This is a cheap small, little 40 dollar drone uh the hjhrc that’s. What this brand is called, as you can see by the top of this drone h, jhrc it’s got these stickers that are already peeling off. As you can see, there are the stickers they’re kind of peeling off a little bit. They’Ve only been on here for a day or so one thing right off the bat that i will tell you i like a lot. Is they supply a lot of stickers? So you can put you know more than just this combo on there but anyways. This is the drawing we’re going to be reviewing today, a little bit curious, a little bit nervous a little bit scared because uh, you never know what you’re gon na get with a budget drone like this i mean this is really cheap, dirt, cheap um, i’m. Not expecting like a banger or anything, but if this thing flies well and it actually takes videos i’ll give this a good review, so anyways let’s get right into the video all right so to get the obvious out of the way. This does actually look a lot like a mini dji phantom, like the actual build quality and everything like the build looks like a phantom but it’s. Obviously it’s not the same size as one, because those things i’m not going to say they’re, huge or anything but they’re. Pretty big, pretty pretty good size made of cheap plastic to be expected, though, with a cheap drone like this one controller right here, you got all of these switches on the right hand, side you see all these arrows and buttons.

These are trim buttons and then you have your photo. Video take off and then stop. I do like this clamp, because this clamp can actually hold my phone. You know pretty well and it could even fit a bigger device than just my phone i’m, not going to say, can fit in an ipad or anything, but it can. If you have a really big phone, it can probably fit it. So i do like the controller of this. This thing keeps falling, but i do like the controller of this drone all right, so i guess i’m done with the beginning part of this review. I’M gon na put some specs for this, or just some basic information on this drone that i didn’t already tell you on the screen for you and then we’re going to take this for a flight test and see if this thing actually flies so anyways let’s go All right guys, there’s, the drone got on top of the grill, so we’re just going to fire it up, give it throttle, go full forward and that’s. I think that’s because of wind, so that’s it in the air now i’m throttling up right now, it’s not really holding its position. Oh wait! Here we go, so you want to start off by giving it a little bit of up throttle and that will make sure it holds its position because it like needs a second, i guess to uh figure out what it’s doing, because it’s pretty wonky when you first Take it off, but now it is it’s level it’s holding its position kind of, but it won’t go forward.

I mean i’m going full throttle forward, it’s moving backwards. Okay, now it’s moving forward, i got ta move sideways and sideways, but it won’t. Let me go forward and it’s uh not doing too well. I got ta crash in that bush, i’m going full forward. You see the cameras facing that way. Oh no we’re gon na i better let crash land. This, oh gosh! That was not very successful. All right! Guys so i don’t know if you have seen my other video on a sema drone it’s a mini sema drone about forty dollars. I’Ll link it in the description below basically around the same price as this one, but it flew outside. You know i’m, not gon na, say it flew well, but it flew decently outside and this thing it is, i guarantee you, it is less than five miles an hour, maybe three miles an hour wind out here and it can’t even fly like normally. I mean it glitches out constantly i go full forward and because of the slightest of slight breeze, i mean it won’t go forward, it will go just move slightly backwards, just because of i think wind. I don’t know because this thing glitches out a lot. So i would recommend you get the sema drone, which is actually probably a little bit cheaper than this one, and it flies a little bit better, all right, guys so i’m, just going to be honest with you about this um, it sucks.

I hate to be harsh like that, but it constantly glitches on me when i give it commands to go forward. It won’t do that um the slightest slightest bit of wind bothers it and i’ll. Tell you what i’ve tried to fly this thing before and it’s done. Some pretty wonky things like shoot itself strap in the air. I think it needs a second for the uh auto level or whatever it is to kick in because it it takes a second it’s glitches out it’s, a piece of crap don’t waste, your 40 or so dollars on it. I’Ll link a another drone that’s about 40. In the description, i’ll put, some i’ll actually link a couple: how about that i’ll link several different drones around the 30 to 50 dollar price range in the description below get something instead of this, if you want to spend the forty dollars for just the stickers that’s, All right, but um this this drone itself it i wouldn’t pay really anything for it. It’S a piece of junk it sucks don’t, get it and that’s pretty much my conclusion on this drone Music. You might think i’m kind of harsh, but trust me take my word for it. You can check out my channel i’ve reviewed a lot of drones. I’Ve reviewed several around this price range too, like the sema drone that i just reviewed about two weeks ago, that one i mean it wasn’t great or anything, but at least it flew, and at least you know you could operate it under.

You know normal conditions. This thing is practically unflyable i’m, not even gon na bother showing you the camera, it does have a camera. Doesn’T have an sd card slot, um that’s. Another reason why you shouldn’t get it because you can’t don’t have an sd card slot, but um yeah. It sucks don’t buy this. If you want to see some of the best rc advice in the hobby go check out my channel, please subscribe i’m doing a 500 subscriber giveaway where i’m giving away a gps drone something way better than this piece of junk. So, thank you for watching stay tuned to my channel for more uploads and i’ll.