Today were talking about the alistair lighting 4 tethered power station for the matrice 300. So this is a very, very good solution if you need a tethered power station, so you may ask well why do i need, or why would i want a tethered power station well, theres, two different reasons, one where you cannot afford at all to be able to Get down and hot swap the batteries, and you have to stay up in the air constantly 24 7, where you might have full days worth of work, you got to stay up that drunk need to stay up in the air. This is why you use a tethered power station or, if you need to say, run communications as a go between from long distances where they look for a line of sights thats, something that can be very useful for that application. Theyve used this in the super bowl. For example, alastair has been around for quite some time: weve used them on multiple different versions of matrice, 200 and 210 versions. If you look back at our youtube channel, youll see some of the previous versions that we did and now this is the latest version for the matrice 300 weve. Looked at all the options for matrices 300, including all the the competitors out there for the ellis there, and i can tell you we really like the ellis there by far over all of the other types of solutions that are out there.

The alistair is something that we fully endorse and recommend to all of our customers and theres, a number of really good reasons. Why lets start with the construction, its made of very good materials and its very heavy duty, and i would have no problems taking this and checking it in onto an airline if i had to it, has individual power that we can actually have as off or power. Only on the ellis there, and then we could put power to the actual air module. If we need to the other thing over here is it has adjustable torque setting where we could actually have it off if we need to go ahead and pull some more cable out when were actually going ahead and getting the setup and then four different torque settings From one to four, with four being the highest now, why would we want adjustable torque settings? Well, in my opinion, it is you want the line to have always tension on it, regardless of wind. I know other products out there that when the wind starts blowing the cable slack starts blowing around with it as well and then my opinion. That is not something that we want, because we have to fly the aircraft directly above the tethered station, and that should be in a straight line. So now, if its windy – and now we have extra slack where its actually off axis, you know if we dont have a wide wide open area that might be a problem.

So i really like this, where we might want a torque setting of one or two on a calm day or three and four when its on a windy day with the alistair, we can do a lot of data in flight to make sure everything is good. So if you want to take a look at battery voltage, the temperature of the ellis there, we can monitor all the really important aspects in real time through an app on an android device. So we have that as an option as well. Another thing i really like is this power cable that has a locking tab on it. So when you put it in and it clicks in place now, you cant accidentally yank it out or kick it off so thats, going to prevent an accidental power interruption that we wouldnt want. Also on the lady 4. Is these roller bearings on here? The roller bearings are really nice because it absolutely keeps the friction on the cable, very, very low and really minimizes, wear and tear on this cable. So this is our matrice 300 and we only have a couple of extra components, so we have to mount to the aircraft to get this to work and this is the air module. So this is a 12 s, air module – and it goes in here very intuitively. I love the way they designed for this. It goes the ends, go right on the bottom of the landing gear, and there are two clamps just slide right on top of that, just like that, with these locking pins and there it is the second part of it is in this air module.

That goes right. In between the aircraft and the battery, now that is going to go ahead and have the second battery stick out just a little bit. But we really like this as a solution, because it keeps it and still the center of gravity is really good and with the matrice 300, we can do the auto calibration the cg calibration in the air to offset that little minor part, and we even did that Before we, without even doing that calibration – and it was extremely stable – this really changes that the minimal amount that we really need and, like i said this is only two really small pieces and we can put this together really fast. The cable itself is approximately 220 to 225 feet in length, so flying up to 220 feet is not a problem. The weight of the cable at 220 feet is about two and a half pounds now, even with the air module on here. That leaves plenty of head room for us to be able to go ahead, use an h20t camera with a spotlight at night, so we have no problems with as far as headroom goes and payload capabilities. Regarding this aircraft now alistair recommends a 220 volt generator to power. The light e4 now, why is that? Well, this is a massive 12s power system in here that takes a lot of current and voltage, so we want to make sure that were not undersizing the power requirements at all.

So with that said now, lets go ahead and go through a live demo of setting it up and using it. So we have a standard m300 right now. I dont have any camera on there, but im going to go ahead and show you how simple this setup really is. Now this battery will stick out this much further because of that, so what we have to do is we have to use a new safety switch thats going to be just like that, so this will basically, if youre going to be using the tethered station a lot. I would recommend just keeping this new added extending switch on here and also just have this on here all the time. The next thing were going to do is install the air module before i put it on here, im going to go ahead and get my tethered station cable, so im going to take the slack off of here. Bring this over this way – and this is my power line thats going to go into my air module safety screw, keeps it in there just as added protection, because then just like that and now these will close, and these will close and then were going to use These little clips and they go right – these pins go right in and theyre locking pins. So now we have a really safe locking mechanism to be able to keep the strain off of this power cable here. So what we have is were going to use two shackles, attach them to the landing gear with a little small cord and then were going to attach this cable to this master bracket right here on the power cord and then were set so now its impossible.

For this main power cord to have any strain on it, the first thing were going to do is supply power to the l stair from taking our select switch from zero to one now, thats powering up all the electronics inside the ellis there. Next, im going to go ahead and take power to our air module by going ahead and taking my power switch from in to out and we still have our torque and tension at zero, so thats not adding any torque and tension right now. So now, when i come over here to the air module, our air module led light here is red, which is normal at this point. So now what were going to do is go ahead and power up the matrice 300, like normal, so were going to get up in the air. Take all so now im just going to go up higher and thats 50 feet. Now you can see how straight that power, cable is because of that torque. So now were 90 feet high everything looks really good and now were at 202 feet. So now im going to go ahead and start coming down very slowly and the tablet station is just going to go ahead and retract that cable automatically, but the key is to come down slowly and once im about eight feet away. Now i can just go ahead and go a little off. The center now lets talk about the safety parameters that are built into the l stair.

So if power gets interrupted from the power source, which is the generator lets say, it runs out of gas or someone accidentally kicks the plug out its going to go ahead and then switch over to the batteries that are on the matress 300. So now were going to demonstrate where my assistant here is going to actually go ahead and unplug the l stair, and then you can see the ls. The m 300 is still powering by itself Music and, as you can see, it loses automatic torque tension from the line, but nevertheless the aircraft is still staying in the air back on the reserve of the batteries. So lets talk about pricing. Pricing does change from time to time, so i dont think its good for me to give you an exact price over video that may change down the road at any point. So if you want a price, please feel free to contact us well, give you an exact quote and well get you going. So i hope this video has been helpful to show you the features and functionality of a system like this.