Weve had several of you reach out and ask do we like the curtis cab or not so were going to give you some of the pros and cons and what our thoughts are about the curtis cab so stand by and well give you the details. Music, all right were going to start off with uh talking about some of the things that we that drew us to having the curtis cab um. You know, specifically, we kind of like the the style of it, the um. You know its kind of got a little bit of form and shape. You may see how it kind of sticks out a little around the edge that kind of drew us to this uh style cab. There are several cabs im open the doors for them to run. There are several types of cabs out there. I dont want you to think that we did all this research and came to a conclusion that this was the best cab we just liked the way it looked were simple, yeah very simple. We did prefer to have an enclosed cab with her mom just for security. For riding around she preferred to have that uh on there uh for molly and for molly our dog. Yes, so uh there are two types of curtis cabs and what im saying curtis lets get see the thing thats. What were saying curtis cab is the brand uh. We got this at the village. Golf cart store.

They had another type of cab similar to this, that the bottom opens right here, um it slides over yeah. In our opinion, it just didnt feel as sturdy. This felt like it had some sturdiness to it. I guess the other one felt a little thinner um. It is a plastic material, but its fairly thick. Can you open that door? For me, brandon yeah, you can see right there, its its a hard plastic yeah, its fairly thick um, and we have the one that slides notice. It stays fairly close to the cart it doesnt swing out, theres, some that will swing out, yeah theres, two types that they sell or they did in 2019, uh 2020.. We got this so this. Do it one more time, so just suddenly slides back. It only comes out an inch or so in slides there uh theres, another type that swings out when you open the door to kind of show you how it would swing out. It would come out probably about this much, i would say i think its eight inches to a foot yeah. It comes out and swings around yeah. So then it would yeah yeah, but we preferred the slide. So it didnt come out and maybe hit a cart beside us. The latching see how well it shows im, not sure how well you can see that its just a little latch. If i was in there, oh, i can get it get it there so right there.

It just pull and it opens and for closing, usually just get it right there and just pull it shut. You dont have to slam the door for it to shut um. I think what other things to show you before we get into some of oh shopping basket. Um yeah, but thats, not part of the kurdish cap, all right on the uh uh Laughter. Well, clip that part out all right: the uh um. I lost my train of thought now, whats important to me all right now, the primary reason that people get these doors. In my opinion, the reason we got it i guess um is for the ease of closing and opening it. If it rains. You know we get a lot of rain here in rainy season yeah, and we also, i do have some cooler weather this time of year, especially were out for our golf cart rides in the morning, and it can be 50 in the 50s in the morning and Then it warms up to the 70s and to put the sides down the roll down sides that just takes a little more effort. So what were going to do is were going to demonstrate uh how quick these things can go inside, of course, its pretty obvious. How quick it is to open and close these doors. I like this one starts raining just close the door suns back out and were going to do a comparison on our other cart that we have we brought over here and to be fair, were only going to do the sides as if it was the door.

Okay. Now picture, if youre riding down the cart path and it starts to rain its nice to be able to stay inside slide the door closed. This is what you do with the standard card. You ready and go ahead and ill put a little timer up. Oh, so, im being timed all right, ive got some some experience doing this oops and then two buttons all right hit both sides whoa okay, because you dont want your passenger getting wet the driver and thats. True, usually my mom is in the front over there. So we do her first yeah and then i would get in here well theyre, going down the outside just for time close the frowns. I thought it was reality, yeah all right, the time all right, thats, thats thats, how long it takes and youre standing out in the rain getting wet. Now, of course, putting it away, takes even longer so watch this remember to put it away on the other. Cart. You just open the door. All right lets see how long it takes to roll these up. Where are you telling me yep? Go ahead? Okay, no pressure! I know the world is watching. I know, and the timer clock is going now. These sort of have some pre fold marks on most of them. I cheated and used that yeah pre fold mark and its that cart. There is over almost three years old and the uh the fold marks.

We take them down. Quite often the uh, the sides and the the pre folds um stay there pretty well im being neat im trying to go faster all right here we go once you get past the fabric. It does go faster, its just time consuming to do this every time. So, if youre opening and closing a lot thats why people are drawn to the curtis cab or some sort of hard enclosure with a door, am i on the clock, for the other side too, were going to take this one ill, just double it? Its like? We dont have to do that. I can do it. All right were good all right now we talked about some of the uh. You know some of that difference in the time for it or the advantage of having a solid door that you can open and close quickly. Now i want to talk about some of the negatives that weve weve heard and experienced see if i can turn this around. So you can see where were at here, um theres a couple of things im going to demonstrate this. There is a significant blind spot on the curtis cavs, just something to be aware of it. Wasnt a deal breaker for us. We were aware of it um. I highly recommend recommend test driving one of these with the cab on it. If youre looking to get this type of curtis cap now remember everything were talking about is 2020 cart.

They may have changed. It may have modified it, but this this is the way it is on. Our cart and other people have talked about that spot that uh blind spot um, so the blind spot im going to demonstrate in a minute theres. Also, some discussions ive heard out there of hearing some rattles that its a its a rattle sound. We have not experienced not in this one. Ours seems to be pretty quiet, um so ill. Just let you know another reason to test drive one um before you buy. It were not noticing any type of rattle thats coming from it um and the other drawback uh is it. You are a little more enclosed. You dont get the same experience as you do of having a full golf cart, yeah, a full, open. Golf cart like our other one um. So you get get the full wind experience, uh the doors open. You still get plenty of air and uh. You get plenty of circulation in there, but it is a little bit different feel. Okay, all right so were gon na set things up, so we can do the demonstration of the blind spot be right back with you all right for our blind spot demonstration were going to have uh two cameras going. One is on the front windshield. Looking back at us, so you can see what were doing in here and the other one im going to be holding this camera kind of balancing it on a leg.

Hopefully, itll be fairly steady, but this will give you the view that i was talking about the blind spot before we get moving um this. The blind spot is right here. Of course you have the mirror and the mirror is mounted fairly high due to the shape of the the plastic right here. It kind of sticks out thats thats, the main area that they like to put these. So it was pre mounted in that spot and it does cause a little bit of a blind spot right now. Youre, probably not thinking its not too bad um, but as you go on curvy parts of a path, it does get to be an issue yeah. So lets head that direction were going to go down hall guy path and you may notice on this camera thats looking at us theres at times you may see if a cart is coming towards me. Youre going to see me move my head over its just out of habit thats how i compensate to be able to see and weve had this cart long enough its automatic to compensate that way. I find myself doing it all the time at the beginning. You know id look to make sure and now its like, i automatically just do it so im im used to it. I mean i would definitely get one again yeah now right now that card wasnt too bad its when im curving to the left and a cart is coming and hopefully well have some carts come to us in this area or it could be a walker yeah um Could be a lot of things im trying to keep this camera roughly, where my eyes are youre about an inch below where my eyes would be, but i think you will get a very similar view at first well be following people.

Instead of passing people coming at us somebody, somebody would come this direction. This is such a busy street it will it. Would it wouldnt be comical if nobody comes all right. I see somebody coming and then it sees these. So when you turn a little to the left, is here theres be a cart coming and its gon na be in the car. This would be a good example right here. Theres, a car coming towards us yeah and i kind of have to look move my head over to the right to see it. It is directly behind the mirror and i cant see it heres another one um now this one. He stayed in view pretty good because he was coming from a curve to the right. I think youre gon na have a couple more curves up here so and it could be um nobodys coming yet yeah. It can be people yeah and at night um. It makes it even a little more theres somebody yeah yeah right there im turning to the left. I barely could see that part and me holding this. I actually, i probably would not have seen it. I didnt automatically im concentrating on holding the camera, so she told me there was one coming. I probably wouldnt have seen it so if there was somebody that was having a problem coming over to my my lean might not notice it. So i i think that is definitely something to consider um there may be modifications or ways to do that, mirror different uh to help resolve that problem, but um yeah, one more cart coming.

If you do want to go yeah, we wouldnt turn in here. I think we got it. Okay, all right um were gon na stop here, were gon na, go back and switch to the other cart and demonstrate the difference in a standard, cart and youll be to tell us not nearly as much of a blind spot. Okay. Well be back in a minute all right, we switched parts and get this camera in position doing the exact same thing um. Now this is the open, a more standard. Uh cart that you would typically see notice that the mirror on this. These carts are mounted a little bit lower um and the only blind spot is this one bar here i mean you do have to have something to hold the window in so therell be a little bit of a spot all right, so you got the key yep. We had parked this and took the key out, so it didnt get driven away, got it all right ready and were going to do the same path lets hope we run into some cartoon. One ive run into weve had some carts coming towards us, so you can see the difference. I mean you probably already tell its a significantly um wider angle of view all right same path, one by paul guy. They curve to the left and to the right. So um itll be here comes a part coming very similar to last time. Coming up on our left.

You still see it. You know it really never gets lost. In my vision, i dont know how its doing on the camera, if that bar theres about uh one and a half two inches with the look a little bit of fabric, strap there, where the zipper is to hold the uh, the all right come on wheres, the Rest of the cards theres nothing else in sight, thats all right, i will find one, but if you look at the roadway you can kind of get that that field of vision and talk about its interesting too im kind of closing one eye. Looking at the other, the uh by having two eyes its even uh, more of a field of view that i can see so the camera might even make it look a little worse than it actually is on a regular cart. Because your eyes are in two locations and ones looking around each side of the bar a little bit it doesnt seem to be as a biker, hey, you see, he kind of went behind the bar momentarily and here comes. Oh youve got three carts for the end of the ride. Yeah all right. Well, we have a little left hand turn up see these right hand turns it doesnt matter, because theyre right in the center of our field of view, this ones a pro when ones approaching and youre taking a little bit of a left hand, turn is where we Had the uh the blind spot come into play and this only last one will pass all right.

Thats it pull along in the lot here and well go ahead and set this camera down yeah all right, so we uh, i said the blind spots, probably the biggest thing to make sure you check out if thats going to be something that would bother you if Youre interested in doing a curtis cab, highly recommend test drive it first and i was asking brenda as we were between these, these shots. Yeah people have asked. Would we have gotten if we had? One cart were fortunate. We have two, but if we had one cart, would we have put the curtis tab on it or not? For the one cart, so you answer pretty quick on your end. My answer is yes, yes and i initially when i we first got it. I was, i wasnt sure, because i mean its a fairly pricey thing to put on there, but my goodness, as we lived here a little bit and as often as either its cool or its raining ive been sold on the convenience of closing the door. So, yes is my answer. Also, hers was a guest from day. One mind has probably been more of a yes um over there this past year, or so as ive gotten lazier, and not wanting that to deal with putting these sides up and down so anyway, again test it for yourself, dont rely strictly on what were saying were Just trying to give you our experience with the curtis cab all right, i hope you that was helpful.

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