Lets get into it. This one right now sells on amazon for 250 dollar. They are running the discount. For now. The model number is fx 9p. This one is a gps foldable drone, something like the dji maverick waypoint flight 22 minutes of flight time. I think thats a good time for drone flight. This one has a 4k camera and the brushless motor lets open the box and see what we have inside all right. It comes with a really nice packaging that you can carry around with you, so thats taken care of which is nice that they included. So, as you can see, the package is ready to go. We have the drone and the batteries and the remote control everything in one place. This is the remote control that comes in the package, theres some joysticks to fly the drone, the antennas on top this one is to hold the cell phone. We basically have the function buttons and on the top we have the antennas theres two handles in the back. So you can hold the remote more firmly in your hands. The batteries are looking nice as well, pretty high quality, build and meter on top. That shows how much battery left micro, usb on the side for charging the battery and the power button on top theres. Two batteries: they have also included some extra blades in case. If you broke some, you can have the spare at last. We have the drone itself like that.

It will snap in pretty nice size. The build quality is great. It has some nice weight to it. We have the camera in the front that it can move 90 degrees theres, something like a cockpit in the front, but im not sure what is that for and thats pretty much it. As far as the look of this drone goes, i mean i really like the design, its really looking futuristic. Let me know what you think about the design of this drone. If you look at it theres a sd card that you need to install to record your footage and now we need to download the app in terms. If you want to control the drone, i have downloaded the app hk flight gps, as you can see, thats the app compatible with this drone. So we need to communicate through wi fi. So this one is, i believe, its a 2.4 gigahertz wi fi. So lets turn on the drone. I believe you need to hold it. Okay, yeah the wi fi name is hk. 5G. 4K gps. You click on that. I see the information of the battery. The communication was really fast. Actually, i like the lighting and the flashing in the front flying the drone at night. It will be really helpful with these lights going on install my phone on their remote like that im just gon na do whatever it shows me in the animation here until okay. Now that ones good were gon na turn it this way work all right, its all calibrated, as you can see, theres no lag actually and everything is transmitted very fast and very smooth Applause that wasnt a successful flight.

I i scared myself. I shouldnt do this in this studio. Oh my god, im shaking, i was like its gon na cut my fingers. You learn your lesson. Dont do this at home. Let me take it outside and were gon na test all the features Music. Okay, so i just tried and tested this drone and for the functions, video quality, everything and i have some stuff to go over with you guys so overall, im happy about the build quality of this drone and the battery lasted as it should around 20 minutes for Each battery, it was plenty of time to record some footage. It was really easy to pair it with the remote and also with the app theres a couple of functions on the remote and also on the app. If you press the take off, the drone will start and elevate and it will hang in the air. I was at the park and it was a little bit windy at some times. If the wind was really strong, it had to struggle a little bit. Not so much, but the other time was moving like really fast and smooth. There was no issue with that. If you press the top left button, it will uh elevate and capture a 360 rotation footage for you. You can also put waypoints up to five waypoints for this drone to follow. You can set them up in the app and if you press the waypoint button on the remote, it will start going to the first second third force and so on.

Also, there was a another function that you can select to track your movements uh. I tried that one and it worked really good. I mean the drone was following me without me: actually controlling anything. So i was just moving around and the drone followed me very good. Very nice, if you press the top left, you can control the speed of the drone. Theres three speeds: there is a slow one, which is the default one. There is a medium and fast you can try those it actually goes pretty fast to press the right one. You can capture an image or record the video and, with the bottom triggers you can control the angle for the camera. Also down like that, you can control the angle. You can basically do all the functions on the remote and also on the app, but you see the footage that, where youre going with the drone on your app app is actually working pretty fine as well. You have the same functions on the remote and the app basic things, but you need the app to calibrate the drone for the movement stuff like that and using the map and the gps. You can press the vr mode and it will show you a double lens for the vr headset, so you can put the a headset on your head and that will give you a vr feeling, like a first point of view, flying the drone that will make it Even more interesting, you can press this button and the drone will come back to the first takeoff position, which is really helpful.

Also, if the drone is running out of the battery, it will come back to the main uh. The first takeoff point position as well. Other thing would be the video quality of the camera. The video quality of the camera is decent, its not the greatest and its not really bad its just decent thats. All i can say i show you some of the footage for the samples you can judge for yourself im happy about this drone for this price point, because this drone has everything you need. Basically, it can follow you around.