This is exploring with the nug. My name is jeremy, and today were going to be diving in this section of the river to see what kind of amazing treasures we can find. Man bro you been working out. I have been working out, dude, oh river, treasure all right, so we got adam brown adventures here got himself a nice new, seven mil. I do all right good. He could be warm gently used, but yeah im, pretty warm. My arms dont really stay down, but uh im not gon na, be freezing to death, so thats, always a good good thing all right. What are we gon na find today? This is your favorite spot on the hood. This is the best spot. Ever man weve come out here so many times found so many amazing treasures from you know: iphones that are still turned on to guns. So all types theres a whole range. We even found like antique old like a world war ii, rifle you found right sure did so. That was pretty crazy. I think today were going to find like im thinking a pickaxe or something. Oh, i like, like a big axe of some sort, thats my thats. My guess thats, what im feeling so well see what happens all right and we got johnny here from georgia, riverboys and his kid. I guess that technically means youre, the georgia river boys, plural boys cool, even though hes not diving. Today i dont know whats up with that: you cold cold, whatever were gon na get him a dry suit.

Hell be diving soon: oh yeah thats thats. What we got ta do. What do you wan na find today um? Well, you know this spot im. Definitely looking for some phones, but i want to find some type of weapon, a weapon thats, my goal: why do you think it uses a weapon? So you come out the back of rocks and be like. I found some weapons got it. Introductions are out of the way im going to go over here and get my gear on, and i want to show you guys something check out this strikingly handsome young man. This is mike, and mike is the owner of dive right in scuba, and this guy has literally been helping me out. Since i started my channel with with like, he took a huge risk on me and ive ive been waiting for the right opportunity to thank him and to tell you guys all about what he does. What im wearing right now is a hollis dry suit and thanks to all the wonderful viewers, such as yourselves, you guys raised up enough money for me to offer mike and he hooked him up with a huge discount for this, for this dry suit. So pretty much! What i wanted to say was thank you to all of my wonderful viewers for coming together and hooking me up. So i dont freeze to death in these rivers and to mike and his crew at dive right in scuba for taking care of me and putting me in a dry suit at an amazing discount.

He hooked me up and whats really cool is hes gon na hook. You guys up too, all you got ta do is just hit him up and tell him what you need. He is a very understanding guy. He is a business owner, he is, he is just like you and me. If you guys want to do me, the best favor ever go to dive right in scuba and do some shopping. You can buy anything from a t shirt to a flashlight. They actually have one of these flashlights that im holding right here and its called a 950. No joke number nine fiddy and uh its an amazing light. I use it underwater when im searching the cars uh its not for filming its for actually looking at stuff, so its very bright, very accurate and very affordable go check that out and if you dont want to buy anything, just go to dive right in scubas. Google review drop them a five star review, telling them how much they appreciate them. Helping me out because theyve been with me since the beginning, they havent got any return. Yet theyve invested a lot of time and energy and money into me so lets thank them properly. Lets come together and with your help, mike and his crew will feel well more appreciated for hooking me up and all the contact information and all the other cool little things are going to be linked in the description down below i got to do is go to The link click it and then go hook me up by hooking them up.

Once again, i appreciate all the wonderful viewers, because without you guys, i could not be where i am today, which is at the river making more amazing content. Just for you with. That being said, lets get the rest of the gear on get in the water and lets go, have an amazing day, filming content and finding treasures already. Oh lets go so Music come on. Oh, oh, Music, oh cool, Music! Oh oh, Music! Cool! Thank you! Music! Oh! Oh thats, quick and painful water is moving and i am not. I dont think im uh this dry suit makes things a lot harder. I got some learning to do, but its definitely a fun day. I lost yeah. I lost my dang treasure bag. So all the stuff that i found today gone, it really irritates me, so i got nothing to show you guys, but im sure everybody else has something awesome, so lets get out of the water and well regroup meet up with them right now. Okay, we are out of the water and, like i said when i was getting out of the water uh, i lost my treasure bag dude im. So irritated about that, because i did find lots of cool stuff. I was struggling to stand her water. I still got a lot to learn with this dry suit for one getting more weight. I had like not enough weight, so i was doing lots of floating. It was kind of a disaster, but you know what we got to learn somehow so anyways while were here lets go check out what some of the other guys found, because they actually had a productive day and they brought their treasures with them.

So there you go. You look cold out there, man, it got a little chilly, thats fine. I heard you uh arent happy right now. No, i was hoping somebody come out with my bag, but doesnt look like it. We got adam brown here out of the water. He had a way better day than i did. Why dont you show us what you got man i had a great day today. I was a little worried because i wasnt finding anything for like an hour and then i hit the jackpot. It was like bam, bam, bam, bam. So, first, i came across check it out this gopro hero9 and when i saw it blended in because all you know all the rocks down there are black. They look exactly like this, so i, but luckily that was sitting on top, and i was right in my face im like heck yeah, its a hero, 9 thats, the camera – i use thats a nice one. They just came out with the 10 so and second cool thing. I found check it out, dji drone dude. Last time i was out at this spot. I found a drone, and i found one today and i bet its gon na – have the memory card in there. Are you gon na put your uh, put put the the footage on your channel. I will, if you guys, want to see the uh lost drone footage. Another lost drone footage go to my channel, all right and uh.

The last thing i found that was really cool. I found a wallet with somebodys id cards in there, a guy named paul, so im going to try to get that return to paul, although instead expired in 2014. So thatd be a good story. It is going to be a good story. Paul howd, you lose this yeah paul. What are you doing with your wallet out on the river? I found a bunch of cool stuff. Youre gon na have to go check out my channel. If you want to see the rest of it, though all right, johnny, ringo whatd, you find big c clamp. Man, big c clamp. I bet this was there from when theyre making the bridge, maybe its got. Some am huh initials. Well call him! Well call him alex michelle. Alex mark, alex martin found a hammer, the hammer um, a million golf balls, got the cassette tape theres anything on it. I mean like a writing on it. I didnt see anything i was looking. I was looking underwater, oh well, um a bullet, no, no major, finds today um. We thought that was gon na be good yeah. So this was what two rocks are just tied together to make an anchor or something yeah. I thought something was gon na be in there, but overall it was a great day. Just didnt find a lot, but got a lot of garbage out. Indeed, why cant? I just have one video where everything goes right.

It seems like every video that i do. I end up losing something or breaking something. You know what that is, my luck, but whatever once again, i want to thank dive right in scuba mike and his crew hooked me up with that dry suit and all the viewers like you helped me get that dry suit. To begin with, please go drop. Some emails or some good comments to mike at dive right in scuba. Actually, his email is mike dive right in scuba dot com send him some emails, go give him some good google reviews and tell him nugg sent you and nug appreciates you. It would mean a lot to me: itll mean a lot to him and ultimately everybody wins out of the deal until we meet again. My name is jeremy.