. So give me a couple moments get situated and we will check this out. Um, all right so make sure you get your snacks get your drinks because its about to go down and lets check it out this austin mcneil our next contestant used to be a human. Now it is a robot thats right analysis, part to ensure an unbiased experiment. We have implanted its mind in a combat robot, stronger, faster, better. Looking, yes, lets watch it victory, wow, very nice. Perhaps this human had coffee before they were uploaded water based, drink water based drink. Everything must be perfect. Human, please return to the elevator. Have you seen the garbage Music analysis part? What upgrade is the best attacking the next challenge when you are surrounded by robots with swords you need to not get hit by their attacks blocking or kicking is very effective against sword robots. We will see what the human chooses – hmm, hmm victory – the human didnt die. I was pretty sure it was going to die. Well now we get to see it fight more robots. Maybe later it will die human, please return to the elevator. What can you tell us about the next challenge commentator? I was going to ask you that do not evade the question robots with bows party robots, very good. Let us watch the human interact with arrows victory amazing. Perhaps this human was a professional video gamer, his humor coming up next, both punches and sword robots.

Many humans find this stressful. Many humans find death, oh wow, margaret silva and now for our next challenger, a small dog amazing, just kidding it is another human machine. Oh, you got ta start all over again victory, subject very much like a robot, but not enough like a robot, no, not enough. What can we expect from the next challenge the human managed to defeat a single swordsman? We will see if it can handle multiple opponents. This should be interesting, thatll work, so oh victory victory. Yes, the next fight will not be so easy. How do you think the human will die? Analysis marked, i think archers will shoot it until it dies. This seems probable research, propaganda and entertainment uh. This game is cool, though, but im actually out of price of it man, because you basically got to start off all over again. This is crazy clone in the danger zone. It takes a little time to knock down all right. So how much is this game? So basically it is 19.99 in the playstation store, so um like i said i mean if you like this type of game where you actually you do upgrades, and you know you know, i had a feeling im, not starting over so many times i say, go check It out check it out so um yeah. I will see you on the next game review.