Cheerson CX-10SE Nano Quadcopter Review & Flight

The Cheerson CX-10SE is one other successor to the basic CX-10 nano quadcopter from three years in the past, however what’s been improved is not solely clear this time.


  1. What is the protocol to choose in Deviation?

  2. Sorry, it's not at all fragile. I've had one for years that's been slammed against everything in the house and the only thing that ever breaks are the props – which are near impossible to replace BTW.

  3. Thanks for this interesting review. You reached the same conclusion as I did. About a month ago I saw the SE and wondered what is different from the original, so I ordered it. Like you, I concluded that the difference is appearance only. As you mentioned, like many people, my first quadcopter was CX-10. It's a reliable classic, but has been surpassed by more recent designs. As one of many possible examples, check out the Aerix Turbo X. A few minutes flying this one easily demonstrates how outdated the CX-10 has become. https://aerixdrones.com/collections/tiny-quadcopters/products/axis-turbo-x-drone

  4. Hey thanks for all these reviews. Which camera drone would you recommend for traveling to Europe that's portable with good video quality for under $100? Thanks in advance!

  5. I still fly my original CX10. Did the antenna in the transmitter come exposed like that or did you to that yourself? My old ones didn't come like that.

  6. My cat batted my Cheerson CX-10 on the floor behind my tv, and it hasn't seen the light of day since. That being said I'm still interested in quadcopters, but it was so unstable I lost interest quickly.

  7. I couldn't agree more…
    great review 😀

  8. As always, information and style combine to make a great review.

  9. As always, a joy to watch your videos.

  10. My goodness, that forest shot was gorgeus. Great review as always, keep it up.

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