The nano light series here at ces so lets talk a little bit more about uh uh, these different drones. What their capabilities are so well start with the light. Sorry start with the nano series here. This is our lightest drone uh. By far this is a 249 grams um. We pack a lot of a lot of technology. A lot of uh high quality sensor onto such a small drone um were looking at 50 megapixel photos 4k hdr video on these guys. So the difference between the nano and the nano plus two different variants here is the nano plus were going to have phase detection. Auto focus and contrast base auto focus on this one as as well as an ryb, color filter array which lets in about 40 percent more light than traditional rgb sensors. So what were talking about is just really good low light, photography and videography and just a crisper image. Moving on to the light uh series over here uh. So, with the light series, uh theres theres, a very small difference, uh in in pricing between the light and the light plus the difference being is is this is gon na, be your 6k camera one inch cmos on the light plus and on the light you have A one sorry, an eighth inch, cmos sensor with the ryyb filter like like i just discussed pdaf cdaf autofocus and the light actually features. The first four axis gimbal on a on a drone of its class, so were talking vertical shooting modes which is really awesome.

If you do tick tock or if you do any sort of social media on the light plus, this is actually an improvement on our evo 2 line or evo 2 pro 6k. If you look at the sensors on its face, they look very similar, but with these sensors theyre actually a little bit better, we made a lot of significant improvements on the 6k sensors. So with these ones much better low light performance, we have a special algorithm called the moonlight algorithm which boosts iso without artifacts, so really great option. If you like to shoot at night um and obviously we have a multitude of colors. The the light plus right now comes in white uh, our classic autel orange, as well as our deep space gray. With our nano line, we have our gray white, auto orange and red, so we have a bunch of different color options, which is which is awesome and with our with our controllers, rc controller uh. When you pick one up it its a very nice build, it feels a lot like an xbox controller and a lot like a lot of other rcs. You just attach your phone up here and um and youre getting really great video transmission with both these. These product series were talking about 6.2 kilometers of video transmission, with with the with the nano series and 7.4 um kilometers of video transmission with the light, and you also get triple band frequency uh, with both of these.