Your blood will boil okay. So this is what im calling the clueless municipality of the month and that municipality is kenosha wisconsin. I got this email from a guy named anthony hes from pie, site fpv and wisconsin right now is cold, very cold. So im gon na play a video of his experience that he had and youll see that hes got like this little clear plastic, tent igloo thing that you have to. If you want to be outside in wisconsin this time of year, you need extra protection, not just a coat, but let me read a little bit of this. He says: hey ken, been flying drones as a hobby for the past seven years over the last two years. Ive developed an llc for operating a drone business. I have my 107 and im fully insured. I was at my local testing spot about to fly and was questioned by an officer. Then i was told i couldnt fly due to an ordinance ive, never heard of uh. So i went down to city hall and they have an ordinance for remote control planes and drones for public parks. City hall did have a permit to fill out, and this is okay uh. This is a again again uh. You cannot usurp the the federal the federales, you cant you as a city youve got to adhere to the faa regulations. You cant just say: well, we dont like drones, so no drones, you cant do it, but apparently all they can do is control the ground.

They cant keep me from flying over their land, exactly right so um. He said the whole ordeal sounds very fishy. Im pretty hurt because i go out of my way to follow faa regulations to a t and flying drones gives me true happiness. I hope the local laws dont take that away from me, so im going to play his video its about two minutes, long of his encounter with now im, not blaming the police officer in this im, just blaming the whole kenosha city for not being a little bit More aware of uh the rules, so here here it is so right now, im, currently being stats flying at trump or parking lot got stopped by a cop uh. They told me i couldnt fly here, brought all my id and my my faa license and uh. She said its illegal were waiting to find out. I told her to call her boss, okay, so as far as having a license, we have no idea so were looking further into that part. I did check the state stature on the federal regulations that it does say that if youre doing it for a business, yada yada, you have to follow the faa regulations and rules which we dont regulate. The um, the sheriffs department and the uh federal government would regulate that. The sheriffs department gets involved if theres like animals, and that is all the ruling there far as flying drones in the city of kenosha.

I guess they do. You can go down to the municipality and get a permit to fly them in our municipality, so you can go ahead and do that and then, if you have a permit, you can fly it um. So my supervisor, when i talked to him, he said until we can find out if that exempts you. What were at this point were guessing it doesnt exempt you, because you are required to get a permit to fly. Oh im sure it does im sure it does. But if you do it for a business it would be considered business expensive, right sure, right right, so that thats at this point what we can um best gather, so i mean yeah ill. Take off that im! Sorry, no dont, nothing to be sorry about. I mean its a lesson learned for both of us. Like i didnt even know you could get a license to fly. One of those – and i looked up the federal law and the state statute about the regulations on flying that uh pilot small pipe planes, and i didnt even know that um with the drones and that the remote control airplanes would be considered under the the drones. Licensee. 2 and all the regulations, because i knew we couldnt – you couldnt fly them in our municipality um that much. I knew why and all the other stuff. I i wasnt aware of so im a little smarter today me too all right.

Take care! Good luck! I think that summed it up at the end, but you know he he actually did right. You dont want to get up in their face and, like you dont know anything i know better than you. Oh, you know its tempting to go off on them, but uh boy that sure is aggravating dave. Your thoughts, walk away. Shes got a gun, yeah right yeah. The person with the gun makes the rules but uh. What are people in the? In the chat saying there was somebody that said they they live in uh, kenosha and theyre, worried but uh. I i actually had a back and forth with anthony, and i put him in touch with uh, our buddy that helped out with the ohio, municipality and uh theyre getting together and writing up some papers and theyre actually gon na. Take some action on this and try to educate them because thats really what it is im im sure theres, no real, i cant speak there might not be any malice uh with the town im sure its just a few people. Its in city councils, like now, were like this aspiring there. You know im a suing, my nine ps robert again, you know what i mean like thats, not what you do you know and they lump all manner of rc together and they dont know what fpv is. Even if it was a camera drone with the zoom i mean just yes dave.

She said about 10 times. I dont know i think thats the moral of the story here. True, you dont know the law right and it is a money grab. It absolutely is. He wrote back and said of all the times if you added up all the times that he flew if he had to buy a permit for each time, thered be like 5 200 for just this one year. So you know hes trying to follow the rules um. Its just so aggravating got to pay to fly now, huh every time you take off because they, the the law, is on your side. They cant do that, even though they do, but they are the police and then the onus will be on you to fight it. In court and then youd have to set precedent, its its a big expense and they know its a big expense for anybody to fight in court, but uh and theyre counting on that, just like nobody getting a whole other can of worms. Just like speeding cameras. You know they theyre illegal, at least in tennessee. They are but uh, but peep. They still send out the notices once in a while ill forget: oh yeah, theres a camera back there and ill get a nice pretty picture of my license. Plate with, like you, better pay this or were gon na, send you another letter, and then you know cause nothing in there says, were gon na take away your license, were gon na, put you in debtors prison or throw you on the wheel and pull out your Fingernails and all this stuff, so just dont pay it uh, but yeah.

So hopefully anthony can get with my friend and they can work that all out. What are people in the chat saying there kelly yeah its kind of going both ways. A lot of people saying he did the right thing, just walking away. You know a lot of people saying you got to fight it. You know he was in the right. She was in the wrong, but you know what do you do its its? How much do you want to how much fight do you want to put into this? Is that is the question yeah whats easier? I think better walking away and going finding someplace else right, whats, easier, fighting it or just finding another place to fly yeah exactly, but try and educate them. If you can right dont, i wouldnt fight them. How do you? How do you approach that subject like if that was me, i might have been tempted to say something like well, okay, im gon na leave, i im gon na comply with your wishes, but before i leave, would you like me to give you some information put the Goggles on um yeah, right yeah, i mean yeah that changes a lot of minds. I dont know if it changed the police minds, but um and it wouldnt be down. He rolls up thats. My first step is put the goggles on them. If you can, if you can get them to wear security, you can continue flying yes, security guards.

Yes, if you want to fly a location, absolutely if theyre cool like that, once they realize what youre doing you know, you know were not were not. Spying were just doing acrobatics, but you know you cant change minds, one police officer at a time its got to start at city council or you know oh im sure it does im sure it does yada yada. You have to follow the faa regulations and rules which we dont regulate.