Looking little quad, I have the blue canopy version with an XM plus receiver onboard, and here it is in the box, looks super nice. I love this frame, so let's go ahead and show it to you close up for s. Batteries 450 to 550 milliamp range and you could go a little bigger if you want 120 millimeter 3k carbon fiber unibody on the bottom of this, and it has the dead cat style frame. So it has that forward. Swept camera design with the motors on the side, cat X, baby turtle up top 1080p at 60 frames per second, and it finishes the file if you unplug the battery, which is nice 32 gigabyte card on mine today, an extreme card – and here is the TPU canopy With the cover looks good there and the antennas in the back with the dipole four bolts holding that top plate on, so you can access your stack here is my micro sd card tucked in on the front right there we have a whoop, 200 milliwatts VTX on Board with smart audio and the Sussex whoop flight controller, with 12 amp ESC s, it is for as capable. Thank God. We has a capacitor in the back right there running down to our XT 30 right there for a battery. Usb port is on the bottom for accessing beta flight and we have four bolts on the bottom, holding each motor on and a nice TPU bumper there for the motor HQ three by two props.

Those are three inch props with a nice medium cord and a soft taper on the end, two bolts on top that Xing motor those are the Xing nanos by the way super sweet. These are 1105 4500 kV motors, with a beautiful finish on board let's check out the finish again: it's, really really nice, everybody loves the seeing motors because the finish they just look awesome. We have a 3.5 millimeter bottom plate, actually a little bit thicker than I've, normally seen on a lot of micros, so this one should crash pretty well, it deals you guys that are crashing all the time. This one's gon na be a tough one. Also in the Box, I got some extra 3 by 2 props, a bunch of hardware and we get some eye flight stickers. We also get that cat X, OSD menu boards get an extra, strap and two pieces of copper stickers inside and let's go ahead and zero out. The scale put the quad on there first without the battery see what it weighs should be: 100 grams, 86 grams right there that's awesome, not bad for a cinema style micro brushless, now let's put the four s550 on there. This is one of my batteries of choice for this quad that's gon na get us up to 153 grams that's, not bad at all. It'S. Actually, pretty good let's go ahead and put the 4s 450 on there that's. What I flight recommends gon na, get you around three and a half minutes, light time and we're.

Looking at 144 grams, total takeoff weight with the stock battery that's, not bad let's go ahead and do some flying now. Here we go let's. Do the fpv flight test that's what it's all about today putting the cinah pick up for the first time. I realized a few things right off the bat number one I had to come back and try to power. Leave these trees, because the motors, the zing 1105 motors on board felt really peppy and I felt like I had plenty of power immediately with this quad. So this is gon na be a dual purpose: quad it's! Definitely a freestyle maniac it'll also do cinema. If you slow it way down and we put it in stability mode, it gets way less jello in stability mode. So on acro mode in certain instances above say 45 throttle. I did notice some jello and you won't notice it down low when you're doing freestyle like this. It actually looks pretty good. The baby turtle colors are true to life it's a little bit overcast today, but there's some Sun peeking through. So the video is looking way better than those ultra cloudy days: lots of water on the ground, so no room for mistakes, I'll get a short out, but up high right here is where you're gon na start to see some of that jello and right now, I'm. In accra mode, so I've been flying for one minute. We should get four and a half minutes out of this battery during this flight I'm just gon na let this flight run for you guys, so you can see a full flight and a full battery I'm down to 15 point 4 volts, and I just kind of Eased off into stability mode, to show you, the cinema capability of the cloth and the voltage actually went up quite a bit now that I'm down to like 29, throttle way less jello and stability.

I can still see some there. It can be critical because this is an honest review. I do see some and a little bit of bounce right in the middle of the frame, but getting into that cinematic style filming you can switch in the stability mode and I love going down this road for those twists and turns – and this is a pretty portable Quad, I can't believe that this thing is a hundred and twenty millimeters. It feels like a five inch quad one four s: it really does. You can also fly this quad on three s if you want, but back up in the air and stability flipping back to Akron. Oh let's. Do a big, slow loop, a little bit of fisheye in this lens, and you can see a lot of fisheye when you do a loop like that with certain lenses, the world is round it's, not flat. So, just coming back around to the field here nice and slow easing off the throttle about 32 throttle right here, I'm down to fourteen point, nine volt Nelson's, big air punch out there. It does have a limit of around 80 percent throttle. You can take that off. If you want to, it did have way less jello. On the 4s battery the IR rpm smooths everything out instability mode 3s. It was just a little bit too much wobble and if you want to try to smooth out things a little bit further guys, you can lower your P and D values inside beta flight.

You can also try different props, but what a monster on the power loops super beasty power loops with the synaptic going back out for some field flying out here and back around. This is where I felt like the quad was performing. The best was the Freestyle side of things, just crazy power loop and not bottom, you out at the bottom of the power loop, which is really nice. So I can pretty much pick any tree in the field and power loop. It with Cinna pick funding that they call it a Cinna pick and it's. Just a freestyle, beast there's a little more jello in the middle right there in accra mode, those high rpms it just doesn't, settle well so interesting. How, when you flip in the stability mode with this quad, that it actually levels out and reduces about I'd, say over 50 percent of the jello when your screen getting it down to maybe 10 to 20 percent? Again, the colors look fantastic on the baby turtle and I commented on this baby turtle, my channel before guys. You guys know that I'm, a fan of this particular DVR of 1080p 60 frames per second systems. It has a really nice true to color, looks exactly like that day that I was shooting really nice, so it does have a dual purpose. The quad is gon na fly freestyle all day. It will power loop like a king, it's gon na be ultra durable because it is 3.

5 millimeter, unibody bottom plate, and if you want to do cinema, my suggestion is to just back off into stability mode and get those nice straight ahead. Shots with less jello I'm. Overall, I'm, pretty happy with the cinah pick, so let's go ahead back to the studio, now put it on the bench for the final evaluation. Fun factor 5 out of 5. Definitely overall score for this. One is definitely going to be like a 4.5, because I love the design, a dead cat micro, brushless designs, you don't see it a lot and it has a really nice rigid feeling canopy seen these TPU canopies on most of the quads these days. It does have four bolt quick release: cleaning a camera tilt also on here, we're gon na zoom in and let you guys see this a little bit closer right here, tons of protection all the way around I mean you could go almost like 40 percent tilt right There they have it cut way back, not a lot of protection for the stack in the middle, but a very, very nice. Looking carbon fiber from I flight and I would say, gap RC, probably has better quality carbon fiber than I flight produces from their factories. But I flight has extremely nice motorist, the zing nanos or where it's at and again you can experiment with the props and lower the peace of Jesus. You could get a little smoother at cinema style out of this quad, but it is serving dual purpose again: freestyle or cinema.

I just love looking at this one. I could sit here and look at this one all day, but yeah overall score for this one. Because of the fun factor was so high on freestyle or some mild cinema filming. Definitely a four point: five out of five definitely two thumbs up for this design. It'S, really cool fun to fly, looks great and it has a great power system on here guys. You'Ll have some fun with this one if you decide to pick one up anyway, guys I'm Justin Davis.