This drone was sent to me by holy stone for review. However, all my opinions are my own and they will not get to actually approve or review this video before i upload it. So were gon na take a look at the box and actually get to unbox it and see what you get when you buy it at the same time, were gon na take a look at some of the key features and help you decide if this drone is Right for you, so the first thing you get obviously is gon na be uh the drone itself and, as you can see, the drone looks really really good its kind of small. Obviously i was expecting it and you can see all the propellers are installed. Everything is kind of put together if i flip it. This is your camera is right here and at the same time, you can see the usb charging port is right here, and you get the on off button right here. At the same time, you get the battery is already inside the drone, so, as you can see, i can just remove it like this and put it back in like this second youre gon na get the remote and actually, as you can see, this is the remote. I need to actually mention that the remote uses uh double a batteries and when you receive it, youre not gon na get the batteries. So you make sure you have some double a batteries, so it takes four batteries in total and third, obviously youre gon na get the battery, which is already in the drone.

However, youre gon na get actually an extra battery youre gon na get a screw driver and youre gon na get some screws actually uh. As you can see in this little bag. Okay, you have some screws in there, theyre really really small and tiny, and you could use that if you need to repair something on the drone and you get also some protection guards and then at the same time you get the propellers. So, as you can see, you get the propellers already installed on the drone, but they send you some extra propellers and youre still getting some uh extra landing gear as well and at the same time you get some lamp cover. You know so you get two extra lamp cover. You know just in case and then in this little bag. You still you get the motor gears and then on the top of that youre getting the phone holder. Obviously, the last thing that youre gon na get is your instruction uh menu or your user guide, and i do actually recommend to actually read it because its gon na help you understand how the drone operates so now. Lets move to the key features about this drone. As you can see, the drone is super super small, its not really that big and the material feels a little plasticky its super lightweight and i think the reason behind it obviously is not a super high end. Drone is not made for professional uh work, so one of the best key features obviously is gon na, be the ability to be able to take full hd pictures and video.

Another cool feature is actually the fact that youre gon na be able to record uh on sd card, and this drone is gon na use a small, tiny sd card right here and, as you can see, i have one already. It does not come with an sd card, so youre gon na be youre gon na need to get your own sd card and then another cool feature obviously is gon na have a wi fi a built in wi fi, so thats gon na help. You actually connect your phone to the drone. At the same time, this drone has an app you can get the holy stone app and actually be able to connect your phone to the drone using the wi fi, obviously from the drone and at the same time, youre gon na be able to kind of preview. Whatever the camera is showing from the drone on your phone and you can be able to actually control some of the things on the drone using your phone, so this is a cool feature. I also love the fact that this drone comes with an extra battery, so the battery is gon na last about 10 minutes. So if you have two batteries on you, that means you got 20 minutes of flight and again the price of this drone, depending on where you buy it. You know its around 106 canadian dollars. If you buy from us its gon na be uh under a hundred us dollars, which is really really good, so youre gon na be able to actually have fun with this drone uh its so easy to set up its so easy.

The user guide is really straight to the point where they help you to kind of put it together and start flying right away. Who is this drone for uh? Personally, i feel like this drone is for anyone whos trying to get into drone photography and dont want to spend that out of money and buy an expensive professional drone without having any flying knowledge or skills. So i feel like this would be a perfect drone for beginners for you to kind of practice fit whats like flying a drone. I also feel like this drone can be used for someone whos already into flying drones, and you just want to have fun without being afraid of kind of crashing. It, because again lets be honest: if you crash this drone its kind of plastic it. Actually that thing happens, you know again depends on how bad the crash was, but you crash it few times you youre gon na realize that actually the drone doesnt break easily because of the material plus you have some extra gear that you get from holly stone. So if you crash and you break one propeller, you can easily replace it. So i feel like this drone can be really used to just have fun. You know fly. Do some flips and stuff like that. Just have fun. Man enjoy, you know, but another cool way to use this drone actually uh. I would say if you have like a teenager, uh lets say dora or sun, and you want to give them a christmas gift.

Well lets say: birthday gifts. You can buy them this drone again. I have to mention that, according to holly stone, they do not recommend this drone to be used if you are under 14 years old, so its going to be 14 years old and up so if you have a 14 years old or 15 years old, dora or Son, this will be a cool, perfect gift for them as long as you make sure theyre responsible and they can fly responsibly, plus its gon na actually introduce them to drone photography. So you never know what theyre gon na be able to do in the future. If you are into pro videography, this drone is not for you again. This drone can be used for practice. Do not expect a nice cinematic kind of footage from this drone because really lets be honest, uh its an under 100 uh drone, so its not really meant for professionals. So, even though it does record in full hd, the footage is not stabilized, and another thing is, i have to warn you try to avoid flying in unstable conditions. You know like rain as snow or windy weather, because you may actually damage the drone or easily lose it so ill say: fly safe and stay safe. Im gon na put a link down below in description.