On this i mean it’s, a pretty cheap drone, it’s around 40 dollars give or take a few bucks so i’m curious to see you know if it’s going to be worth, you know spending any time on or really any money on, because two of these drones and You could get you know, i’m, not going to say you can get a great drone but you’re going to get a pretty decent drone for around 100.00 price range, especially for like hobbyists, so anyways we’re going to get into that video right now. All right here we have the drone. Now the one thing that i am a little bit scared, or you know more so curious about – is there’s no slot for an sd card anywhere on this drone. So usually footage that is recorded from sd card will. Look a lot better than raw footage from your mobile device or your app, so that is, i guess, a downside already before even flying this drone. Once also here is your 2.4 gigahertz controller. It says seam on there pretty basic, i actually kind of like the look of this controller. It looks pretty nice for a 40 dollar drone, so that gives give that gives me some hope right there, um 3.7 volt 500 milliamp lipo battery is what this uses and i have the white model, but there’s also a black model, so the entire shell of it Is black in the package with this drone? You also get extra propellers and you also get propeller guards so that’s cool – and i don’t know if i stated this already, but it is compatible with both android and ios.

Anyways i’m done rambling about this i’m curious to see if this thing is actually any good out in the field. So we’re going to give this guy a flight test here in a moment, but first we’re going to have to show you the specs, because that’s pretty important when you know you’re, considering buying a drone or really any product in the rc realm. So we’re going to give you the specs and then we’re going to take this for a flight test. Anyways let’s go Music Music. You just got ta learn: Music is Music searching for something real. Then i found it Music, Music, Music, Music, all right guys, so we’re gon na see how this holds up in the wind. So let’s take this guy up all right, it’s up there and it’s climbing right now so let’s give it some less throttle. We’Ll fly it about so tall it’s about 10 feet right now, climbing a little bit drones facing away from us now, so the camera’s out towards those trees turn it back towards us. Bring it closer got a little bit of a drift to it, but i mean it: doesn’t have gps, so you can’t really expect that much out of something like this it’s, a 40 toy, so don’t be expecting a dji drone. When you purchase this well let’s. Try to land this see how smoothly, oh, that wasn’t, that smooth at all, i think the battery’s dead, all right guys.

So now it is time for, i guess my overall opinion on this drone and really what i recommend buying. It is the main question here, and i mean it depends if you’re just looking for a toy and you’re not really looking to buy a drone, you just want to have fun with the toy, then, yes, this can be fun for a little bit. I mean it’s not going to last forever it’s made of cheap plastic um it’s biggest downside, though in my opinion, is that it does not use an sd card slot. It is footage directly from your app so it’s going to be glitchy and the footage is already you know, and just look at this camera it’s not going to be great footage already all right to wrap this up. Basically, you’re not going to get great footage out of this it’s a 40 drone, um it’s made of cheap plastic. As you can see, i can flex it right there. I don’t know if you can pick that up in the camera, but it’s cheap plastic, and if you you know crash it, hard let’s say to the wall of a concrete building or on concrete cement. Then you’re going to be in serious trouble. You know if it comes down hard. Basically, like i said just looking to have fun, you know don’t really want to get into the drone hobby. I would. I guess i would recommend that you get something like this just as a toy, but if you are looking to fly drones now for a hobby, i would recommend you’re going to have to spend a little bit more than just 40.

To get, i mean i’m, not going to say, like a really nice drone, but to get a decent gps drone you’re going to have to spend probably a little bit more than 150 all right if you’re still here. Thank you for watching this video. Please give me a like and subscribe to my channel. I make other videos on drones and rc planes, so you should go check out. My youtube channel.