Go now to the five star hotel in patong. Let me show it Music, Music. Merry christmas! Welcome to the cheapest five star hotel here in patong beach. This looks more like a condo but its actually a five star hotel, a double checking, google in agoda and its a five star hotel, so lets have a look around lets check it out the facilities, the room. Everything lets go how many rooms in the building about 300 Music – all right here we are in room 403 at the fisherman harbor resort in patong beach. Here we have a spacious room, very spacious room with some nice fishes. In the background here we have a big bed with a sofa here here, a desk tv, very special room and a lot of lights, also because here there is a actually here, you also have a window even more light and thats kind of a corner window right Here, which brings a lot of light inside and you have a nice corner balcony as well, very large. That goes all around here, and this is the view view is nothing special but uh, but we are very near patong beach, not too far so yeah. This is actually a connecting door. Let me show you the bathroom here we have the bathroom big mirror gabriel here and here you have a sink. You have a shower with a bathtub and the view, the glass, with the view of the room and the toilet just behind here, yeah nice spacious room.

To be honest, they say its a five star hotel, but if i have to be completely honest, it feels more. Like a four star hotel, not really like a five star hotel, but you saw the price its extremely cheap and for that price i would say this is a great deal and we are in a good location here in patton beach. So let me show you more about this resort: Music, so Music, Applause, Music, Music, so Music, sorry cup, everyone good morning from patong, which is still a little bit cloudy. But there is a little bit of sun coming out its 8 30 in the morning and you know what it is its time for breakfast lets: go Music, Music, very tired Music. So this resort has four buildings, but at the moment only two are open. So this one, for example, is still closed. This one is open that one is closed and this one is open and it has approximately 300 rooms, probably more than 300 oops, its its really big, and, as i said, this is a great hotel, but i dont think its a five star. To be honest, i would say its probably like a four star, but somehow its classified as five stars, and you can see that also the the coffee, the two years without tourism has kind of affected this resort. You can see that its hard to maintain a property like this, and you can definitely see it by just walking around the property.

I understand that its not easy to to manage a property like this, but uh yeah again, i i dont think its a five star property to be honest, but great hotel overall and a great location as well. This is a gym, its very large, not many machine, but yeah, very spacious, all right guys, our time here at the fisherman harbor in patong beach is over its time to check out. Let me know in the comments below what you think. You will also find the link of this hotel down in the comments below and check out all my other videos. I stay many five star hotel in phuket in bangkok, in chiang mai, all around thailand, so you can find the playlist down below and you can have a nice overview of many five star hotels around thailand. Thank you.