Love here got some cut tires. As always. Look at this just enjoying the slow crawl got a a whole leaf spring suspension in the front in the back totally sprung, set up. Look at the the view in the background of calgary downtown area. Just what a backdrop it's this shot that i come here for guys just so you can kind of see not not the out of your advertisement in the background. Look at that so choice, and if we back up and just have a look at the whole place, you can actually see there's quite a bit to have fun with here. Look at this getting it down nice and low for you guys, got ta, give it some speed over this hole. Oh nice, oh nice, oh, but i got hung up on the axle now i'm in trouble. Can i get out of here? I can i can. Oh, my god, look at this not easy, it's, all how you position your tires. How many people watching here today do full size wheeling as well? If you go out on the trail right now, let me know in the comments section, let me know what you wheel as well, as has uh wheeling with rc, helped you out in the full size wheeling as well, or vice versa. A lot of people think that folks, that have small trucks like this do not wheel in full size also, but that is just simply not the case.

Something'S. Looking a little twisted up in my back axle, it is not looking right, something is busted in the suspension. Look at this, so a whole bunch is busted. It looks like i busted off my back. Um hanger for my top suspension, looks like yep that's, exactly what happened, and then it twisted my whole back axle. Look at this big roll over big smash and dash right here: that's, okay, it's, not a big deal, it's, just a simple hanger and then my shock came off of the rod end. Let me see if i can snap that back into place and then once we get that back in it'll be a simple five: well, what realistically twenty dollar fix, but that ends my day of crawling that's too bad. But this is one of my most favorite vehicles. As well, you know all the vehicles i have left in my collection are pretty much the ones that i've always favored or always enjoyed. I know so many people enjoy this one as well. I took out my homemade wheel wells out of this one when i changed out the motor, but that is going to end it guys if you love this orange truck. I want you to show me right now smash that, like button, if you are a chevy fan, we will see you in the next episode of rc adventures. My friends i got, i got ta fix now. That'S, all part of the hobby right run them break them.