So what were getting here on the series x is 1080p at fps with hdr support. The general goal of the game is to survive waves of battle against enemies and youre. Attempting to do this while facing off against again different scenarios every time you go at it, it constantly changes its this arena based, but this is basically just like a very simplistic part of it and youre going to see something really action packed here when we switch Over to the multiplayer element of the game, so this part here is this: like some of the single player content, this is like a an endless mode as to say so, something you just keep fighting and fighting. There is an actual campaign with a bit of a story going on in this one and then theres like some other minor single player type modes or something like challenge stuff. You can do every round you get like an upgrade. You might also choose to make a clone that takes over for you when you die kind of cool stuff like that, maybe a flaming sword or a bow or you might get a spear lots of different weapons. But i thought id open up with just some of the little bit of the single player just so you get an idea of things going on in this perspective and how much you know, everything kind of changes up and the story. I really actually quite liked the uh some of the elements of the story i havent found it kind of funny.

I mean its not necessarily like insanely complex story, wise youre, basically just going you know round after round with these announcers making fun of you. You know theyre kind of hilarious, actually theyre like making fun of the human, and you know everything like that. Its just kind of like a funny little showcase type thing. I i find it quite humorous to be honest like it really is. The best tutorial sort of option within the game is that you have like these guys just making fun of you and whatnot, which i think is kind of neat and, like i said, you get different weapons and you know you just fight wave after wave of different Enemies, different scenarios, some of the waves, are more intensive with more enemies going on. Some of them are less intensive. Theres like huge spider bot things, oh no ive died and the games not just solo. Like i mentioned, there is actually multiplayer available, so you can play with others, and this game does support cross play. So you can choose. Oh what the heck. I know i want to get the upgrade. What are you doing? I wanted the the upgrades uh anyways, so you can choose to have cross play on or off. I would suggest turning it on because you know its going to be a lot easier to find matches, but obviously, if youre doing see, we just got destroyed here, because this guy was impatient to put on the upgrades which is basically dead but uh yeah.

You can turn that off, but i you know its a lot easier for finding matches, and this is just the endless cooperative, so you can play this in in co, op or you can actually compete against others and well be showing off both of the modes. So you can see them in action, but i was hoping to get a little bit better of a teammate, so were going to switch to somebody else. So this is one of the online challenges. I thought it might be kind of fun to showcase this one off here. So you get a laser thing. You can use against others, so thats a little bit neat other people could join, but i guess maybe, for this particular challenge. Theres, not anyone sort of present here, but uh yeah. This is kind of the multiplayer right, its the different choices you have here. You can do things where its just like these weird fun challenge events or you can do some competitive multiplayer which well be showing off. You know fairly shortly here sort of thats the fun mode for me really is like complete against others. I think its just hilarious, but you know, like i said, theres, actually quite a lot of content to this youve got. You know not only a single player aspect that you can play: theres lots of multiplayer to engage with as well, and i find that to be quite entertaining. Okay. Are we going to be able to lazy uh, oh better than being taser face? I dont think we have the power to do the laser, but yes, its also kind of neat, seeing the dynamics of your particular human robot, conscious kind of getting like split apart.

I find that very humorous and, like i said this could be quite a fun game to play. I think we just got to get the energy up a little bit. Oh, come on. Lets switch to the competitive, multiplayer thatll be intense, so this is a glimpse into the multiplayer element of it were in a bit of an opening lobby here. So when the full match starts in about 60 seconds or less, depending on how fast people jump in youll see some of the more competitive type stuff. But this is just like a warm up lobby, where its kind of just for fun and you respawn and whatnot its kind of cool but yeah like i said i actually find this game to be kind of fun. I, like the style of it. You know i have played quite a few. I think voxel lake is the best term for like the block, type destruction and whatnot games like this in the past, so i always kind of like jumping in and see seeing basically what they have to offer. I think this one is kind of distinct and interesting. You know theres a lot of you know kind of uniqueness to this one. I think it has a lot of fun to it. Its a little bit zany its a little bit weird, its definitely uh that human. You know over the top for sure, and i, like the humor element to it uh. You know, i think they did a really good job with that one, providing a little bit of a funny atmosphere where its like you know you got these announcers, just making fun of everybody youre in the middle of it, trying to just survive and whatnot to deal With all these issues, its thats, pretty cool yeah, i think they did a good job.

The multiplayer stuff seems to have good variation within it. I mean for some of the single player type stuff. I think youre doing oh wow, okay, you cant charge there. So i think, for the single player type stuff, you know youre doing a lot of similar type room surviving but past that i do think its a lot of fun and i i do think it offers quite a bit for you to engage with and enjoy from That perspective, i mean its its a weird game right. I dont think its necessarily something that you, or at least that ive heard a lot of – and i kind of saw it – and i was like oh this. This might be uh kind of fun to see and check out what it has to offer see. I died so fast now i got ta wait for everyone else, because i jumped like basically went right into the laser im, like oh yeah, sure ill be able to get around the laser nope, no siree, just this other guy right here. Fire sword, hes got a bow and yeah, like i said, with these skill trees, its kind of neat just some of the variations gameplay wise. That kind of pop up. Here i mean things are always a little bit different right, like you know, youre, never sure what people are going to come at you with, or what kind of weapons theyre going to use and its also cool, because you know like i was mentioning with the voxel Type stuff, like my character, could basically like you, can lose like just a leg and you could be like limping around or hopping around trying to like shoot enemies or you might miss part of your arm or whatnot.

And i know you just got ta kind of deal with all of these issues as you go to fight others and i think thats kind of fun and thats. You know something thats true, whether youre, oh theres, a guy with one leg. I have his bodys missing, but you can do that. You know in the single player or the multiplayer thats something thats persistent across the experience, and i think its kind of fun to have lets get ready for this next match. Five facing off get some intense opponents right here, its gon na be fun. It feels like the hammer, is kind of like a big thing for folks, but i like going in with like the flaming sword and whatnot. I find that kind of entertaining but yeah theres yeah its got like a healthy amount of content, even if you cant necessarily find people directly to play with you like set up private games or you can enjoy a lot of like single player stuff holy that guy. Just casually cut me down like i was nothing there, thats a little embarrassing just do a little bit of the spectating around here before we join into another match, finding different power ups, but yeah the combat its ruthless. You know you go in, you die and thats. Basically it on that one so well, possibly jump into the next match so yeah we joined another match. Obviously, im gon na try things up a little bit differently: im gon na rock, the combo of not just having a sword im gon na do both.

I saw this person earlier they just like kicked people around. I mean i cut them in half, but you know they kind of almost. I think knocked me off the ledge a couple times which i thought was funny, but yeah you just get this balance of different. Like weapons and tools, you know custom environments and whatnot and i just think theres a lot to this one. Its really really quite neat very different, and i just love to see different types of like multiplayer games and, oh, you can do 1v1. Duels too. You dont have to do like large scale, i think 15 player, lobbies or whatnot, but you can do like 1v1 duels, like i mentioned, theres a theres a lot going on in this one theres a lot of room for conflict and battles and everything like that. Thats kind of exciting, so lets drop in here and hopefully lets actually kill somebody. This time watch now were dying tragically, oh its. That person that does the kicking things max energy upgraded theyve got some moves ill, give them that raptor launch. You always cause problems. Other person that just like runs around and somehow evades everyone probably wont do that yeah youre getting some way wider arrows. Otherwise your damage is just like so random. Almost in this upgraded, oh, the lava is rising. This is like some star wars, episode, 3 kind of stuff going on here. Oh, i cant believe i missed there.

Oh that sucks, so i thought wed join into a bit more of the endless co op. So you could see that in action. Obviously, as i keep dying tragically in the uh, the combative arena there uh well, i mean you never know what youre gon na get competition wise. Some people are a little easier to go by than others thats definitely gon na be an issue but uh yeah. I dont know i i think this game is quite quirky and quite fun, so i hope youre kind of getting an idea of how it plays and whatnot. I guess im the uh. Only one here doing some damage. Thanks for the uh assist there, teammate ill, just fight all the the hardcore enemies and whatnot you could just chill out thats good. It was okay. I dont know its just got like a a lot of personality to it is the biggest thing i find it kind of fun a little bit weird, especially like. If you get like a large group of people doing co op, i mean i personally find that to be quite entertaining and a little bit crazy, especially if you get like three four people. Just like battling away its kind of epic, i mean, of course you can all tragically die too, which is a big issue, but you know it depends on your squad and how well equipped you guys are for dealing with everything like that and its just its funny.

Its weird, i think there is probably like more of a specific target audience for this type of thing, but i myself find this to be kind of fun and very easy. Like its, you know, its a very simplistic sort of slash fight, and you got ta, be very careful with your combat, otherwise youre gon na you know get cut up and whatnot, so you got ta, be smart and strategic about things and actually work as a team. In order to uh the more spectacular entertain, the robot overlords that are watching and have imprinted us in this i mean even the story itself. I was kind of like oh wow. They actually worked to do a bit of a story element in this one. I i definitely you know was not surprised. I was definitely not expecting that sort of thing i was going through the story element. I was like oh thats kind of cool thats thats a little bit entertaining its different, so you might actually find that to be pleasantly surprising. Are these spike pit floors? Yes, they are i kind of wish i would have put some like a bow in or something like that and my armor on my legs im. Not there thats, not good. Where am i getting shot from somewhere? Oh theyre, over that way now thats funny, i didnt realize theres a jump pad to the top and ive just kind of been walking around down here. Not know everybody is okay.

I mean its definitely got like a cool aesthetic to it too. Its very simplistic like visually uh in regards to like not really hitting super high performance targets. Well, im not performing seconds. I mean its 60fps, hopefully not really a whole lot to complain about there, but just visually i mean they could, i think, bump things up a bit more for the series x but im not like this. You know it looks clean and sharp and whatnot yeah. Definitely like that trying to go back into this area here, the kickbox yeah i mean our judges theyre pretty pretty entertaining i dont know if i should go with a bow or kind of like do some kind of weird projectile blocking thing im going with ultra fire Sword, why not its a way to do things fight? Indeed, my friend lets fight. Indeed, so you got like an emote wheel thing: Music yeah. I bet for like 1v1 theres, like intense dealership in this victory, thats, how we do it. The more spectacular yes lets, keep watching swords swords everywhere lets see. Should we do some projectile movement lets? Do it lets block some projectiles we can do? Where is the water? I dont think theyre noticing me waving hello over here in a very friendly way, its like theyre, just kind of standing there chilling out and whatnot oh theyre. Doing it too were both go died. I think my friend died there wow. This thing is good.

Perhaps we will see titanium, i know hes good. I could have used those upgrades its like a danger zone here die anyway. Its kind of a fun game, which is mostly what i wanted to show off, was just so you get an idea of it and everything like that across the different modes. If you can play multiplayer with others, i think youll have quite a lot, so i mean i think it offers a lot for you to enjoy and play. Oh, we just keep going back.