Here is Marcos Clius guys. Today we are going to do an amazing test here on the channel, which is the camera comparison between cfly faith, 2 drones, a nice little drone for beginners and nothing less than the day, DJI Mini 2. What are we going to do? Lets Compare the two cameras, the quality of the cameras between a drone and another right And lets know to what extent the CFLY FAITH 2 camera was close to the quality of the DJI MINI 2 camera and today, folks, to endorse more here. This video is very windy Here at the site. Look at these images here of the windsock and this Flag here. That is windy, Look at how strong they are here, and this will make our work even more difficult, because we will have to observe how much GIMBAL will stabilize the images and also pay attention to the quality between the images of one drone and the images of The other drone – ok guys so dont, forget your like to help here. This video confirmed that the shipping will be very nice. We are reaching the end of this video. I hope If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below and Ill be answering them as soon as possible. Activate Tinkerbell, so you dont miss any notifications here, n Dont forget the channel dont forget to like it here to help us its very important that you like it its ok and wait because theres a lot more news here and Ill wait for you to see a Video here on the inspiraDrone channel inspiraDrone inspiring new pilots.