Today we are playing some more apex, legends, of course, and we are here to buy kryptos heirloom and i challenge you to name a better heirloom in the comment section because its an impossible challenge. This is the new greatest heirloom in the game, its a sword, its incredible. I absolutely love it its a bit of a shame, its our legend that i almost never play, but maybe now that i have this, i will want to play crypto more because its unbelievable and whenever there is a new heirloom, i always try my best to use It to kill the last guy, so we do have a bit of a fist fight at the end, so well worth sticking around for so thank you for watching guys. I do appreciate it ill see you all in five and a half seconds, my friends, stick with me. Stick with me. Okay, stick with me! Oh, i already dont like this. Stick with me already, not a fan. Ah, we got this. I think someones lying to me with this by the way im like on this main part, some good stuff here, look im going to left a little bit all right, im going to fight him, adding an extra pair of eyes, a mirror. Look at that. We know where he is nearly cracked on blue. Now he is, he switched to another blue. You hear that, oh yeah, let me get this collated uh. Well, i didnt know hes gon na be popping off extended line level two.

Should you grab that helmet dont care? Neither round one: oh whoa, whoa whoa, whoa whoa, whoa whoa whoa that gold ones got white cracked, oh my just watching theyre, just taking in the show i dont know. If they were, i dont know if they were taking their sights. I feel bad, but i got ta get out of here. Wait i should probably take. Oh. I just left behind a purple, shotgun volte, oh theres, one of that poi yeah yeah, i mean you got ta go back that way. I, like this spot, to be honest with you. I just never land here, yeah, thats kind of weird the new kill leader destroys, kill the other team. Okay, oh my god. I need to jump off the map. Oh really, i dont know this area at all. I dont know about mastiff. If that helps, i can told you, i think, ive got 175 damage on my office, which is actually kind of clean thats kind of big, and this guy had had my uh purple shotgun ball as well. Had three phoenix kids. If you want that one, they killed the other team, i guess they did. I mean i got a few kills from that. I got three: oh nice signaling, my drone. Should we take this yeah. Take the thing pick the thing: okay, its a little its a little scary ive, never taken before. Oh my god, oh no, its its going! That way, thats kind of sketchy! Oh lets, stop in this car lets hop in the whip.

Do you have any? I have two bats were good. I love these things. I have none, but its fine, getting my eyes in the sky was that without you yeah it didnt leave me behind it. Oh can you use it yeah yeah im trying to get some nice b roll shots? Oh okay, lets go. Lets go! Oh my god! Oh my god. Look at this yeah! Look at this! Are you too fast? You better? Be it kicks me out my drone? If we get shot, dont worry keep up. This is sensational youre too fast. Man cruising were just going for a cruise put the car on top of the drone and ill lift you up. Oh its kind of working, no okay. This is im recording my drone hold on ill. Tell you if theres anyone nearby? No, yes, one! One team! I mean: where are you going jumping out im getting hit ill leave this here status report status, update theyre still behind the rock ones, need the water wheel. You ready pads, ready, yeah, yeah, yeah, theyre running back theyre running away, okay ill get a good shot; go! Go go: go, go, go lucky what the heck is going on. Well, youre live just run away, ones right here kind of unlucky. Is he trying first uh yeah? They are they its fine im like one hp, so just play alive, theres no way ill. Get you right? No, let me know if i should come back actually ill come back ill, come back and come eat the strawberries for some nutritional value.

Thats advice, you probably could oh yeah youre. If theres my beating the peppers, the lemons, the bananas they kill them. Like right here i see him. I see him okay right behind this. I see one of them: theyre upside down 86 in the copter speaking 20 players, game loads as well. Getting an angle on the right. Did he crack that guy shes gone guy its just that race wherever she went? She fazed this way? Oh my god that was close. Where did they even come from? I dont know im in the zone. The edge of the zone is here, so i heard a load of braces i was like. Did i just down the low back? I slowed down myself. I was confused yeah. I was another squadron. A lot of squadrons involved. Yeah yeah lets jump on one of them. I didnt kill him. I think he left did they both just leave uh. Well, she got she got thirsted. I already downed her, oh okay, okay, so yeah! Oh that figures. This is like storm point. Has the potential to be like so good for pubs, because i had like no damage going into top 14 and now ive got like two thousand yeah. I feel like that happens, a lot of store important. It happens all the time. The end game can be really fun. Yeah, oh im, gon na go down. Oh, i maybe could have made it out without using that all right, two squadrons left.

Should we take this im absolutely named if we die im still blowing it. This is one that always messes me up. I never make it like if i dont okay, im ready this time. I dont know all right. Oh, they opened a care pack and they did not take this purple. Oh, that means theyve got at least purple. At least i need to stop being peeing myself. I saw someone, no you got pat, i do. I think. Okay, just dont, even pee yourself ill ill. Try. What i could do is put the put my drone at the top of the building right here. Give me a second come on come on care package coming in hey, she can see me im, im screwed, im screwed up was it horizon, yeah yeah perfect that did not work im dude its so hard to use this legend. Switching to drone view im distracting him. You cant block a door with that thats, so crazy. I really dont want to use my last bat. I only have one more battery yeah. I have 19 cells, though no i mean like werent they i didnt know if they were fine at you or not there. It didnt look like it yeah theyre still in that same as well, theyre all theyre not going to move trust me charging on my shields, my charge better run out, get rid of their door. I hate your dog. They havent been able to lose Music, quick wheres.

The last team, these guys, are loving this theyre, both just holding their bullets. I could open. I could sneak around with my drone and open that door. You have a termite, yes, crank it and then push push the door and just fire through it, which one? No. No dude they ran, they have no shields. You just swapped to a blue armor yeah on the bloodhound dude. Do them blow it up, dirty? No, no! No! No! No nice! They switched that so they could switch back just to die because ive empty. Where on earth is this last team, all right ive got an idea. Im gon na escape what a mess yeah find them fine and find them. Here we go here. We go scouting scouting operation operations, operation find the last guy wait. Where was that this is going to drop him out, i was going to draw him out. I saw him, but i didnt see him. He made that noise like i could see him. I couldnt see him. I cant i cant, see or hear anything yeah whats going on hello. Where could they be? Are they under the map? I just i i made the noise like. I could see someone hello. I am people, oh man, thats, so crazy, oh my god. I, oh my god, oh its insane, wait! No! No! No! No! Not even what are you doing that evenings around the corner and weve got 30 seconds, got it off? Okay! Well, that took about three hours.

That was way too long. You are the apex champions all right, good! Look at your video! Okay! Imagine i am so happy.