We are still eating, so here we are tonight. We want to bring you a new restaurant, its a brand new restaurant, its a carnival cruise, its fall chewbang. Yes, she bangs shiva, no, its, not thats how they meant it. Music right. We are here. It is a mexican and chinese cuisine, fusion right so now they did eliminate the mexicans. The chinese restaurant was the chinese, yes whats the name of that one Music, so that that restaurant was eliminated and what happened is they did a fusion with mexicans? They went to the other part of the world, so here we are taking the fusions and see whats up im interested to see how the fusion is infused right. So if you guys are interested continue to watch this vlog Music, maybe you got Music. Maybe you got me so all the menus here are so on this thing always have your phone with you guys or youre kind of going to be yeah. You know how sometimes when you cruise, you want to leave your phone in the room. No, you need your phone nowadays, you have to keep your phone with you for just the menu reason. Actually, absolutely you can look at the menu yourself. So look at the menu tell us in the comments what you would order and we will um. Of course, youll see what were going to order because oh, they actually have the appetite, the main, dining room stuff. Here too, you know how they have that standard, oh yeah.

So if you come here with your friends and family and you dont like what they have youll still be okay um, you can still order something, however, right now for this inaugural cruise. This is free right and i think its gon na be for a few more sailings online im right, but supposedly its going to eventually be a specialty restaurant that is paid for so dont come in here, pay money and order steak and order from the main dining Room because the main dining room is 3.99 yeah, but the steak in the main dining room, not the stakeout yeah, the steakhouse selections, thats right, but the main dining room, stuff yeah. Why would you pay 15? I think i think that the charge would be 15 because thats how much the italian restaurant is um on a regular ceiling. So i think itll be 15 change. Subject to change prices may vary right, really its the same thought. I know im impressed because its all a different, not my question. I told you magic, okay, thats, your favorite number, all right. Okay, i mean if we want to complete it, doesnt matter all of our cards. Girls. Did you see the card, so the trick is simple. Theyre going to find your card magical in front of three, when i say one, two and three, your part is on top. Do you believe that, okay, you have no choice but thats my job right, but when i say once youre in a snap Laughter, keep it like this.

Oh Laughter, thats, not my magic thats. What matters thats! My favorite part! If i take one card like this and if thats your card, its a good trick right, yeah thats, not i cannot do that im without touching it will you be surprised, will you be surprised, wow, thats, good? That was a good one. Enjoy your dinner Music Laughter, shes, magically Music, oh that looks good and now im trying to glow its okay, nice and warm Music. Okay, all righty, and so i have the raised board all right. Pork belly raised pork belly im gon na try it without the sauce. It is its looking amazing. I think this is a wonderful. This is a great starter like great. Each piece of this is great. The fried onion is great. The fried onion is so good, cucumber salad. Oh, i love a good asian cucumber, salad, nice and tangy, and this pork, the skin, is crazy, nice and got that nice crunch on this time. Well: dip wow, Music, pork belly, slime Applause. We hope to tell you about more of the food, but well start by telling you to definitely order that definitely, Music, okay, Music chicken lettuce wrap guys nothing to lose your mind over. I lost my mind over that pool. That is something to lose your mind over now lets see what this beef is like, though it doesnt look pretty, though okay, so what you want to do is okay. This is pretty good Music Music.

I like the little cilantro on top fresh. I would order that again. I could do that again, Music. We recommend sopa its a go. Add that to your lizard Music, all right, all right she likes them. She likes it all right guys. So we have got. This is their carnitas, basically tacos garnica tacos ill. Take this one and make my own cocoa, all right, so im gon na put a little bit of breast cut a whats this one i dont know what that is. What is it i dont know Music, i dont know what that is: throw it in a bag. Music Applause, Music, mexican restaurant Music im not impressed so the flour just dont, do it. I feel, like i dont care, i used to love flour, tortillas right now, Music, that ive had authentic mexican food. I like beer, tacos yeah. I know thats so not this, but but this like, i said this is what you can order at any mexican restaurant to me any american mexican. You could probably order it. Yeah, dont dont, get this go, get this guys. Okay! So all right venus has a beef of broccoli and what kind of nice and flavorful nice and seasoned only complaint i have could be hotter right now. You would order again we like that it has more um more beef than rabbits right. Do you guys see the plate of beef that she has there theres? Definitely, yes, more Music! You can get jasmine rice, broccoli or noodles, which the girls have the noodles yeah its good rain.

Then i have singapore. I have singapore chili shrimp, its a sweet and spicy chili shrimp, its nice good, okay, Music. You can be a vegan. If you need to okay, we wont disown you as a family member or nothing, and then we also have whats this one. Chicken lets see what that does: stick green Applause, nope thats mine that works. Thank you its enough for me its not powering its, not giving me the power right, its not at least traded, sorry guys, but trader joes kung pao chicken is better yeah its not giving its not giving me anything yeah its giving me chicken breasts with a sauce On top Music tastes good, it looks great all right, ryan enjoy autumn. What you got there got some tofu more tofu. How does it taste good Music like that, guys what you got noodles? Is it good yeah, its the same thing, the same thing? Okay? So what we got here, um that is called camarones, diablo, shrimp, red salsa, peppers, onions and lime crema, try you want to tell them whats up a little fluffy stuff. Is lime crema right? What is that on? It? Lime, crema and the lime is not limited. The stuff at the bottom is not hidden, okay, its so hard to know, unless the shrimp is amazing lets see its its, not bad its a no. That is enough. Its a no dont want it. I want to guys. Did you talk about that shrimp uh, this one was the did.

I talk about it. I dont know if i talked about it but its for the singapore chili shrimp, its a nice flavor. Would you order it again? No, no! Okay, all right guys and one here. This is the fried snapper. The snapper um has been cut cut to pieces, so its not a whole fried snapper and weve got the whats the steak. Well. First of all, the snapper is called the pascal fritos, a first fried snack with three cheese, chili crema. It looks good thats, the crema and the pickle jalisco thats like onions, oh okay, okay and ive got a little spanish cassava here. Little yucca lets try this you want to try. This lets, try it. Yes with onions, it says and queso, and a lime muffled Music. Okay, thats good. I can hold it as a side. Let me see whats up with this. You want to try. This baby lets see whats up with this snapper thats nice wow thats a nice. This is a good one to order guys Music theres. So many plates guys, we ordered a bunch because we knew they werent huge plates, and then we also wanted to between all of us go around sample. We want to have a lot of stuff in order to tell you what we like and dont like, so what you should order and should not order Music, its good, but its, not its good. But i dont know that i would come here just for that.

Its good, if you just feel like eating a piece of steak with more than you know the standard steakhouse Music, it took the same flat iron steak that they feed you in the main, dining enrollment just put some sauce and onions on top and sent it up Here and fold it you know she might be right: im 100 right what the snapper amazing a bee from broccoli. Amazing, any of the shrimp that you really recommend. I like venus, which one was that sweet, sour sweet and sour salad shrimp is good. Yes, you can whats up. Do you like um eating dance lets, see it comment below if you think its good? Oh, oh, oh in the shoulders wow watch the channel when i actually ate, i has their own version of carnival cruise exclusive special molten cake, so chocolate and ice and vanilla ice cream. This one looks like its got: a little extra cocoa on the top there. Oh wow, okay, with my ice cream, yeah yeah, oh boy, im good its kind of the same thing, guys to me. You like it guys its delicious yeah. We like it thanks for sharing okay, so i got ta trish leches. I love a tres leches, at least from other restaurants, at least from other restaurants. I love a tres leches, so its not giving what i thought i was gon na get. It looks great, but the cake itself is too crummy and not soft.

Oh its. Not soft and uh whats, the word fluffy its, not fluffy. Well, you cant go wrong with that. Carnival molten cake, thats, pretty good its, not even giving me but youre not impressed. No. I like the salsa. I like the cream on top yeah, but im gon na eat it im gon na eat it though, but its not really what i thought of again, all right guys so weve all finished. Our meals were ready to leave you with a review. Let you know what were thinking um ill start and what im thinking is for free. I would try it for paying. I probably would not. I would not pay carnival to come to the spot here. Yes, its not for me, i get it theyre working out the kinks right now with the service and everything and um yeah, and those things are not not. Even what im discussing were not even discussing the service were just talking about the food itself. I do wish it was hotter um and i some of the things are lacking like the shrimps is lacking. The chicken kung pao chicken was lacking, flavor uh flavor um. The best thing to me was the beef and broccoli that meenas had beef and broccoli was good and her honey, honey, shrimps, sweet and sour shrimp and fried snack was so good, yeah um the jasmine rice. I really love that rice. I was kind of i took rain to the bathroom, which you guys didnt see and i came back and we sent it away.

They sent it away. We thought you were done. I really wanted that rice like well come back tomorrow for some rice, it was just some plain jasmine rice, but it tastes really good. Yeah um the girls enjoyed the egg drop soup. They said it was good. The girls also enjoyed the quesadilla and the noodles. How was the noodles, the noodles is a side, so the noodles in the broccoli and um the jasmine rice on the sides right. So all in all, what are we gon na go with? We are going to go with a seven yeah ill, go to like a six im, not blown away youre, giving it. I give it a seven because one meal with divine yeah i enjoyed venuses so thats, why i gave it a seven that brought your your uh score. One up. I gave it a seven yeah, yeah, yeah and um thats. Pretty much it shebang. Is a china thats, a chino, no, its, not a chino chibang is a baby, its such a maybe walk. I think what it comes down to is what i said, which is that if you have to pay for it, dont do it. Yes, you agree with that. I agree: what do you think if you had to pay me Music? Okay? So if they said tomorrow, you have to pay for your bank, she says she will not pay. Tell us about your full baby ill, give that 59 a 59 from rain.

What do you give it? I give it um, six and a half six and a half the food could be a bit hotter and also um with the dessert. Please provide more ice cream. All right, no, no! No! Okay! Thank you! So much. Thank you and royce.