This is the baby ape uh. He has. This basically has the same flight controller that was on the the darwin 59s, which was another one of their budget ones with basically a canopy and a bottom mounted battery. But this time theyve gone for a top mounted battery set up here. Uh, the same flight controller board that they used on a lot of their other basically products. They have its basically a one to three s: 15 amp esd board and then uh. This. I think this is a video transmitter. Just goes up to 200 milliwatts, its a pretty basic video transfer. The camera is uh some sort of generic camera. I dont really know who makes it its not the best camera in the world um these motors – i you know um 4, 300 kb 1104s. I have no idea where they got these from and who makes them because they dont fit the holes for the uh props on all these t, mounter props, so theyre just press fit on and actually theyre on pretty good this. So you can see their holes right there, so you can use any screws to tighten these down, but im recommending to fly this on 2s only so the props arent going to fly off unless you crash really hard, and i dont recommend crashing this – i mean they Have some nice three millimeter arms theyre, pretty skinny i mean, but the frame is fairly its fairly stiff.

But if you crash hard um, you know because the arms are fairly narrow, like this theyre gon na probably snap. You know if you crash into like concrete, or you know, some sort of asphalt parking lot kind of thing. So i dont recommend this for banda bashing, plus um the motor wires or go through this like led or like a race wire type thing here and then goes to the esc, so uh its likely. If you crack an arm here or if it snaps off its going to hang off of the esc here, might rip off the esc, pads hard to say really depends on the crash. This doesnt really weigh a whole lot. So its not, i mean its not really going to take a lot of damage if you do happen to crash this, but i dont really recommend this for beginners, even though it is really cheap. Ultimately, i just dont know how well this is going to handle um. Some pretty bad crashing and the components on here are: you know, theyre budget theyre low, end theres um. You know im not really sure how durable they are going to be in the long run. This is mainly for people that just want something like an extra thing to fly around kind of cruise around and just for something, for you know, im not spending a lot of money, so this does come only as a plug and play version. They dont sell any receiver version, so you have to add your own receiver.

The boxes come in the manual for the flight controller and i just um. I think i installed it on ur2. This is im using an express lrs receiver here in the back kind of tucked away. You can barely see it, and a good thing to know is that this flight controller does not have that problem with the express lrs receivers going to boot, loader mode on power. Up so at least on that you already didnt have that problem and thats the only uart for the receiver on this particular flight controller. So if youre using express lrs for this model, you wont have any issues with that or trying to find a alternative uart. For that all right, so this is how much it weighs about 72 grams and with the 2s 520 coming in at just a hair over a hundred grams, and as you can see here, its top mounted battery comes with these rubber bands. I think it comes with a couple extra spare rubber bands and this uh battery pad grip here on the top is kind of peeling off a little bit. But yes is uh. You know its a budget uh quad its about 60, something 60 70 in there, somewhere price might vary depending on when youre watching this video could be more. It could be less, but these days with um quad prices going up like crazy and stuff. You know, i think some some similar, like three inch uh, like kind of toothpick style quads like this, are well over a hundred dollars on most other brands right now.

So if youre on a super tight budget and youre, just looking for something to fly around for super cheap yeah check it out, theres links down in the video description, i dont know if this ones going to be showing up in pyro jones. Sometimes they do sometimes they dont, not all their models do, but if thats, something that youd like to see on pyro joan, do leave a comment down below and if they see that enough of those comments, they may contact them and see if theyll take an order Or a large shipment for the future, but as of now, i think its only on aliexpress and on the darwin fpv store they have their own store now so check those links down in the video description anyway, heres the narrated flight and ill talk to you guys. The next one, all right so gon na fly close again. You can barely hear it. Its very very quiet doesnt have a ton of power on 2s, obviously with the lower kb motor, but not sure. If you want to be crashing this too much you cant get it to go fast. I dont think theyd put any kind of special pit tune on here, but i think its just a basic beautify defaults. It seems to fly pretty well on this 2s battery. For some pretty budget low end components on here, its not bad. The camera here is not good. The highlights are way blown out, at least on my view, can do some flips and rolls and stuff.

Certainly this is going to be an acura monster by any means. Applause and probably want the other one, the r159s, if you want to be doing racing itll, be a bottom mounted battery Applause. Probably this probably could carry a insta 360 go to, or peanut seems like it has enough power, but its not going to be able to do. Much of anything i am running. A express lrs receiver on here looks like i forgot, to put the osd elements on for rssidbm. Yes, not bad arent, you wes better than expected. I thought this would just be kind of a cruiser, but you can do a little bit of aggressive flying. I think on 3s, when i was doing some test hovers, it was getting some oscillations, so i dont recommend 3s on here. Although the the flight controller can handle it, youre going to probably have to do some pid tuning to get it to work on 3s plus its going to be heavier and more weight faster, you go the more likely things will break if you crash it. So 2s is probably going to be better for you. Video transmitter is not not not bad at all here with all these trees and everything i get some break up, but pretty clean signal overall and as expected on this kv on this setup, its pretty efficient. It looks like plenty of flight time, but i can. I can hear that its slowing down already here the voltage drops so its 522s, probably im guessing yeah around.

I think a five minute flight should be doable lets see if i can squeeze out another one minute here, so this is like uh like a park – flyer type not for crashing, but if youre on a budget you just want to take it easy and cruise around This is a not a bad buy for the money. It was around 60, something yeah but definitely low, end components. Budget build really nothing special. Just if you just want to have something extra, maybe as a another quad to have in your collection. Dont want to spend a ton of money, maybe something different to fly around kind of a casual flying, yeah, still 7.1 volts, pretty good five minutes im bringing that in now.