Welcome back to the channel. Please do subscribe for more fpv reviews coming up and if you want to check me out on patreon that would be super awesome. Christmas is coming up and i need some more help on the channel, but today, we're gon na fly this the eachine shadow fiend, four inch long range quad. Another long range quad coming into the arsenal here so i'm, going to compare this a little bit to the other ones out there we're going to fly it on the cadx receiver today and i've been testing this one most of the year for coming up on a Year now – and i have to say the penetration on this is actually really good, so i'm, looking forward to sending it out there on my 4sp 3000 battery from gap, rc that's, my long range battery of choice. If you want to fly this freestyle, it actually flies really well for freestyle and super maneuverable you'd be surprised on a 4s 850. What you can do with this quad, so we'll test it two ways: long range flying and we'll do some freestyle with the shadow fiend. Here we go Music, Music, so Music. All right guys welcome back from the flight test there. It is on the bench. Eachine'S four inch long range under 250 gram offering um there's a lot of them out there right now, and it seems that the trend is in full swing and everybody's coming out with these quads.

Since the flywheel explorer lr came out and people still love that one it's nostalgic because hey it does a lot right and it has a dead cat style frame and a lot of the stuff that we like on there. You can go back and look at my long range shootout, i'll put the link down below and you can compare all these rest of these quads here on the bench with the shadow fiend. I have to say that this one stacks up somewhere uh, i would say, number four out of five. If i had to to make any real comparison, just a quick comparison between these um. I think that eachine probably has the lesser of the great tunes sitting here on the bench. I think still the best tune out. There is probably the gap rc baby crocodile, which is the one over here um, as well as the diatone seem to do pretty good and for freestyle as well. This one was, you know, fantastic. The chimera from iflight for for long range lightweight the explorer lr from flywheel back here also is fantastic. Now all of these have the dji cadx system on there. If you want to get the analog version, they have one of this one available and i think that one comes in around 150 i'm, not sure i'll try to put the link down below and this one's on sale right now for like 230, which is kind of Crazy there's, a coupon you can use i'll put that link down below as well and enter that in.

You should be able to get one of these for around 2 30, which is probably the cheapest of the bunch right now, which eachine is coming out like swinging with their release and putting it on a flashlight which is kind of cool. For you guys. I do like the theme of this one. It is running 20 amp esc's on here. These are four. In one 20 amp esc's, we have betaflight on an f4 hd board which plugs right into the cadets, which is kind of cool. Now one thing that does look different about this quad versus some of the other eachine quads i've seen recently, is that these motors actually look pretty nice. They have a really nice finish on them and they almost look similar to the zing motors. I don't know if these bells are kind of sort of mimicking the zing motors or not, but they look more. You know closer to iflight motors now, which is interesting, two bolts on the top right there and we have a pack of gem fan 4024. Four inch. Props and that's what's on the top here and we're running by blades on these because generally that's, what we run on these quads there's really no need to to run a tri blade prop on this one. But we have a 1404 just like the rest of the series on the bench and this one's 2750 kv. So i like the graphics on these too. They look pretty cool and there are six uarts on this board and a two millimeter top plate on here.

With that fiend logo, up top – which i showed you guys before in the video – so it looks like a maybe a cross between like a skull or some kind of like ghost or demon or something it's kind of cool. Looking it is different um. It also has sort of like crossbones down here, which look like skeleton bones, underneath here, which it's it's kind of a cool frame. It is a unibody three millimeter bottom plate, two millimeter top plate like i mentioned, but the carbon feels a little bit rough as far as the cut goes. There'S no bevel on here, like what we had on the crocodile. The croc has beveled edges all the way around 3k carbon fiber a little thinner top plate actually than the fiend. I think we have close to maybe around one and a half mil on this top plate on on the crocodile baby and three millimeter arms. These are replaceable arms, whereas these are not. The chimera is the other guy in the fleet that has the unibody on it. As well, but you can see a big difference here between the carbon on the iflight version of the chimera and the eachine. So eachine is using a little cheaper, finishing and carbon fiber at the end of the day, they are trying to save you guys some money. So i think that's what this is all about um, but i was happy to see that this one also has gps on it as well, and the gps came set up out of beta flight, which was really cool.

If you look on the bottom here, this is an eachine branded gps and we are looking at bt, 180 gps, and you should get up to about 16 satellites when you put this guy on the ground. One of the biggest things about gps is that it takes a minute for it to load up, and it also takes maybe five minutes, sometimes after a few flights for the gps to acclimate to your environment. So if it's a little bit colder, sometimes it takes it. The gps longer to warm up and get a proper lock so and the strap on here did accommodate my 4s 650 battery. I'Ve got one of those hdlrc kratos batteries here that i've been flying, uh and testing out, and this one hasn't even started in this wall. Yet so this was one of the freestyle batteries that i used as as well as the 4s 850, and this strap works with both of these lipos. So if you're going to fly a little under 250 g, you can do it with the 650 and the the 850 will put that on the scale and make sure that one's, i believe, it's right around 250 might even be under 250 with the 850. With this one, because this one is actually pretty light now for a long range flight, you want to get 20 to 25 minutes. You want to use that gap, rc 4sp, 3000 milliamp battery. This is going to get you way out there and going to get you the longest flight time.

However, don't freestyle this battery they're not made for freestyle all right so i'm going to go ahead and turn on the scale. Guys let's go ahead and get a weigh in on this guy and do a little comparison to the other ones out there 155.3 grams and with the 650 that's going to keep you under 250 grams 236.1 grams. Now, with the 850 that one's going to get you up to just over 250 grams for the 850, but you can still get like eight minutes flight time on a 650, so not the end of the world, the 4sp 3000! That was going to get you up there around 350 grams 357.5 grams and again without the battery 155.2 grams. Now the gap rc crocodile we're, looking at 159 160 grams on this scale and the flywheel explorer we're looking at 167.2 and the diatone 168.2. Now the chimera 180.5, the heaviest of the bunch so far and back to the fiend and now we're looking at one see 155.2 so 155, almost on the dot 155.1 there and again let's do the baby croc again. The baby croc is actually heavier. So the lightest guy out of the bunch now so far, dietone 167 flywheel lr 167 chimera again coming in the heaviest out of the bunch 180. So that's actually pretty cool that this one is the lightest of the bunch so far and that that's that's good for the fiend all right guys. Hopefully you kind of enjoyed this review and overview of the fiend.

I think it's a pretty cool release for guys. Looking for a four inch lr that is going to be sort of better budgeted in your price range, a little cheaper. If you want to spend the extra money, if you already have dji goggles, then i would suggest getting one of these, for i did do a shootout recently on all the popular 4 inch lr quads so check that out down on the link below, but one of The things that kind of annoyed me about the fiend was that this strap, both straps are the same size and they don't accommodate that 4sp 3000 battery, so um i had to kind of double up these straps and it just. It was not really what i was expecting, but thank god i had a second strap, so i could fly that lie on for you guys, but i think that the the the power system on there did okay. So if you're looking for one for a little bit cheaper price, i think, like the one on the flash sale right now at 230, is, is probably going to be your best bet out there um anytime, soon so eachine coming out of the gates, with their um Crazy, flash sale prices uh again guys stick to long range for the lions and freestyle with the lipos um don't freestyle, with lion it's, just not going to handle that high volume input. You'Ll you'll kill your lion battery and these are.

These are pretty pricey, so take care of your lion. It works great at that low throttle input for long range and that's absolutely what they're for. But if you want to check out my full shootout of all the four inch lr quads out there and give it a compare to the the eachine, i think this would probably be somewhere. I would say i said earlier – maybe number four, but maybe number five out of 5 here with the gap rc baby croc being my number one choice still for my long range four inch send it rig so anyway, guys thanks again for watching the channel. This has been the shadow fiend from eachine. Take care guys.