos. So ultimately, youve got a category. Busting e bike here that combines off road ability with fat, tires and full suspension with a nimble, small diameter wheel, cruiser e bike that is going to fit a wide range of riders thats a lot to fit into one e bike and scirusher manages to do it. Pretty darn! Well, if you ask me thanks for watching everyone, we hope you enjoyed that review of the psi. Rusher komoda electric bike. If you did why dont you give this video a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe, so you wont miss any of our future electric vehicle. Videos well see you here.